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Update Featuring Belong, Stars of the Lid, Sufjan Stevens, Mouse on Mars

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It's that time again where folks set their alarms for a previously unseen time in the morning and gather at the local record emporium to re-buy previously available records at inflated prices. Well just like last year we're not doing it so please do not show up at the grey monstrosity we call home on Saturday morning as we won't be here. We'll be in bed.

However what we can tell you is we're hoping to score some of the better titles after we've gone round begging to see which leftovers we can scrounge. Basically check the site at 8am on Saturday 28th April is all we’re saying.

Next year we hope they reissue this. On with this week’s stuff.


No queues…..


Literally the worst weekend...

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Is the Nintendo Switch a Modular Synth?

  • Chicago house god Larry Heard returns as Mr. Fingers with his first album in forever.
  • Deep, immersive ambient techno outta Detroit from Shorelights aka Rod Modell (DeepChord, CV313), Walter Wasacz and Christopher McNamara.
  • Terre Thaemlitz vinyl edit of a track from the epic 'Deproduction' memory stick + deep house mix as DJ Sprinkles.
  • Ross From Friends lands on Brainfeeder, providing our Clint’s potential feel good hit of the summer.
  • 'Trap Configurations' 7-track EP on June incl. Svengalisghost, Manie Sans DeĢlire, Trenton Chase etc.
  • Time to jack! Jamal Moss ‘Acid Taken Over’ double pack has finally arrived, featuring some sizzlers from his ‘Acid Attacks’ tape plus an exclusive vinyl only track.
  • Lush deep space techno and ambient house from Ukrainian producer Vakula alter ego Vakulism.
  • Japanese DJ/producer Hiroshi Watanabe's (Kaito) tracks sound custom built for Derrick May's Transmat.
  • Beta Evers and NYC lovebirds Spatial Relation split one in half for some electro action on Peripheral Minimal. One tune features Heinrich Mueller aka Gerald Donald.
  • DJ Python’s 2LP of mutant reggaeton house re-pressed.
  • Cam Deas switches up his strings for computer and modular synthesizer for an LP of dissonant, disorientating soundscapes and tangled, otherworldly electronics.
  • Juan Mendez (Silent Servant/Sandwell District) delves further into the ghosts of EBM as Sterile Hand alongside Ori Ofir on vocal duties.
  • Grubby techno/electro EP on Glasgow's West End Communications from Ludgate Squatter which I'll wager my children is one of the nutters from Clouds.
  • L/F/D/M EP of grotty grinders and a splattering of acid. Includes a remix from Surface / Poverty Is Violence bossman Nick Dunton.
  • Theo Parrish and chums have the fourth part in the Gentrified Love series to funk you up.
  • Thomas Fehlmann and Terrence Dixon hook up and continue the longstanding Berlin/Detroit techno connection.
  • Limited, as ever sold out at source 12” from Levon Vincent featuring two standout cuts from his ‘For Paris’ digital album.
  • Lena Willikens selects a bunch of tunes from JASSS, Sandoz, Parrish Smith, Sysex, Garland etc. for a compilation on Dekmantel.
  • Slowglide assembles fragments of inspiration from the history of dance music into fully modern tracks on Antinote.


Tune in tomorrow for an EXCLUSIVE plus a thing we can’t talk about.

Team Norman

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and the sick shoegazer.

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