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Update Featuring Goatman, Daniel Brandt, Kurt Vile, The KVB, Carla Dal Forno.

Goat side project fun, new Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe, a good the Fall re-issue, William Basinski + Lawrence English get deep, cheap Evil Hoodoo titles. Bye Robin.


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A sad update today as we wave a heartfelt goodbye to Robin, who has been a big part of our lives here...not least as a regular contributor to these weekly missives and our endless reviews. The biggest compliment we can pay him is that his words - perfectly produced at a speed that is barely human - have come become an important part of our aesthetic here at the Towers. He's like the Roger Eno of record store guys: as prolific as Robert Pollard, as wordy as Mark Kozelek, as saxophone-y as Colin Stetson, and as professional as Darrell Clark.

Anyway on with proceedings…...


New records:
Wrapped in swaddling….

Had enough? Well there’s more…..

  • Soft top down LA haze-pop delivered by Jerry Paper.  
  • Hazed indie garage from Stockholm’s Les Big Byrd.
  • Daft Punk-ish disco pop from Parcels. More streams than...um the Yorkshire Dales.
  • White vinyl 10” from interweb sensations Ider.
  • Cute K-pop from Japan noise rock funsters Chai. Pink vinyl of course.
  • Emo-ish post rock moves from impressive nu-tanglers Young Jesus.
  • Pulse quickening noise-rock from Wales guitar lashers Estrons.
  • Bands over 40: Be careful choosing the photo for the front of your record. I’m looking at you Kinski.
  • Beat Happening low-voiced legend Calvin Johnson makes a record dogs won’t hear.  
  • One for Robin, Andrew Bernstein - an ‘Experimental Saxophonist’.  
  • Eight years to name their record and this is what Cypress Hill have come up with.

Tangled in the eiderdown.

  • The Beta Band when it was easy to play one of their records in a record shop and everyone would nod.  
  • The Beta Band when it wasn’t so easy.    
  • Read about the time Clint shouted ‘judas’ at Velvet Crush.
  • Ah Cocteau Twins. Imagine being that original? Now boxed.  
  • 30th anniversary of The Fall ballet folly/absurdity/brilliant thing.  
  • Lost synth soundscapes from Leeds electronics whizz Tim Stebbing.   
  • Groundhogs 1969 LP re-issues as if in the Bill Murray film.
  • Glasvegas. Now made mostly irrelevant by the Twilight Sad.
  • Deeply moustachioed Yellow Magic Orchestra sound architect Haruomi Hosono.
  • Silicon Teens, VCMG, Josh T Pearson, A Certain Ratio re-issues on Mute are all here awaiting bonus discs. Should ship tomorrow/Monday.     

Ant’s Electronic Round Up:
Derrick May the Force Be With You.

  • Ace reissue of Phillip Werren’s ultra-rare 1979 ‘Electronic Music’ private press 4LP set. Huge recommendation for fans of NWW, Schnitzler, Xenakis, Kayn etc.
  • William Basinski + Lawrence English collaborate on two deep, gently unfurling longform works.
  • Pessimist inaugurates his new label with two scowling breakbeat monsters mutated from the DNA of darkside D&B. Lush.
  • Rabit’s visions of the afterlife on Halcyon Veil.
  • Incantations For Tape compilation of vintage electronics featuring Daphne Oram, Tom Dissevelt, Remi Gassmann and many more clever dead people.
  • 150 minutes of Factory Floor scoring Fritz Lang's Metropolis.
  • Spun Out of Control venture into the vinyl realm with wonderfully presented soundtrack LPs from Correlations and Steve Nolan.
  • Handsome looking disc of melancholy, cinematic ambient on Fluid Audio from Mordançage aka Andrew Tasselmyer and Tobias Hellkvist.
  • LP of modern Library Music from Patrick R. Pärk. Blue wax edition of 250 copies.
  • Mike Simonetti archival compilation of tracks recorded during his time co-running Italians Do It Better. Chock full of sleazy arena rock inspired Arps.
  • Fun avant-pop on Matthew Dear’s first album in forever.
  • Tim Stebbing - The Atmosphere Factory (1985-1991). Vinyl retrospective compilation of Berlin School inspired ambient/kosmische from this little known figure.
  • disrupt re-surfaces on his Jahtari label with a sci fi adventure album!
  • Emika falls in love with sadness on her new album - co-produced with Robert Witschakowski of The Exaltics.
  • Rump shakin’ EP from Gqom King DJ Lag - straight outta Durban.
  • Ian Hawgood + Tim 'Maps & Diagrams' Martin = Ouvala. Edition 70 copies!!!
  • Jagged post-punk/EBM flavoured techno album from Terence Fixmer on Ostgut Ton.
  • Some tasty gear on Room40 from Scanner, Olivia Block and M.Geddes Gengras.
  • Coupla wicked pulverizing techno steppers from Beneath on BEB’s A14.
  • Tidy EP from AEVA with bits of Lone, Aphex etc. in there.
  • Mikhail Chekalin archival collection of Russian electronics spanning 1978 to 1987.
  • L.I.E.S. action from Krikor and Collin Strange.

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Inaccurate news about future records:


His friends are more than fond of Robin
He doesn't need to compliment them
And always as he leaves them
Feeling proud just to know him

When Robin goes on holiday
There's no-one livin' in our lane
Oh yes, folks still live in our lane
But they're not like Robin

But when Robin gives his love to others
There's no-one living our hearts
Oh yes, we keep others in our hearts
But they're not like Robin.

Words: Clint, Ant, Carly Simon.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil, and Didn’t We Have An Ian Love(ly) Time The Day We Went To Bangor.  

Customer Compliment of the Week:  “Smooth Sailing”.   

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