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Update Featuring Nils Frahm, Khruangbin, Ty Segall, Time Released Sound.

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It’s hard to know what to say at this moment. Mark E Smith was The Fall, and The Fall have been part of all of us here at Norman Records for a long, long time. A band that inspired one week and frustrated the next. A band you had to have an opinion on. A band that provided us all with an endless amount of pleasure and pain. Life without The Fall already seems a bit less full, a bit wrong.

And a band led by a singular, driven, utterly odd talent. Few have sacrificed wealth, comfort and ultimately health in the pursuit of their art in such a single-minded fashion as Mark E Smith did. He didn't compromise. He lived The Fall, he made it happen. And whatever you think of the output he marshalled - both live and on record, the dizzying heights and the despairing lows - will there ever be anyone else quite like him again?

RIP, Mark E Smith.  


None of this music is as good as the Fall…


Re-pressed just before pressing plants collapse under the weight of the Fall re-issues.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Old father grime….

  • Time Released Sound venture into the vinyl domain with an LP of pastoral and nostalgic beauty from Swoop And Cross. Edition of 190 copies.
  • Scored upfront copies of Sonikku’s sparkling, arpeggiator-driven ambient jams on Lobster Sleep Sequence.
  • The Arcola label is reactivated with an ace zinging EP from the ultra-talented Rian Treanor.
  • EP of Bleep ‘n’ bass / electro mutant cuts from FFT (established artist incognito) on new imprint Uncertainty Principle.
  • The Future Sound Of London’s 90s comedown classic ‘Lifeforms’ finally back on wax.
  • Tape in sexy screen-printed case from Akiko Kiyama, twisting up ambient and breaks as Aalko on her Kebko label.
  • Kuniyuki Takahashi dusts off his early tapes from 1986-1993 for an LP compiled by Music From Memory.
  • Tzusing banger 東方不敗 on L.I.E.S. now on CD!
  • Mumdance, Logos and Shapednoise reconvene as The Sprawl for some Neuromancer inspired cyberpunk electronix. 300 copies on The Death of Rave.
  • Eighth album from Warp stalwart Nightmares On Wax, delving further into blunted beats, soul and gospel-tinged hip hop.
  • Ian Hawgood + Giulio Aldinucci construct their vision of ambient from submerged beats, freckled frequencies, guitar echoes, vocal studies, and sustained piano chords.
  • Palmbomen II's 'Memories of Cindy' EPs collected on a handy 2CD on Beats In Space.
  • Jeff Mills soundtracks Tatsushi Omori’s ‘And Then There Was Light’.
  • Both 2814 albums on Dream Catalogue came and went, but we still have some copies of Yoshimi’s ‘Atavism’ on the label if that's any consolation.
  • French duo Fondation ‘Les Cassettes 1980-1983’ retrospective on Bureau B.


Let us help you with your poverty….

  • NOW WITH ADDED NEW THINGS!  A bunch of recent overstocks with money off.


That’s yer lot. We’re off to put on ‘Slates…’ on repeat.