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Update Featuring King Gizzard, Stereolab, the Lucid Dream, Coil, John Carpenter.

New Will Oldham, Insecure Men, a Jason Williamson book, David Sylvian and Silver Jews re-issues and another of our genre guides to chew over. 


And so we return approximately 65334578 words lighter without Robin here to keep our word count above sea level. Hopefully not all the albums in the world got bought on National Album Day and we still have some left for you. Maybe look below and see what you see. Remember, an album isn’t just for National Album Day… 

New records:

  • Indie emo practitioners Minus the Bear celebrate Robin’s departure by splitting up.  
  • Perma-constipated the Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft. Get him some prunes.
  • Watch out there’s a Wolfe loose at Roadburn! Chelsea Wolfe of course.
  • Will Oldham re-does his back catalogue. Again. Also: dog on sleeve.
  • Book by Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods about bleak things like chips and concrete.  
  • Insecure Men already ensure their place at the top end of the Quietus year end charts courtesy of their Peter Andre cover.
  • Carlisle’s finest psych/dub practitioners The Lucid Dream.
  • Loads of R.E.M recordings at the BBC have been collected.
  • Nu Scottish hopefuls Hairband. See what they did there?
  • Indie pop on Slumberland by Papercuts.
  • Pudsey’s finest Neneh Cherry.
  • Charalambides is a very long word spell ‘it’.


  • Madlib ‘Pinata Beats’ re-waxed.
  • Low’s Great Destroyer is back on vinyl....  
  • ...as is Big Black’s “Songs About Fecking’.
  • The Silver Jews still drink only ‘American Water’.
  • The Small Faces gobbledeegook/cockney knees up ops ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’.
  • Brilliant David Sylvian solo work re-issued.
  • Coil presents Black Light District *should* be here. What’s another year anyway?
  • John Carpenter’s Halloween re-issued because.. Yes it’s Halloween soon.
  • Three XTC vinyl re-issues just in time for Clint’s birthday.
  • Catherine Christer Hennix does a bit of everything but here’s her synth music.
  • Dub Surgeon made beautiful ambient dub from 1 to 13.
  • The Telescopes….back when they were...almost normal.

Check out our release schedule timeline where we also miss stuff out off a list.

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That’s your lot til Thursday when we’ll try and work out if there’s anything worth your time. 

Team Norman x

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