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The Weekly Update

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Last published: 15th February 2018

Weekly roundup

This Week’s Stuff:

  • Pre-order the new King Gizzard. Really simple this time. Orange vinyl or CD.

Well here we are again: in our prison. Bare trees sway outside, rain lashes at our wooden window frames. We are all huddled ‘round a two bar heater. Here in Holbeck it’s still 1981, but we’ve seen into the future and this week we bring you records from a time as far away as 2003.

Let’s peek into the future and see if we like it:


Records are really ‘in’ this month.




Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Tripping over scalextrics on the way to his Technics.

  • Tangled technoise from Black Mecha aka Forest Crookedjaw of black metal fiends Wold.
  • Darkside half-step techno b/w sinister, pounding rave cut from Pinch on Loefah’s 81.
  • Melodic acid-tronix from Maelstrom on CPU.
  • Roman brothers and former Rephlex stalwarts D'Arcangelo in lush Braindance mode with a 4-track EP.
  • East Man aka Basic Rhythm/Imaginary Forces assembles an army of grime MCs for his album on Planet Mu.
  • **EXCLUSIVE! Dalham 'Janus' for your Boards of Canada/Ghost Box fix.
  • First-time vinyl reissue of Steve Roach’s 1984 new age odyssey Structures From Silence.
  • Limited edition, hand cut, transparent vinyl 12" with screen printed art on Gang of Ducks from Quicksails. Includes Shit & Shine, Brett Naucke and Khaki Blazer remixes.
  • Primitive World LP on Ecstatic inspired by the life and work of British constructivist artist Marlow Moss.
  • Enigmatic American Midwest sound archaeologists Fossil Aerosol Mining Project with more stirring collages of processed sonic detritus.
  • Rhythm & Sound LPs finally back in print. Music does not get any better.
  • Mammoth 12CD box set from musique concrète don dada Pierre Henry.
  • Daniel O'Sullivan and Steve Moore almost go fully Depeche Mode as Miracle.
  • 12" of rough as a badgers bottom, rusty rattlers on Where To Now? from Metrist.
  • Kaltès & Nene H. 12" EP on Lakker fellow’s label Eotrax incl. remixes from LAIR and Christina Sealey of Orphx.
  • Moody acid melts glacial atmospherics on a 12” from S & M Trading Co. aka Fit Siegel and DJ Sotofett.
  • Gospel infused jazzy house from Theo Parrish in his Sound Signature style.
  • We scored some limited white vinyl copies of the new Factory Floor 12”.
  • Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto present a minimalist masterclass.
  • Tapes: Father and daughter duo Yeah You on Alter, Sunset Graves on Spun Out Of Control, sound scavenger Stuart Chalmers and shimmering electro-pop from Hattie Cooke both on Third Kind Records.


If you’re reading this it’s too late. You already read it. How unfortunate.

Team Norman x

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and a 44-year old nerd.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “great, Norman R. you contribute of the dissemination of the musical culture, thank you.”

Norman’s done it again! Check out Feefo reviews to see why people love him.

Top releases this week

U.S. Girls
East Man
Alien She
Courtney Barnett
Orson Hentschel
The Green Child
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
Everything Is Recorded
Sun Kil Moon
Songs: Ohia
Primitive World
The Apples In Stereo

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