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The Weekly Update

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Last published: 4th February 2016

Record Of The Week

Ulrika Spacek - The Album Paranoia

Weekly roundup

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Thanks for reading down this far. Does anyone actually get to the end of these missives? You should try, it is packed with information about all this week’s releases as well as ‘hilarious asides’ and is completely Guy Garvey-free.   

On we go…...

New Things

Spanking new records that in time will either be forgotten or remembered…

  • Twisty turny clever clogs Field Music are at it again. They say they are the best thing to come out of Sunderland since Steve Cram.
  • They have big trousers and baggy tunes (or is it the other way around?). They are DIIV. They are brilliantly dreamy.
  • You will like this Eagle/Deer album. You will, You will. Think a dusty Joanna Newsom or Kate Bush left out in the sun for too long.
  • Epic and chill and woozy and Deerhunter-ish stuff from Ulrika Spacek.
  • Brooklyn’s Sunflower Bean are liked by Robin even more than he thought he could.
  • Sad electro poppers Porches win this week’s most moribund name.
  • Nap Eyes are quite possibly the new Lou Reed.
  • Summer Twins make the kind of sunny fuzzy pop that is simply unthinkable if you live in Pudsey.
  • Working For a Nuclear Free City mix up Beta Band style lop-pop, kraut-rock, 90’s dance into a sonic Angel Delight.
  • Spouter of worryingly right wing rhetoric and singer of sad songs Micah P Hinson is here alongside Nick Phelps for a ‘psych western’.
  • Three new things on Rocket from Mamuthones, Oneida and Capra Informis.
  • Blood Sport’s ‘Axe To The Root’ is an impossi-open but we are informed that it contains music which is “loud, hard and groovy”.
  • Josephine Foster wonders why there aren’t any lamps in the morning. Me neither.
  • Mass Gothic confirm Robin’s suspicions that indie pop albums are getting weirder.
  • Sad lads Junior Boys continue getting upset over electronic beats. Cue teary synths.
  • Look at this Terrascope compilation. Unreleased tracks from Ben Chasny, Bardo Pond,  Nick Nicely and even more.
  • The Prettiots don’t worry about death and war and stuff. ‘Fun’s Cool’ they say.
  • High Highs are as sparkly ‘80’s as a China Crisis LP left on the dash of a Ford Orion. ‘Cascades’ = lovely tune.
  • Deux Filles finds Simon Fisher Turner and Colin Lloyd Tucker posing unconvincingly as French girls but making woozy, ethereal soundtracks.
  • Fingers on chins, jazz-tronica clever boys GoGo Penguin release their ‘Man Made Object’.
  • Bjork ambient sheen and Colleen-styled loops on hubby and mrs duo Cross Record  


Watch elderly records getting slathered with youth salve.

  • Some of the most challenging music ever committed to tape  - not ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ by Elton John but AMM ‘AMMMUSIC’ (capitalisation theirs).
  • Crooked Fingers were Archers of Loaf singer Eric Bachmann (NOT of Bachmann Turner Overdrive) solo thang. Now re-vamped.
  • Folk picker Bert Jansch gets his gorgeous ‘Avocet’ re-issued with lithograph prints if you snaffle the vinyl.   
  • Early Moog dabblings from Mort Garson adapting tunes from the musical Hair.
  • Traditional music of some unknown culture (actually early ‘80’s LA) from Anna Homler and Steve Moshier.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He still be dancin’. Top hat and tails.  

  • Superb compilation 2LP of fresh, new, dark electronic dance music from South Africa: Gqom Oh! The Sound of Durban.
  • Hard, fuzzy edged, raw electronic hip-hop compatible beats from Hanz on Tri Angle.
  • 12” on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label from Cairo’s ZULI. It’s not all pyramids and camels in Egypt, man.
  • Subtext bossman Paul Jebanasam drops his second album.
  • LP of kooky, broken/ mangled electronica from Joane Skyler.
  • Epic Celer meditative bliss-out.
  • Seven inches of rude rave hybrids from House of Daggers.
  • Trippy ambient action from Italian Manuel Fogliata as Nuel on Further Records. Who needs drugs?
  • Posthumous LP of noiser gear from Joel Brindefalk aka Ü as Dionysian on iDEAL Recordings.
  • Dutch techno legend/ pioneer/ DJ wizard Orlando Voorn has an ace album of his hi-tech funk on Rush Hour.
  • Maoupa Mazzocchetti resuscitates electro-industrial plus also on Mannequin a dark Italo wave reissue from Effetto Joule with Flemming Dalum disco mix.
  • Byron The Aquarius lands on Sound Signature along with a bunch of Theo Parrish represses
  • House music from Palms Trax on Dekmantel, Lethrette on Ninja Tune and Jordan GCZ on No ‘Label’ in screen-printed sleeve.
  • Toresch bring some neo-industrial electronic jams to Offen Music.
  • Nest and Brambles CD’s redux on Serein.
  • Two things (count ‘em) on Denovali from Saffronkeira and Subheim.
  • Mathematical composition (God, it’s like being back at school) collides with studio experimentation on A Pleasure’s LP on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label.


Just because they are small we shouldn’t ignore them...

  • Back in 1995 we were nobbut a twinkle in Phil’s eye.  Had we existed we’d have probably stocked this Hood 7” which has now been released after a 21 year wait.
  • Palehound release some wiry, scratchy  indie called ‘Molly’. My mum’s dog is called Molly. Not quite so wiry.  
  • Juliet and the Raging Romeos are a leather clad garage rock ensemble.

There you go. We’re all off to have a wonderful, crazy night.


Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.


The Normanites this week were: Phil, Kim, Laurie, Ian and Nathon. Where’s the new guy?

Staff hero of the week: Ian

Staff dunce of the week: Robin


Top releases this week

Anna Homler and Steve Moshier
C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis
Ulrika Spacek
Micah P. Hinson & Nick Phelps
Working For A Nuclear Free City
Vic Mars
Cross Record
Josephine Foster
Game Theory
Stabat Stable
Joshua Bonnetta
Eddie Halliday

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