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Update Featuring Colin Potter, Bagpuss, Ryley Walker, Hen Ogledd, Brian Eno, King Gizzard.

All this week’s new stuff in one place. Try these for size: Kate Bush, the Good, the Bad and the Queen, Josephine Foster, the Mistys, the Beatles, Eliane Radigue and so much more...  


First up, there’s that Christmas thing coming up soon isn’t there? And just after that the year of 2018 draws to a close. I’m sure you are counting down the sleeps ‘til our Christmas Gift Guide and our Album of the Year announcement, so here are some dates for your diaries:

  • Christmas Gift Guide: Monday 19th November  
  • Sneak peek at our Album of the Year 2018 contenders: Monday 19th November
  • Official Albums Of The Year 2018: Friday 28th December

And, of course, the consumer nightmare vision that is Black Friday is nearly upon us. Friday 23rd November. Eek. As for this week...well, try these for starters:


New Musik.

  • Smashing Pumpkins are never ones to overdo things are they?
  • The Good, the Bad and the Queen. Tony Allen is 78 you know. Albarn can’t be that much younger but here they are.   
  • Ryley Walker. I can never think about Dave Matthews without that ‘liquid human waste’ incident coming to mind.  
  • Josephine Foster with her muffled wibble which wanders hither and thither sounding like it was   recorded in 1947.
  • A bamboozling ride through ...um...everything from Hen Ogledd (feat. Richard Dawson amongst others).  
  • Matt Robertson electronic and classical soundscapes from man who has worked with Bjork and everyone.   
  • Invisible Minds is like smorgasboard of electronica of all varieties.  
  • The Mistys make like their name and shoroud their synth pop in Manchester fog.
  • Mumford and Sons. Oh Mrs Mumford what did you do?   
  • The Liminanas do another album of unreleased rarities with big star guests.
  • Darren Hayman closes his Thankful Villages study at part 3.  Just like Back to the Future did.
  • Choir Boy are about as 80’s as whatever was the B side to Furniture’s ‘Brilliant Mind’.
  • The Mistys live up to their name and present their electronica and shoegaze in full fog.  
  • This Joseph Shabason album is quite something. Nine vivid postcards of jazz-laden ambience.  

All else New In that has arrived so far….


No New Musik re-issues this week.

  • All Kate Bush’s albums on either individual vinyl or on vinyl or CD sets.  
  • Brian Eno’s pioneering ambient albums rebooted in single or double LP editions.   
  • “Considerably better than the last LP” 2007 era Phil on The Beta Band’s ‘Hot Shots’.  
  • Load up on your King Gizzard albums.   
  • Shoegaze upstarts Echo Ladies get second pressed.   
  • The Beatles White Album made just a bit treblier.  
  • This week Bagpuss. Next week Camberwick Green.
  • Best 80s power trio. Husker Du, the Minutemen or The Police?  
  • The Rolling Stones get their ‘Beggars Banquet’ made posh.
  • David Bowie picture disc to add to the endless collection of things you can get by him.  
  • Spontaneous Overthrow’s only ever LP gets re-issued by Numero Group.

Check out our release schedule timeline where we also miss stuff out off a list.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

This years Current 93 advent calendar purchased….

  • Immense Eliane Radigue 16-hour/14CD box set of timeless mind-bending drone minimalism genius. Highly recommended!
  • Ace, trippy, droney Nurse With Wound 3” CD housed in Antonin Artaud booklet.
  • Expanded vinyl edition of B12 1995 Warp classic Time Tourist.
  • Oren Ambarchi, Crys Cole, Leif Elggren LP on Ultra Eczema of totally freaky sounds recorded at Stockholm legendary EMS Studios.
  • Killer, epic Mutant Beat Dance album from Beau Wanzer, Traxx and Steve Summers re-imaging EBM, proto-house, post-punk electronics etc. Wax is a goner but 2CD is still boss.
  • Real deal bizzarro alien electronix from CHXFX aka Nochexxx.
  • Eszaid album of eerie, spacey Vainio style minimalisim and grubby techno hybrids.
  • Hypnagogic ambient dreamworlds bleeding into wakefulness from Félicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Shelter press.
  • Colin Potter 1982 tape  ‘A Gain’ vinylized. Limited copies!
  • Gorgeous LP on minimal loner ambient from covert Swedish artists Civilistjävel!
  • Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder X 4LP/2CD 10 year Anniversary 36 track compilation.
  • Aleksi Perälä's Colundi experiments get sun drenched and psychedelic.
  • Enigmatic duo SHXCXCHCXSH album of their original/refreshing vision of techno.
  • Georgia / Bellows (Nicola Ratti and Giuseppe Ielasi) split one in half.
  • Tidy Spaciousness - Music Without Horizons comp on Lo Recordings incl. Abul Mogard, Susumu Yokota, MJ Lallo, Seahawkes & Laraaji, Yamaneko etc.
  • Ekoplekz DJ tool kit.
  • R&S compile a Mariel Ito 2LP retrospective spanning 2000-2005.
  • First Terrace shine a light on Japanese producer Sofheso with a double cassette anthology of his unconventional and tantalising textures and rhythmic architecture.
  • Detroit minimal techno lord Robert Hood DJ-Kicks (ass).
  • Powell Tillmans = Diagonal fella Powell making tunes with Wolfgang Tillmans.
  • Oberman Knocks polishes his production sound for his latest 2LP on Andrea Parker's Aperture label.
  • Francisco Lopez USB memory card with 3 hours of uncompressed audio. Edition of 300 signed copies.
  • Tasty Reinier Van Houdt and PLYXY LPs on Hallow Ground.
  • Science Fiction soundtrack type gear from George Thompson (Black Merlin) and Kyle Martin (Vactrol Park / Land of Light) as Spectral Empire.

...and even more...

  • First-time vinyl reissue of K. Leimer 'Music for Land and Water' ambient tranquilizer.
  • Classical music arrangements fuse with modern electronic sound production on mmph’s second record for Tri Angle.
  • Roman Flügel shifts away from the dancefloor and into a more ambient mode.
  • Industrial/post-punk leaning electro grinders from Elements Of Joy aka UVB on brokntoys.
  • Vinyl reissue of Patricia Escudero's 1986 'Satie Sonneries' i.e Erik Satie compositions played on synthesizers.
  • Ace album on Numbers from new artist North Sea Dialect - distorted, alienated coastal ambient doozy.
  • Class heavy stepping digital dub 7” from TNT Roots with class re-work from John T. Gast on the flip. Limited copies!
  • Garrett aka Dâm-Funk brings the funk once more on Music From Memory.
  • Kowton & Parris spooked low-slung wobblers on Rubadub.
  • Valuable 2x12" reissue of ultra-sought after new age house from Dreamscape on World Building.
  • Minimal Wave public service reissue of Japanese artist Sympathy Nervous mega rare gem 1980.
  • Useful DJ tool 3-tracker from Pearson Sound.
  • Black Merlin chilled in Papua New Guinea.
  • Umwelt / Ryan James Ford nailers on Repitch.



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Away we go into the night leaving someone else to clear up the mess.

Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Keith, Daoud, Phil and (Ian) Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Smooth as silk”. Read even more impressive compliments in our Feefo reviews.

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