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Update Featuring The Caretaker, Goat, Rival Consoles, Public House Recordings - SALE

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I work all day, and get half-drunk at night.
Waking at four to soundless dark, I stare.
In time the curtain-edges will grow light.
Till then I see what's really always there:
Unresting death, a whole day nearer now,
Making all thought impossible but how
And where and when I shall myself die.

It’s bleak here in Holbeck so please bear with us if your order hasn’t shipped as we’re probably in a corner crying. But hark! The sound of new records to get us through the week. Again. Let’s see what bundles of joy have floated up the concrete stairwell.  


Stepping forward into the breach….

  • Sarah Davachi dares to drone again.
  • Local punks Beta-Blockers rouse a rabble.
  • A Place to Bury Strangers is called a graveyard.
  • This week’s Trump Record comes from Laura Veirs.
  • The Damned. Originally named The Darned.
  • Who is this Josh T. Person?
  • Ashley Paul delivers a new record of spooky soliloquy.
  • Wrekmeister Harmonies finally pens his Nick Cave fanfic.
  • Light piano drippage from Goldmund.
  • Chaines are scary. Stay away.
  • A Hawk and a Hacksaw riff on the tradition of hanging out in a forest.
  • Field Report yell their pop music at you.
  • Slug play quirk pop just like their fellow musos Field Music.
  • King Tuff is normally in Ty Segal’s backing band and he’s got a great hat.  
  • Oly Ralfe of the Ralfe Band makes some crystalline piano stuff.   
  • D A Stern is good at soft pop and crosswords.
  • The Moondoggies do dusty Americana with heart firmly plonked on sleeve.
  • Firestations are lovely and play soft kraut pop like Teleman.
  • Supergroup MIEN feature a Horror, a Black Angel and an Early.  
  • Makeness has a temper tantrum. Get him off the dancefloor!  
  • Nest Egg force Robin to type the word ‘motorik’ just one more time.
  • Wrong are a series of noise bands teaming up to make a churn.
  • Triptides are still happy enough making 60’s jangle and strum…
  • Nice to see ambient lot Hibernate back with this 3” CD by Map165.


Not many this week. But don’t panic! Record Store Day is just around the corner.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Spending half-term educating his kids about the history of Kompakt.

  • Good, new/old ‘Royal Astronomy’ vibes µ-Ziq album possibly rescued from lost DAT lurking in the bottom of his undies drawer for the last 20 years.
  • Opal Tapes action with a CD from Bálint Szabó aka Gosheven delving further into non-standard tunings. Plus class tapes from Acre - pushing the Grime template forward via sci-fi sound design and the AnD boys bring the pain as Shadows.
  • mmph channels heartbreak and loss into a promising debut EP on Tri Angle.
  • Thembi Soddell creates intense, abyss-like soundworlds on Room40.
  • Edition of 300 copies LP on Collapsing Market from Ssaliva. Check if you dig Arca, Lorenzo Senni, Ash Koosha etc.
  • The Caretaker's chronology reaches stage 4 and things are getting bluuuury.
  • Legendary dutch electro producer Frank De Groodt aka Sonar Base gets his ‘Dark Matter’ mini album vinylized.
  • Re-recorded, re-mixed at EMS and expanded edition of John Duncan's 1984 face shredder 'Riot'.
  • Cinematic electronica from Rival Consoles on Erased Tapes.
  • Worth risking a ram-raid on your local Happy Shopper to fund the incredible batch of vinyl reissues on États-Unis from Jean Dubuffet, John Duncan, Warner Jepson, Remko Scha, Annea Lockwood.
  • Psychedelic Dungeon Disco from Sordid Sound System on Invisible Inc.
  • Noise tinged doomsday electronics from African Ghost Valley conjuring images of corroded future-scapes.
  • Baffling, cryptic, oddball avant-pop from Élg with an LP of musique concrète and chanson mutations.
  • Ben Galyas, Terre Thaemlitz and Robin Rimbaud EP on Premature Recordings.
  • Neil Scrivin aka Phono Ghosts and Meatbingo get his 2007 'Geek Umanship' digital release dubbed onto tape.
  • Eleventh album from German sound messers Mouse On Mars - roping in the like of Spank Rock, Beirut and that fella from The National.
  • SCB aka Scuba’s future dystopia record.
  • Peacefrog repress Moodymann's Silence In The Secret Garden 2LP.
  • Hypnotic 'drum & drone’ from Arikon on Portals Editions.

More stuff:


We’re finally getting a proper internet connection.

Team Norman

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and Ol’ Cardigan Punk.

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