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Update Featuring Beach House, Arctic Monkeys, Idris Ackamoor...

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Good weather does strange things to people. I’ve been tending to an office-wide infestation of ladybugs; Kim’s been eating lunch out of ice cream containers; Phil’s been playing genuinely pleasant music on the stereo. It’s all too weird; however grateful I am for the chance to wear my one pair of shorts, I’d like it to be cold again so we can all go back to our characteristic miseries. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the music:


There’s time still to talk about other things, like how Aidan Moffat’s got some new pals to grumble with, or how the Magic Numbers are still the nicest people on earth, or how Fruits de Mer are celebrating ten years of not shutting up. Plus this Malena Zavala record, my dudes!


The after party.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

His kids are grounded for listening to Jamie XX.

  • Limited clear vinyl EP from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith scoring Harry Smith film ‘Abstractions’ using Make Noise modules. Already sold out at source.
  • Lo-fi funk from Delroy Edwards on his own L.A. Club Resource label. 5 cherry picked cuts from his ‘Rio Grande’ album.
  • Superb tape of signature generative music from NYZ on Fractal Meat Cuts.
  • Rian Treanor style, metallic ‘floor thunkers from Gábor Lázár.
  • Pair of Opal Tapes from finest familial noise duo Yeah You, and intense rhythmic noise, nightmare drone and cathartic vox from AJA.
  • Weightless grime action from Blackdown.
  • Lavish CD + photobook combo from Fabio Orsi and Alessandra Guttagliere.
  • Utter filth from Raw Ambassador on Mannequin’s 'Death Of The Machines' series.
  • Intricate album of densely layered, haunting ambient, Musique Concrète and captivating, arresting vocals from CECILIA. On Rabit’s consistently great Halcyon Veil label.
  • What do you call a German electronic music producer with a floppy head? Jan Jelinek.
  • rRoxymore / Bruce / Chekov share a 12” of skewed rump shakers on Batu’s Timedance label.

Other stuff


So there you have it. The newsletter. Tune in next week for: the newsletter. Clint edition.

Team Norman:

Words: Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and the Auditor.

On tour: Clint

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