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Update Featuring Polytechnic Youth, Pram, Ty Segall & White Fence, Pram, Deepchord

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Things are getting back to normal. We’re enjoying clouds. We’re enjoying the lack of football. We're enjoying droning on at you about the latest releases coming through our big, bulky, impossi-open doors.  

Here are the latest things whipping up a storm in the stockroom.



  • Trippy soundscapes from Sonic Boom’s Spectrum.
  • The time techno’s prince of darkness Blawan started to sing.
  • Final Swans album before their first break up, redone.
  • Re-issues from the part of The Essex Green career before they got interested in elk rutting.
  • No ‘arm in releasing proto Mudhoney grunge lot Green River’s debut again.
  • Career-spanning box set from John Lydon’s Public Image Limited.
  • 1987 soundtrack from Takashi Kokubo who also wrote Japan’s phone alerts.
  • Lo-fi rap cuts from ‘95 as Shawty Pimp’s mixtape gets vinylized.  


  • Everything New In so far this week.
  • All our recent Re-stocks.
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  • Indies-only vinyl. All the stuff only available to nice independent retailers like us.


Who knew that you could milk a pea?

See you Thurs.

Team Norman x

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