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Update Featuring Mitski, Oh Sees, Papa M, Stereolab, Animal Collective

Packed with Stereolab vinyl reissues, new records from Oh Sees and Papa M, plus a billion other reissues including Why? and This Heat. Oof. Too many.


A very warm congratulations to Clint’s parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. He’s gone to the Lake District where they will be holidaying. He’ll be gifting them with a giant plant he bought for the occasion. Spoilers! We hope he has fun lugging it around the Cumbrian crags.

Back in the office, normal service resumes. It looks like there’s some, well, I don’t want to alarm you, but, maybe the records are good this week? Wow.



  • Tohru Aizawa Quartet went to uni and made jazz. We can all relate.
  • Did you Gnow that there were some Gnew Gnod re-issues? Gno?    
  • Coil. Oh what is it now?   
  • Ridiculously-spelt duvet-voiced Twin Peaks legend Julee Cruise.
  • Harken back to when quack-voiced post-punkers Pere Ubu major label’d.   
  • The reissue of the debut Zero 7 is a quiet reminder that we once ‘chilled out’.
  • In the most exciting news yet, OMD’s 2010 album gets reissued.
  • Josefin Ohrn purple & green swirl edition. The one you like. Remember?
  • West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Nuf sed.   
  • Loads of big haired gothsmiths Siouxsie and the Banshees vinyl reissues.  
  • Why? Gets ‘Alopecia’ redone with a load of demos attached (and a Boards of Canada remix).  
  • Ace gamelan guy Daniel Schmidt.
  • Apart from being a great band, This Heat are also really good at puns.  


  • Just Joans sing their sibling songs.
  • Loadsa Westerman 7”s for the discerning Arthur Russell comparer.

Clint’s Electronic Round-Up

I’m back. Been in a Berlin basement all week, finding the best platters for your decks. Got some jungle, some bitcore, the best hyper-breaks, some killer weeds and a bit of gabba. Immerse.  

  • Like techno and sampledelic house? Meet Djrum.
  • Jazz, fusion, prog, and electronica in one big fluffy ball. Arise Sir Dorian Concept.
  • The legend. The original Throb Grist... In the challenging corner... Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson!
  • Life is art. Art is life. Life is drone. Believe. Why? Aaron Martin.
  • LTZ make synth for when TVs were round. Get it for your prog dad.
  • Skyscraper peaks, lurking ambience, self reflection. One word: Neotropic.
  • Ratgrave squelchy electro-funk, chilled vibes. Nice.
  • Posthuman 303s and the 909s and I hear they listen to 606.
  • Al Dobson Jr. Slinky jazz house on Peckham’s Rhythm Section. Cushty.
  • Derek Carr fetishes the midwest sound of Drexciya etc. So many Dereks, so little time.    
  • Addictive drum buttons and ambience from Steven Rutter & John Shima. Shima’s list.
  • Monoganon anti-acid that obliquely recalls Proc Fiskal. Ya get me?  

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“I’m not going home”, said Harry. “Not really”.

Words: Clint and Robin.

Work: Jamie, Kimbo, Benn, Daoud, Nathon, Phil and Ian “Dr. Strange” Love.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Uncomplicated and fast”

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Kode9 & Burial
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Tohru Aizawa Quartet
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Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson
The Myrrors
Animal Collective
Still Corners
Anna Meredith
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
Death Cab For Cutie
Steven Rutter & John Shima
Zero 7
Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance
Average Sex
Aaron Martin
Kev Brown
The Just Joans
Pere Ubu
Derek Carr
Al Dobson Jr.
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