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Weekly Update Featuring These New Puritans, Guided By Voices, Rustin Man, Prefab Sprout, Bowery Electric.

Ice cold goodness from the likes of John Cameron, Boy Harsher, The Telescopes, and Andrew Wasylyk. Plus more Pye Corner Audio bags, more cheap stuff, and the latest big pre-orders.  


To paraphrase a wise man on Twitter the other day:

"Thirty days has September / April, June, and November / All the rest have thirty-one / Except for February, all alone / Which has 28 days clear / And January, with about three-hundred days in which to freeze our arses off in bloody Holbeck of all places."  

Yup, it's cold here at the Towers again. Thank goodness for portable heaters. So huddle round the two bar and join us in a mega update as January finally ends. There are things below that are ready and willing to be shipped out to you. Guaranteed to arrive icy fresh.

New vinyl and stuff

  • Guided By Voices really are the Status Quo of indie rock these days. Not altogether an insult.
  • Cherry Glazerr make grunge rock like it’s 1995.
  • Mandolin Orange are two quiet people making really nice quiet country music.  
  • The return of Beirut’s organ has yielded some success.  
  • Sad brooding synthesizer melodies from Boy Harsher.
  • Most people get quieter as they get older. Not The Telescopes.
  • Ian Brown. ‘Singer’ out of the Stone Roses with new solo work.
  • Talk Talk bass wizard Rustin Man with some lovely rustic things.  
  • This Unloved Record’s Crap Let’s Slash The Seats. (Not really... it’s a joke of sorts).  
  • Buy the Ex:re album and go in a hat to win a signed Test Pressing. It’s the coo-ing lady from Daughter btw.  
  • This week it’s The Specials turn to destroy their legacy.  
  • Andrew Wasylyk makes sweet music in tribute to a restored harp.  
  • John Butcher & Rhodri Davies….saxophone and harp  - together at last.
  • Quiet cello murmurings from Julia Kent.


  • The Prefab Sprout album that doesn’t sound anything like a Prefab Sprout album.   
  • 90s pop people The Cardigans. That reminds me...I’m cold.   
  • When Bowery Electric ditched the murk ad went full on trip-hop.  
  • John Cameron’s soundtrack for Ken Loach’ classic ‘Kes’.  
  • Tirzah & Micah  
  • Derby’s finest* rock band Bivouac……*except for Cable.  
  • 35007. Named after an early Norman Records order number.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

De-icing the car with Noyzelab’s latest CDr.

  • Ace dubstep plate from the elusive Macker - pure DMZ magic vibes and bass weight.
  • Super Gossiwor 12” EP on 5 Gate Temple, produced by John T. Gast and Asger Hartvig of Boli Group. Lush pastoral/nautical folk w/ subtle electronics.
  • Jay Glass Dubs LP could almost be some long lost 4AD record recorded at the Black Ark.... like Rhythm & Sound meets A.R. Kane.
  • Susumu Yokota acid/ambient techno gem ‘Acid Mt.Fuji’ re-pressed on WHITE vinyl.
  • Scored more copies of ultra-mysterious occult electronics Black Replica LP > project from Heinrich Mueller/Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Arpanet, Der Zyklus).
  • Bunch of new titles and re-stocks on the marvelous Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology imprint. All high grade sound art/avant-garde clobber. Check ‘em!
  • Secede's 2005 'Tryshasla' album originally issued on Sending Orbs lands on vinyl for the first time, to collective tears of joy from IDM/ambient fiends.
  • Matt Whitehead & No Data Available present Manor House Boys - proper bang the box acid house. 350 copies on Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax label.
  • Electroacoustic/acousmatic CD from Cameron Shafii on Conditional. 100 copies.
  • Basic Rhythm AKA East Man and Imaginary Forces remoulding hardcore on Arcola.
  • The Mover ‘The Final Sickness’ 1993 PCP techno monster remastered with new artwork.
  • E B U EP incl. O$VMV$M and Broshuda remixes. Ultra-limited to 100 copies w/ risograph poster insert
  • Techno/Grime mutants from Szare. Hand-stamped edition of 300, in printed sleeve.
  • O$VMV$M 12" on Cold Light Music. Edition of 275, with poster insert in polybag & hand-stamped centre labels.
  • Hypnotic, bleeping, Jeff Mills/Sahko style tracks from Black Merlin on Die Orakel.
  • Classic school yet modern sounding electro-pop Finlay Shakespeare album on Editions Mego.
  • Brainwaltzera mini-LP incorporating crystalline Braindance, electro and ambient.
  • Whole bunch of ambient type stuff on CD from Quentin Sirjacq on Schole, Kryshe on Serein, Amp and Tim Linghaus on Sound In Silence.
  • Leon Vynehall’s gone and done a DJ-Kicks
  • Vintage/golden era inspired electronica 2LP from Mikron on CPU.
  • +++ Buttechno 12” on Incienso, Russell E. L. Butler 12” on Spectral, Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind (Frank de Groodt) reissue 12” on U-Trax +++

Money Saving 

Captured Tracks Competition and Goodies:

We all like Captured Tracks don’t we? Well we do anyway. So buy anything on Captured Tracks and you’ll get a FREE Captured Tracks pen and sampler CD. You’ll also go into a hat to win a Wild Nothing 7” and a signed Wild Nothing print.

And even that’s not all. One lucky winner will receive tickets to see Wild Nothing rock the Belgrave Music Hall to its very foundations on February 13th 2019.

Competition ends next Thursday (7th February 2019) when winners will be announced.


Nah, that’s your lot.

A big Norman Records welcome to Tom who will be doing our Social Media stuff from now - just as soon as we can get him on the wifi. We're proper pros. Do follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to see all the exciting things he has planned.  

Words: Clint, Ant.

Work: Nathon, Daoud, Phil, Tom and Don't Talk To Me About (Ian) Love

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