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Update Featuring The Innocence Mission, Polytechnic Youth, Ben Chatwin, 77:78.

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Is there anybody there? The hot weather here in the UK and the World Cup over there in Russia have seemingly combined to ensure that boring old records are way down the list of your priorities at the moment. Don’t worry though. We’ll still be here when Sir Gareth Southgate, Sir Harry Kane, Sir Raheem Sterling (listening, Daily Mail?), Sir Jordan Pickford and the rest of Our Boys bring football home and the sun decides it’s had enough for the year. Won’t we?

Plenty of new things coming up real soon, but first up you can now see all our lovely Indies-Only Vinyl on one page. This is all the stuff Amazon can’t screw us on because they aren’t allowed to have it. Ha! Take that, you enormous successful conglomerate eating all our puddings.     

Anyway here are all the week’s releases, hand-picked by human claw.


Cattle and Kane.

  • Bodega. Come on, Lower Wortley is just as cool as New York.  
  • The Innocence Mission. So snug. So intimate. So beautiful. Please listen to this.
  • Ben Chatwin does his own strand of sci-fi devastation.
  • Barbecue-ready summer pop from ex Bees folks 77:78.  
  • Ana Silvera. Oh lordy these backstories.  
  • Resina’s lonely and languishing processed cello.  
  • Asylums. The question is….Can their pop punk get any more sun-blasted?
  • Never mind, Jaye Jayle have made an album of suffering and wallowing.
  • RVG. Make ‘dark Australian music’. See also: Nick Cave, the Triffids.
  • It's not Orchards fault I’m a grump. They make Foals seem like Young Marble Giants.
  • Years & Years are this week’s Harrogate export.
  • Freschard and Stanley Brinks sing songs for people to sing.
  • Loch Lomond put their EPs together. Think Decemberists.
  • The time Rhodri Davies / David Sylvian / Mark Wastell performed at Cafe Oto with Sylvian on the phone.
  • Fleabite do twee grunge with Waxahatchee members.
  • Fascinator. What the bloody hell is this?  
  • The Nude Party do have to take their clothes off to have a good time.
  • Simon Love… or Ian Love.  Your choice.

Here are all our Staff Reviews of the best (and worst) bits.


The Kane Gang.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Did Deepchord get out of the group stage?

  • Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux LP of otherworldly, futuristic, sci-fi sound.
  • Berceuse Heroique motherlode with a politically charged EP from CVX aka Rupert Clervaux, Duckett, a peach from Jay Glass Dubs and a Monrella reissue aka Mick Harris (Scorn, Fret, Lull) in bangin’ mid-90s Mills influenced Techno mode.
  • Simon Shreeve joins Regis as CUB on Downwards. Phwoarrr!
  • Circling Vultures, Maxxxbass and DJ Overdose nourishment on L.I.E.S.
  • Diptera deconstruct and reconstruct the Garage template into their own avant-garde vision. Top EP on the excellent Mana label.
  • Frantic, demented fourth LP from the mighty Container on Spectrum Spools.
  • EP on I-f’s legendary Viewlexx label from the mysterious The Wheel Of Rituals.
  • Metroplex repress of Black Noise’s 1997 ‘Nature of the Beast’. Class Detroit Techno from Damon Peterson and Mike Grant.
  • Beautifully wild and playful tape from David Burraston aka NYZ on Conditional.
  • Bunker represses of Helena Hauff, Unit Moebius and Stalingrad Vols 1. and 2 LPs.
  • Exotic, psychedelic tropical House from Bruxas aka Jacco Gardner and Nic Mauskovic.
  • Icy electro goodness from 30drop meets Arpanet. Limited copies on blue wax
  • First-time vinyl edition of Susumu Yokota’s 1994 Techno explorer ‘Acid Mt. Fuji’.
  • Quality, restless, Grime rooted/Weightless album from WEN on Big Dada.
  • Radius (Stephen Hitchell, Intrusion, cv313, Variant) lush dubby bliss on echospace.
  • Boards of Canada classic olde EP 'Hi Scores' back in print
  • Weirdo thumpers from Tribe of Colin.
  • Coupla far out LPs from Dan Melchior & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Stilluppsteypa on Dennis Tyfus’ ace oddball label Ultra Eczema.
  • S&S Presents: Dreams compilation 2LP incl. ambient dreamers Bing & Ruth, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith etc.
  • Omer Coleman Jr. 12" on Left Ear aka Starship Commander Woooo Woooo incl. an ace acid electro cut.
  • Squirming electro from Fleck E.S.C on CPU.
  • Industrial/techno/wave/post-punk electronics from Parrish Smith on Dekmantel.
  • Arthur Russell/ESG NYC style disco/funk reissue 12" on Séance Centre from A-Team.
  • Lest we forget; Angelo Ioakimoglu LP on Into The Light, Benedek 12" EP on Second Circle, Skymark remixed by Ron Trent, Pablo's Eye EP on Stroom, Caron repress on brokntoys, Lord Of The Isles EP on DFSANT.

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There’s a storm a brewing.

Words: Clint and Ant.
Work: Kim, Jamie, Robin, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and a sunbaked shoegazer.    

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Phil Leigh, Richard Branson, Dave Whelan ….all the greats” . Here are our Feefo reviews.  

Absolutely nothing is ever coming home.  

Top releases

The Innocence Mission
Ben Chatwin
Giant Swan
Vainio & Vigroux
Jaye Jayle
Jay Glass Dubs
Even As We Speak
Monrella (aka Mick Harris)
Ana Silvera