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Update Featuring Thom Yorke, Julia Holter, Cardinal Fuzz, Jessica Moss.

New stuff in from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Klaus Johann Grobe, Ty Segall, Dopplereffekt, Kiran Leonard, Spacemen 3, Twilight Sad.   


Breaking news: We found our dustpan.

In other news we have a competition to win Thom Yorke goodies which will end on Friday. All you have to do is buy a copy of Suspiria and you’ll be shoved into Phil’s manky old hat to win something. By the way, there’s no Queen whatsoever in this update….or your money back.


  • Music fact! The singer of Radiohead is called Thom Yorke.
  • Homeboy Sandman & Edan tell us to get off the internet. Go on, off with you!  
  • Julia Holter redefines the word expansive. You’ll just fit it on a C90.
  • On Cardinal Fuzz Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes get together for some stoned jams.  
  • Spaced out fuzz melodies from Aussie people The Jim Mitchells.
  • Forth album by Micah P Hinson - no friend to Barack Obama ...nor us if truth be told.
  • Austrian singer Soap & Skin both tops the charts and is rather good. Unlike, for example, Queen. (ah shit).
  • Grindcore noise people Daughters are literally nothing to do with indie-sops Daughter.  
  • Many covers from the hoary old ‘70s in rip roaring style from Ty Segall.    
  • Puppet Show and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.  
  • There's nothing on the TV, nothing on the radio so let’s still not listen to Razorlight.
  • New Klaus Johann Grobe album  - also known  as “The German Riviera”.   
  • Daoud asks the question... just why do Tropical Feck Storm and other bands use expletives in their name.  
  • Super drummer Susie Ibarra has had a very good year.
  • Sinewy Oldham lad Kiran Leonard hammers out his folk/prog/math rock.
  • Last time we checked in with Laura Gibson her flat had exploded. This time she’s just completed an MFA in writing. See? Things can turn around.
  • ‘Neath the hat lurks the demons we dread, ‘neath the hat lurks Paul Smith’s head.  
  • Public Practice get all Talking Heads punk funk on our ass.
  • Sleeve of the week is Pill’s ‘Soft Hell’ which is, as you can see with your own eyes if you click the link, shows a dog playing the piano.  
  • Devon Church not an Exeter place of worship but a gravel-voiced Winnipegger.  
  • Silver Mount Zion escapee Jessica Moss with her third solo swirl.
  • Spring Heel Jack hook up with trumpet parper Wadada Leo Smith.
  • About Group have a new drummer andhuess what? He’s called Rupert.
  • Noir-ish electro pop gaze for Julee Cruise fans from Penelope Trappes.
  • Get an early taster of the The Twilight Sad album on this limited 10”
  • “Brilliant!” Ian on the Queen movie.


  • Grinderman. Nick Cave’s grinding men.  
  • The Kinks in fact are preserving their and your village green.
  • Bauhaus still refuse to make an app where you can track Peter Murphy’s hairline.   
  • Spacemen 3’s latest re-issue self explains exactly what they were doing in the ‘80s.   
  • Spacemen 3/Spiritualized famous person J. Spaceman. I mean, just imagine if your wife left you for Richard Ashcroft.   
  • Bert Jansch is just a simple soul. Here’s a career round up selected by Bernard Butler (who thankfully never got the opportunity to produce him).  
  • Mary Lou Lord’s star studded late 90s folk rock gets a re-issue.  
  • Halloween. Getting sick of saying it.   
  • Todd Rundgren made some terrible musical misjudgments in his time (i.e influencing the Lemon Twigs) but producing XTC’s ‘Skylarking’ wasn’t one of them.
  • Also buy one of the greatest records of all time..also  by XTC.
  • Do you like Blondie’s Heart of Glass? Well now you can buy a 12” with six different versions.  

And all else New In this week.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up:

Sunday night is time for a nice long soak in the Sven Vath.

  • New EP from Dopplereffekt - the sound of science and the science of sound.
  • Deep, dark, rhythmic, experimental techno and beyond from Hiro Kone on Dais.
  • EP of aquatic electro and some proper drum machine bashing from Steven Julien aka Funkineven on his Apron label. Limited copies!
  • Outstanding François Bayle and Bernard Parmegiani LPs on Transversales Disques. Highly recommended for all early electronic music fiends!
  • Super ambient EP from Ultrafog on Motion Ward. Tip for fans of Huerco S. / Pendant.
  • 2LP on Bedouin from Goth Trad and his Japanese buddies doing dark noise business as Eartaker.
  • UK techno chap Bruce has finally got round to making an album on Hessle Audio.
  • Triple whammy of wriggly Tapeworm spools from Kostis Kilymis, Jon Wesseltoft & Balázs Pándi and Zeno van den Broek.
  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross fiddle with Lord Carpenter's Halloween theme.
  • Mutant UKG/techno corker from Joy O on Hinge Finger. Ain't gonna hang about long.
  • Janek Schaefer's tribute to Robert Wyatt.
  • Weirdo LP of hypnagogic synth and smudged vocal goo from J.Ö.S. and a possessed, buzzing record from Saturn and the Sun (Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander), both on iDEAL Recordings.
  • Frequency modulation synthesis derived drone works from Barn Owl Jon Porras.
  • Raime kick off their new label with some eerie, transient collage like tracks.
  • The Cop Killers ultra rare 1982 Trax tape of misanthropic DIY industrial - vinylized.
  • Collection of creepy, cinematic microtonal pieces from Deru.
  • Strong debut LP from Belia Winnewisser on Präsens Editionen ranging from icy drone to synth pop informed electronix.
  • Rugged and vicious sounding Diaster album on Aperture - sounds a bit useful.
  • Juddering dubby electro/techno and more from Katsunori Sawa as EOC.
  • Trippy stompers from Rene Wise on Luke Slaters Mote Evolver.
  • Freaky avant electro-pop from Just The Right Height.
  • Sweet post-punk disco tunes from Stranded on Optimo Music Incl. RSD remix.
  • Relentlessly pummelling MPIA3 remix of Clouds. As dropped by Surgeon on his Dekmantel podcast.
  • The 15 Dead Minutes four-track EP of seething, infectious and emotional cuts blurring the lines between techno/electro/industrial.
  • James Ruskin, Broken English Club, O/V/R (Ruskin & Regis) and Makaton turn in Slammin’ remixes for Rommek on Blueprint.
  • Noisy and desolate drones etc. from Seán Carpio & Eomac. 100 copies only!
  • Kaleidoscopic modular synth improvisations and steely ambient from Heinali.
  • 1991 sought after melter ‘No More Dreams’ flipper crushing re-press.
  • The Lotus Eaters (Lucy & Rrose) album on Stroboscopic Artefacts finally in on wax.
  • Muslimgauze ‘Ingaza’ first time vinyl edition of 700 copies.
  • Oneohtrix Point Never's 2010 'Returnal' album on Editions Mego comes back around.

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Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil and Somebody to (Ian) Love.

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