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Update Featuring Will Oldham, David Sylvian, Songs: Ohia, Neneh Cherry.

Lots of newbies, including The Lucid Dream, Charalambides, Blue Orchids and Hairband. Plus a round-up of the best upcoming pre-orders.  


Hello. I’m on holiday so I’m beaming this in from yesterday therefore if anything interesting has happened today then I won’t know about it. Ok? Well as of Wednesday we’ve had a pretty exciting week that involved both a printer catastrophe and Phil getting stuck in a door but even more importantly than that if you read below you’ll find out about all the records we have in stock this week.

New records:

  • Minus the Bear help decrease slightly the Seattle emo population  
  • Richard Ashcroft. The best thing we can say about it is that he’s successfully made sound come out.  
  • Chelsea Wolfe was so good at Roadburn that somebody taped it.  
  • Dog-friendly troubadour Will Oldham revisits his old things.  
  • How To Dress Well leaves the boyband stuff behind and does one long very serious track.
  • Jason Williamson’s book about concrete, crap pubs, dogging car parks, manky sausages etc     
  • Insecure Men. “John Shuttleworth with reverb”  - the Quietus.
  • Carlisle psych rockers The Lucid Dream. Produced by Leeds' own forgotten production genius, Ross Halden.  
  • BBC sessions from classic artists like R.E.M and...er... KT Tunstall.
  • Hairband come from Scotland so are at least 25% happier than us.
  • Papercuts has recently had the upheaval of moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I think we can all empathise.
  • Neneh Cherry. Daughter of Trevor.
  • Charalambides explain themselves pretty well in the title to their new record.  
  • Dancefloor impact post punk from D.U.D.S.
  • Lights On Moscow are a Lantern on the Lake and an Editor. It’s very good.
  • Blue Orchids. Excellent stuff from former the Fall sackee.
  • Upper Wilds do tuneful things but make them noisy.
  • TVAM are like Spiritualized crossed with Nick Owen.
  • Cloud Nothings begin the great Clint reviews noise rock records experiment.
  • Lindsay Clark’s voice is so soft!
  • Superb Michael Chapman/John Fahey like guitar intertwining from Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay.

And all else New In.


Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Kenny Larkin > Kenny Loggins

  • Hyperactive Amnesia Scanner album on PAN will overload and frazzle yr mind circuits.
  • Hypnotic, squirming outernational tribal techno from Shackleton on his Woe To The Septic Heart label.
  • Dub Surgeon’s ‘The Lost Future’ 2LP is back in stock. Highly recommended for fans of early Pole, Rhythm & Sound etc.
  • Dirty acidic electro from Exhausted Modern on brokntoys. 200 hand-stamped copies.
  • Omar-S feat. Simon Black getting freaky.
  • Maria Horn investigates the history of her Swedish home region Ångermanland with a fine album on Portals Editions.
  • Peaking Lights head further onto the dancefloor with an EP on Dekmantel.
  • Fierce electro from Maelstrom on CPU.
  • Cute Toxe EP on PAN reminiscent of Aphex, Bochum Welt, Plaid, Skanfrom etc.
  • Wild vocal manipulations from Audrey Chen on Karlrecords.
  • Jackin’ house, Chi-town style acid and sci-fi-tinged electro from Cromby on Denis Sulta's label.
  • Filthy 5-track 12" EP from Beau Wanzer on L.I.E.S. Comes with a huge 22x28 newsprint poster. True grit!
  • The Future Sound Of London still trawling their vast archives.
  • Zany as ever People Like Us plunderphonics cassette on Sucata Tapes.
  • Emptyset chap James Ginzburg uses hand drum, piano, voice, shruti box,  Roland SH-101 and generative music techniques to meditate on technology vs nature..
  • Chill techno-pop from Geotic aka Baths on Ghostly.
  • Peacefrog have re-pressed Planetary Assault Systems ‘The Electric Funk Machine’ and packaged together Neil Landstrumm’s ace slammin’ EPs into a 3x12” set.
  • +++ 12” action; Crotocosm aka Jordan GCZ & Willie Burns on No ‘Label’, Fort Romeau on Spectral Sound, Legowelt on Clone West Coast Series, Bass Clef on The Trilogy Tapes, Overlook, Pessimist, Mønic, Grebenstein EP on Osiris Music +++

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Office chat: Who is your favourite Leonard?

Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil, and What’s (Ian) Love Got To Do With It?  

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Jason Williamson
John Carpenter
David Sylvian
Will Oldham
Neneh Cherry
Songs: Ohia
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Dub Surgeon
Amnesia Scanner
Insecure Men
Maria W Horn
Peaking Lights
Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay
Cloud Nothings
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Minus The Bear
Chelsea Wolfe
KT Tunstall
Lights On Moscow
The Telescopes
Richard Ashcroft
Blue Orchids
Exhausted Modern
Fort Romeau
Beau Wanzer
How To Dress Well
The Cult
James Ginzburg
Planetary Assault Systems
Various (Overlook, Pessimist, Mønic, Grebenstein)
Omar-S feat. Simon Black
Bass Clef
The Future Sound Of London
Lindsay Clark
Neil Landstrumm
Audrey Chen
Upper Wilds