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Update Featuring Thundercat, Ride, Sun Kil Moon, Ought, Courtney Barnett.

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Well here we are again: in our prison. Bare trees sway outside, rain lashes at our wooden window frames. We are all huddled ‘round a two bar heater. Here in Holbeck it’s still 1981, but we’ve seen into the future and this week we bring you records from a time as far away as 2003.

Let’s peek into the future and see if we like it:


Records are really ‘in’ this month.



Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Tripping over scalextrics on the way to his Technics.

  • Tangled technoise from Black Mecha aka Forest Crookedjaw of black metal fiends Wold.
  • Darkside half-step techno b/w sinister, pounding rave cut from Pinch on Loefah’s 81.
  • Melodic acid-tronix from Maelstrom on CPU.
  • Roman brothers and former Rephlex stalwarts D'Arcangelo in lush Braindance mode with a 4-track EP.
  • East Man aka Basic Rhythm/Imaginary Forces assembles an army of grime MCs for his album on Planet Mu.
  • **EXCLUSIVE! Dalham 'Janus' for your Boards of Canada/Ghost Box fix.
  • First-time vinyl reissue of Steve Roach’s 1984 new age odyssey Structures From Silence.
  • Limited edition, hand cut, transparent vinyl 12" with screen printed art on Gang of Ducks from Quicksails. Includes Shit & Shine, Brett Naucke and Khaki Blazer remixes.
  • Primitive World LP on Ecstatic inspired by the life and work of British constructivist artist Marlow Moss.
  • Enigmatic American Midwest sound archaeologists Fossil Aerosol Mining Project with more stirring collages of processed sonic detritus.
  • Rhythm & Sound LPs finally back in print. Music does not get any better.
  • Mammoth 12CD box set from musique concrète don dada Pierre Henry.
  • Daniel O'Sullivan and Steve Moore almost go fully Depeche Mode as Miracle.
  • 12" of rough as a badgers bottom, rusty rattlers on Where To Now? from Metrist.
  • Kaltès & Nene H. 12" EP on Lakker fellow’s label Eotrax incl. remixes from LAIR and Christina Sealey of Orphx.
  • Moody acid melts glacial atmospherics on a 12” from S & M Trading Co. aka Fit Siegel and DJ Sotofett.
  • Gospel infused jazzy house from Theo Parrish in his Sound Signature style.
  • We scored some limited white vinyl copies of the new Factory Floor 12”.
  • Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto present a minimalist masterclass.
  • Tapes: Father and daughter duo Yeah You on Alter, Sunset Graves on Spun Out Of Control, sound scavenger Stuart Chalmers and shimmering electro-pop from Hattie Cooke both on Third Kind Records.


If you’re reading this it’s too late. You already read it. How unfortunate.

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