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Update Featuring Beak, Brainfeeder, Gazelle Twin, Johann Johannsson, The Declining Winter, Felt.

Loads of things including three (!) Albums of the Week plus new Brainfeeder, Villagers, Suede, Felt, Prince, The Field, Christine & The Queens and lots of other good stuff. Well done us!

Intractable in-store bickering = Album of the Week Triple Header!

Other biggies:

And yet another genre guide for you:

The rest of the news:

Seems like it’s been an exceptionally busy week, this one. Can’t be certain, really, as I’ve not turned around and looked at any of my colleagues. Judging by the constant sound of ripped tape and muffled cardboard, though…well, I reckon the music biz is doing just fine. Case closed.

Anyway here are some of the records responsible.  

Bored tomorrow and near Bradford? Go see cool sax guy Ben Vince at Fuse Art Space  - tickets

New records:

And a few more….


  • How many times do we have to tell you: Susumu Yokota!
  • Felt is that band with the guy called Lawrence that everyone loves.
  • The Durutti Column. Is that a Noel Fielding look-alike?
  • Not sure I like the look of these Ramones rascals.
  • It’s an unfortunate coincidence that this jazz band are called Placebo.
  • Super smooth folk and jazz guy Terry Callier.
  • Raucous and visceral post punk from one time chart toppers 23 Skidoo.
  • More Jonny Trunk curated goodness in Britxotica Goes Wild!
  • Get your leather jacket out. All the best MC5 albums have been put in a box.

Check out our release schedule timeline! It's proper. Properly inaccurate, that is.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up:

No joke this week as we wish his son a speedy, 180rpm recovery.

  • Thank Your Lucky Stars cuz Whitehouse’s classic Albini produced power electronics terrorizer has been expanded. 2LP on Dirter in an edition of 500 copies.
  • First-time, lean vinyl edition of Heavenly Music Corporation aka Kim Cascone's delightful 1993 ambient tranquilizer 'In a Garden of Eden' on Astral Industries.
  • Pure rippers from Bristol’s mighty Giant Swan on Whities.
  • The Field aims straight for the heart, going deeper and more introspective on sixth album for Kompakt.
  • The Bug’s Pressure label is on a fookin’ roll with a riddim produced by Nagasaki’s G36 - ridden to perfection by Nazamba sounding truly vexed.
  • Scored ultra-limited tape editions of Ratgrave and Steven Julien albums on Apron. Ratgrave is available in orange or gold, and Julien's 'Bloodline' has a slowed down version on the flipside for stoned snails. One copy per customer to share the love.
  • 'Sichten 1' compilation of previously undiscovered gems curated by Frank Bretschneider on Raster-Media.
  • Philip Best, Sarah Froelich and Russell Haswell aka Consumer Electronics bring the noise on a pant shitting 7” on Harbinger Sound.
  • James Holden busts out his modular synth alongside Maalem Houssam Guinia.
  • Stompin’ ‘floor tackle from Luke Slater as L.B. Dub Corp on Stroboscopic Artefacts.
  • Ace Dutch West Coast electro action from DJ Overdose on Lunar Orbiter Program.
  • T&K Crew acid house on Balkan Vinyl incl. Posthuman & Kirk Degiorgio remixes.
  • Ghostly sister label Spectral Sound celebrate 18 years in existence with a 2x12” feat. Matrixxman, Gunnar Haslam, D’Marc Cantu, Russell E.L. Butler etc.
  • Psychedelic Portuguese exotica from Niagara on Príncipe.
  • Frantic techno + power ambient gear from Isabella on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion.
  • Versatile EP from Linkwood on Firecracker for the home or club.
  • Brand new and immersive bvdub record to help see you through the winter.

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What the feck has Robin done with my stress ball?  


Words: Clint, Robin, Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Phil and Ian Love Is A Battleship.

Customer Compliment of the Week:  “Always in touch”.

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