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Update Featuring Wire, Raime, Miss Red, John Coltrane, NYZ, Gorillaz.

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It’s been all heat and sax in the office this week. Millions of squirming, screaming saxophones solo-ing in the highest temperatures since Albert Ayler records began.

Amongst the hot and the sax we’ve managed to scramble together the ‘best’ records of the week. For ‘best’ read ‘only’.  For this week is about as exciting as France Vs Denmark.

On with what passes for a ‘show’.  


Gareth Southgate.

  • Let’s Eat Grandma get normalised/boring-ized.  
  • Jim James has the world’s most stretchy voice. Probably.
  • On a good day with the wind behind her Florence and her Machine can be heard in outer space.  
  • Johnny Jewel finds time to write unused music for Twin Peaks.
  • Tropics. Summer-ready neon lit soul. Scrumptious,  
  • Gorillaz try to pretend the last one didn’t happen.  But we remember...oh how we remember.
  • John Coltrane. Like a wasp in a jam jar.  
  • Twee-poppers The Essex Green are back after 12 years of studying Elk rutting. True!   
  • The Rock*A*Teens are great! It’s REM! It’s Bruce! They come from Cabbagetown!
  • Abstract Orchestra re-work a load of Dilla in big band style.
  • Hesitation are kind of ‘The Trip’ for improvised lo-fi.
  • Lojii and Sworvy make a splendid mumbly mix
  • tape for fans of Dilla etc.
  • Mick's Jaguar fail to call their album Keith’s...um...er..Charlie’s….ah feck it,
  • Feck. Back to right the wrong of not calling early albums ‘Off’, ‘You’ and ’My Boss’.
  • Prefuse 73 continues the cut and chop.
  • The Blank Tapes make sunshine soul pop that thinks it’s from the ‘60s.
  • Dawes think a bit about the world. Not to be confused with Jim Davidson’s lot.  
  • The Room In The Wood bring a bit of Liverpool guitar pop classicism to the table.
  • Gwenifer Raymond. I mean….who on earth is called Gwenifer? Well this one brings the sound of the Delta Blues to Brighton.
  • On Fuzz Club! RF Shannon do crafted Tame Impala/Whitney type stuff while Sherpa The Tiger are Goat meets Kraftwerk.  
  • Freschard & Stanley Brinks. He really does have an eye for ladies.
  • Embrace. Now here we have a classic. Remember their Love Is A Basic Need album? No? Well they’ve only gone and orchestrated it!

Here all our Staff Reviews of the best (and worst) bits.


Joachim Low.   

  • 15th anniversary upgrade for Max Richter’s ‘Blue Notebooks’.
  • 90’s flop hairs Adorable get their dream pop re-issued.  
  • Tireless sound maverick Colin Potter was so busy in ‘81.  
  • Choose one of the three (THREE!) copies of The Wizard of Oz we have in stock.
  • Wire’s ‘Pink Flag’ classic is back in on vinyl.
  • Craft Spells  “A slightly limp New Order” we said back in 2011.  
  • Guru’s classic jazz meets hip-hop opus ‘Jazzmatazz’ is elongated.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

School Sports Day enlivened by ‘TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 1#03’ on the ‘phones.   

Money Saving Stuff


Office paddling pool ordered.

Words: Clint and Ant.

Work:   Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and a Judy Garland superfan.    

Robin is busy hanging out with this guy.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “they posted me a record that I chose”. Here are our Feefo reviews.  

“I think he needs a new wife”

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John Coltrane
Miss Red
Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor
Seraphim Rytm
Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin
lojii & Swarvy
Prefuse 73
Brian Case
The Rock*A*Teens