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It's been a big week for preorders...let's put it that way.

Stella Donnelly - Beware Of The Dogs


Album Of The Week goes to the debut from Stella Donnelly. Angry but in a tuneful way seems to be the consensus. She's destined to be a star says everyone, and we can only agree.


KH - Only Human


Currently flying off the shelves quicker than we can find someone to write a product blurb for it is Only Human by KH.

KH, eh. I wonder what that might stand for?


William Basinski - On Time Out Of Time


One of the most talented musicians around and also one of the nicest, William Basinski is a huge favourite here at Norman Records and of course we're gonna lap up a record that includes sounds pulled (somehow) from actual black holes.


The National - I Am Easy To Find


The new one from The National came as a bit of a surprise. And a mammoth enterprise it looks too, too mammoth to fit even on a regular old double LP if you're one of the lucky ones who grabs hold of the limited-edition, maxed-out-with-goodies triple LP.


Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips


Drone/doom legends Earth celebrate their 30th band birthday with their ninth album, Full Upon Her Burning Lips. It's another double LP and you can grab the limited, indies-only "Crimson / Black Galaxy" version if you're quick enough. We can only guess that 'Black Galaxy' is some kind of black that's even darker, even doomier than regular old black?


Mac DeMarco - Here Comes The Cowboy

Mac DeMarco returns but, to be totally honest, nothing we can say is gonna top the video below so we won't even try.

Pregoblin - Combustion

Coming to our attention slightly late in the week was this Pregoblin 7". It's fair to say there's usually a healthy amount of scepticism around anything coming out of that whole Fat Whites scene here at Norman Towers, but in reviewing this one Will not only overcame his distaste but introduced us all to a great new word - tatterdemalion.

Vital Idles - EP

Speaking of Will and of reviews, we think he may have broken the world record for use of the abbreviation 'EP' in under 300 words...

Black Mountain - Destroyer


New week, new Dinked Edition. Inspired by the experience of learning to drive later in life, apparently. Speaking as someone who didn't pass their test until they were nudging 40 themselves, 'Destroyer' seems apt because I knacked my wife's car within weeks.

Grab our emails to stand your best chance of snagging these Dinked things btw, because they are selling out within hours these days.


And finally

Let's finish with a quick list of some other notable things from this week:

  • We've teamed up with the NME to produce a weekly overview of some of the best vinyl preorders.
  • As we approach the end of the financial year, so the powers-that-be here approach the notion of heavier monthly discounts. 15% off rather than the usual 10%.
  • And you can grab both our Weekly Playlist and our Friday Jukebox over on our YouTube channel.

Have a great weekend!

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