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Update Tuesday 3rd July 2018

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In 1976 I ruined my dad’s lawn by mowing it every day while he was at work. It currently feels as hot as it was then and it won’t stop, I know it. We’re stuck. It's the hottest thing that has ever happened and if football does come home - which it definitely will - there’s a good chance that it will melt before it arrives back.


Hot Hot Heat

  • Harrogate via Birmingham space poppers Pram are at it again.
  • Dave NYZ with some chaotic synth noise.
  • Aptly titled cinematic miniatures from Julien Boulier.
  • Urbane Brooklyn lot Bodega are produced by a Parquet Court.
  • Long running Pennsylvanians The Innocence Mission find a snug home on Bella Union.
  • Scuzzy dub techno chuggers from the vaults of Radius.
  • Talvihorros Ben Chatwin tried to a synth album but then made nice with it,
  • Sarah Records punks (yup there were some) Action Painting round up their singles.
  • Similarly noisy Sarah lot Boyracer do the same.
  • If that’s not enough Sarah stuff then there’s an Ex Sarah Records Four Band Compilation in time for their upcoming package tour.
  • Broken English Club have that weird thing on the sleeve.
  • Judy Dyble. No relation to officer.
  • On point vape shifter Oneohtrix Point Never launches another one.
  • 77:78 are the obscurely monikered former members of the Bees.


This Heat


Bring us a mivvi.

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