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Update Featuring Mogwai, Sufjan Stevens, Thou, Idles, Anna Calvi.

Stare down inertia with brand new records from Mogwai, Thou, Marie Davidson, Mogwho, Big Red Machine, Mogwhen, Tomberlin, Eartheater… and lots moregwai.


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Hi everyone. No real news for dispatch this week -- I guess Phil was ill, but he’s better now, so let’s not dwell on it, like he won't. I did happen to write a bullet point I’m really proud of in this update, though. The first one to email back guessing which one it is will win a random CD from my personal collection.

All I can think of right now is the unholy abundance of cardboard currently occupying our office. I am thinking of constructing my own office fort out of it. I’m gonna go get started on blueprints. Bye!


  • Big Red Machine are the most 2011 collaboration ever.
  • Sludgy, abrasive and loud as heck. This is Thou.
  • Eartheater releases some more turbulence.
  • Regulation beard Sam Beam and his Iron & Wine know the meaning of hush.
  • Mogwai does it always rain on me?
  • Tomberlin is a superb amalgamation of Grouper and Coldplay.
  • Idles win faint praise of the week with “a good version of Slaves”.
  • Proper Scottish and proper experimental, it’s Mac-Talla Nan Creag.
  • Too many Kooks (i.e. them existing at all) spoil the broth.  
  • Midori Takada releases her first new music in nine million (or: twenty) years.
  • ‘80s indie hopefuls Wild Nothing have got a pretty decent new song.
  • Julie Doiron, traducida al español. Lo busqué en Google.
  • What’s so funny, JK Flesh? Want to share it with the class?
  • La Luz are the second most ferntestic band of the year.
  • Warm Drag feature one of the guys from OCS/Oh Sees/OCZ/Thee Oh Sees/Thee Seez/the OCS.  
  • Juanita Stein makes an album close to her heart.
  • Meanwhile, Anna Calvi makes a real 2018 album.
  • Mass Gothic. The vinyl comes with a sticker placed over the man’s face.
  • Terry. Nutkins or ...and June?  
  • Rejoicer makes great chill jazz pinched electronica on Stones Throw.  
  • Darwin Deez. The hair frizz might have gone but he still writes songs.  
  • Relive trip-hop’s halcyon days with The Man from Mo’Wax.


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Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Getting the lunch boxes ready to some early morning Monolake.

  • Patricia switches up the hazy house/techno style and shifts into acid electro mode for a tasty stamped white label, 5-track 12" EP on NONA Records.
  • Skewed EBM techno intensity from Black Merlin on Mannequin. Pure rippers alert!
  • Trippy, cinematic, scorching desert ambient from Mayerling on Hands In The Dark.
  • Dramatic, atmospheric double EP of icy techno stalkers from Recondite.
  • 2LP of soulful slammers and house jackers from Marquis Hawkes on Houndstooth.
  • Keith Kenniff returns as Helios with an album of emotion loaded ambient on Ghostly.
  • Vocalist Jeuru takes KYO’s shimmering electronics deeper into dream zones on Posh Isolation.
  • Two previously unreleased soundtracks from electroacoustic and musique concrète don Bernard Parmegiani.
  • Ultra chill CS + Kreme 12” on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • ACT! aka David Psutka / Egyptrixx LP featuring Lorenzo Senni style HD trance meets mutant olde Japanese ambient and beyond.
  • Andrea Taeggi aka Gondwana and half of Lumisokea creates fine hypnotic minimal electronics on rare analogue machines.
  • Eumig mini CDr of harmonic drone on Courier. Edition of a measly 30 copies.
  • Lush ambient electronica from Northcape + Obfusc and chill nature themed collaboration from Melorman / Mokhov / Data Rebel / SineRider.
  • Barbara Morgenstern 1997 self-released tape ‘Enter The Partyzone’ reissued. Edition 75 copies on I Heart Noise.
  • Forgot to mention the doon kanda EP on Hyperdub last week cuz I’m a numpty.
  • If you missed out first time around, Deadly Avenger's 'I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan' re-pressed on black wax with alternate pink cover art.

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There we go? Not too painful I hope. This *will* be painful, particularly if you live within a five mile radius.  Spare me a thought over the weekend.

Words: Robin, Clint and Ant.

Work: Jamie, Benn, Kim, Nathon, Daoud, Ill Phil and Ian Love is a Wonderful Colour.

Customer Compliment of the Week:  "Very delicate." Read this and even better compliments in our Feefo reviews.

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