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The Weekly Update

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Last published: 26th November 2015

Record Of The Week

Bersarin Quartett - III

Weekly roundup

Top news

  • Once again...may we present our Albums of the Year.
  • This object is Record of the Week with 10% off for the rest of the day we know as today.
  • We’ve got EXCLUSIVE postcard edition of classy dubbed out Lanc techno A New Line (Related).
  • Here are all your Black Friday dealz….lots of stuff by...um.. Jesus and Mary Chain… and… er... the Kooks. Please form an orderly queue. They’ll be on the site tomorrow at 9am sharp.

Whilst our Albums of the Year grabbed the headlines, we shouldn’t forget that this week has been a very strong week for new stuff coming out. Any week that boasts new releases from Ty Segall, Bersarin Quartett and Parquet Courts should not be underestimated. So let’s, erm, estimate it with a round-up of all the stuff…

This week’s all important New Things That We Have™:

New music for future retro enthusiasts…..

  • Garage rocker Ty Segall covers corkscrew-haired flower children/glam-pounders T-Rex.
  • The new Bersarin Quartett is a must buy. Their layers of strings and distorted swells hit the correct spot. Shoulda been on Kranky.
  • Parquet Courts have created their very own take on ‘Metal Machine Music’. Future classic or terminal bewilderment?
  • Three (count ‘em) new things on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • Workin’ Man Noise Unit instruct us to play their noisy psych loud. We did but where are their p’s and q’s?
  • Heather Leigh (absolutely no relation to Phil -- let’s put that one to bed) releases worryingly titled new opus.
  • ‘90s charmers Butterfly Child are back with some LA crafted sunshine pop.
  • Ensemble Economique marry old and new Low with Dean Blunt and Nine Inch Nails. Nice family.
  • Zelienople make patient post-rock influenced music that slithers about.
  • Mind over Mirrors kindly give us kosmiche drones using the lesser-spotted Indian pedal harmonium.
  • New Zealander Tiny Ruins hooks up with New Zealander Hamish Kilgour (the Clean) for the best New Zealand supergroup since Flight of the Conchords/Crowded House.
  • There’s a heavyweight sonic collision from Scandinavian noise man Lasse Marhaug and sax honker Kristoffer Alberts.
  • Tom Carter of impossi-spell duo Charalambides releases what is surprisingly his first ever solo (ie completely on his own) album.
  • All I want for Christmas is a DVD made on iPhones by funny haired sludgers Melvins.
  • To save space there are also new records out by Yak, Mammut, Fufanu, Pleasure Leftist.


New editions of old records that bring the past back to life.

  • Bibio’s first album is now back out on Warp on lush double vinyl. This set the bar high for what we’ll call wobble-coustics.
  • Brilliant re-issue of Scottish post punk/funk from Boots for Dancing. Josef K meets Franz Ferdinand. Lost classic.  
  • Forward thinker of the week is the person who set the tape rolling to record these Velvet Underground live performances.
  • There’s some kind of Joy Division live album in. I read the description as saying it was recorded “moments before the death of Ian Curtis” but it said months.
  • The Nectarine no 9 saw ex Fire Engines bloke making grimy ‘90’s indie from the gutter.
  • I once asked a child whether he was ‘Second Toughest in the Infants’. He didn’t know what I was talking about.- he hadn’t even heard of Underworld.
  • Long running shoegaze/drone collective the Telescopes have all their early work collected at a snip.
  • Mark Lanegan fans! We know you are out there. You do want a massive big box of all his early albums for Christmas don’t you?
  • As we mentioned in the previous update Luaka Bop have re-issued everything William Onyeabor did….including that time he bought a flour mill.
  • Judy Dyble’s album of lost 70’s folk contains the most ear disturbing take on ‘See Emily Play’ you’ve ever heard.
  • Loads of Lee Hazlewood re-issues in. Some with moustache, some without.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He techno prisoners...

  • Classy dubbed out techno 12” EP from Lancashire hotpot A New Line (Related). Exclusive postcard.
  • Central Processing Unit prove they’re not actually human with an EP from Microlith.
  • DJ Sprinkles.
  • Trendy techno from Shift Work. Bet they had mullets in 2004. Remixes from Factory Floor and DVA Damas. Also on Houndstooth a tasty 10” from Akkord.
  • EPIC DeepChord ‘Ultraviolet Music’ 2CD.
  • LP of previously unreleased recordings from early avant electronic music bossman Guy Reibel. My beard grew a full 3-inches. I said beard.
  • Tarzana LP on Pacific City Sound Visions aka loveable weirdos Jan Anderzen (Kemialliset Ystävät) and Spencer Clark (The Skaters).
  • Smart nu-skool vaporwave tape from HKE / t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者.
  • EVOL ‘Opus 17a’ to crack your melon open.
  • Post-industrial ambience, rhythmic noise and sludgy concrète dub EP with fruit on the cover from SPR. (N.B eat your 5 portions a day, or you will die a slow and painful death).
  • 10” from Marmalade Village chap Jack Latham… oh sorry Jam City… duh!
  • FaltyDL ‘Visceral’ 12” on Ninja Tune. What does the DL stand for? Dirty Lover I’ll bet.
  • Who would win in a fight between super ambient drone tag-team Benoit Pioulard and Kyle Bobby Dunn as Perils VS Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen as Kiasmos? Not that we condone violence.
  • House and techno get splattered into a zillion pieces on Planet Mu with Herva at the controls.
  • Mind Over Mirrors ‘The Voice Calling’ LP on Immune - drone to the bone, man.
  • +++ Rocketnumbernine, Mr. TC 12” on Optimo Music, Roberto Clementi 12” on Echocord, Esteban Adame job with UR Remix, Gainstage 12” inc. Cut Hands and Orphan Swords mixes and probably others but I’m not doing all the bloody work for you.

Children’s corner

No Christmas records this week weirdly, so let’s see what is in stock for children…..

  • They Might Be Giants release their latest record for the children ‘Why?’ promises to answer all those tricky questions, such as why are dogs brown?
  • Some Argentinian children wrote poems and got a bad man to read them. Proceeds to charidee.
  • Slew of 12”s and compilation CD from SOPHIE. Buy ‘em for your 6 year old daughter.

….and that is your lot. For this week. So many things going on that we would be foolish to tempt you with next week’s stuff -- just watch the site, ok?

Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Kim, Ian and Nathon.


Top releases this week

Boots For Dancing
Gary Cook
Exoteric Continent
DJ Stingray 313
A New Line (Related)
Ty Segall
Lubomyr Melnyk
Lasse Marhaug & Kristoffer Alberts
HKE / t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
Mind Over Mirrors
Guy Reibel
Ensemble Economique
Bersarin Quartett
Black Bombaim
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

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