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The Weekly Update

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Last published: 27th October 2016

Record Of The Week

Carla dal Forno - You Know What It’s Like

Weekly roundup

Inane babble:

Here it is, then: the terrible periphery between October and November, when calender existentialism is at its highest, people start stressing about the structural integrity of their paper mache halloween costume, and also it’s raining sometimes. It’s a stressful time, so we want to do a really good job with this newsletter, because we like to make you happy. May these words about music be a radiator for your heart:

New records:

Quick -- care about them before someone else does.

  • Emo tenorists Battle Trance go very hard indeed.
  • Seabuckthorn strums and picks by the docks in new sidequest.
  • Apropos of halloween, Carla dal Forno hangs out with a ghost choir.
  • The new K’an is sorta like Dilla doing sound design. Or not. Just listen to it.
  • Steve, you weirdo”.
  • Ex-Fall and Blue Orchids man Martin Bramah gets lonely.
  • Toy make shoegaze with pebbles in their shoes. Troopers.
  • Complex: Laurie likes Soft Hair but also thinks they’re shit.
  • William Ryan Fritch has three names because he’s just that epic.
  • Joan as Policewoman are approved by Norman’s in-office Joan.
  • GAIKA hits Warp with some more industrial dancehall medleys.
  • Scotland told Michael Begg to make an album.
  • Norman Records holiday package: a cozy chair, an emotional Sunday and the Croque Madame album.
  • Plot twist: Lou Barlow is angry, but with a ukelele.
  • Barnaby Carter has a heartwarming name and makes warm music to boot.
  • Drake. Also, Drake. Finally, Drake.
  • We’ve got a couple of Home Normal drone cuddles via Altars Altars and Giulio Aldunicci.
  • Everything’s nice and I hope it rains. Also there’s this MayMay album.
  • This week’s post-punk babies are Belgrado.
  • Daniel Woolhouse asks this week’s best rhetorical question.
  • Oren Ambarchi throws his twentieth house party of the year. He’s an awful neighbour.
  • Mark Harris and the holier-than-thou JOHN 3:16 make an ambient thing.
  • It took a psych rock orchestra to get this Cosmic Range record into its element.
  • Norman stockroom guest-of-honour Anton Newcombe keeps it goth on the new BJM record.
  • Dystopian… occult... weird… stuff… from German Army.
  • Jamie accuses Minimal Man of not being Bucks Fizz on their seminal record. True.

What else is there to say? I suppose that there are two new EPs from Fujiya & Miyagi, why not, It could happen, there’s a 12” of not quite dance music from NDF that’s worth hearing, there’s another all-dude noise band with girl in their name called Girl Tears and there was literally a new Courteeners record this week. You have to face these things head on, but by way of apology we’ve also got showings from the Olympians, some shoegazing from Votaries and a Nico Muhly thing. He’s extremely sweet.


 Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

 “Needs more Lakker!”, he shouts as the school pantomime ends.

  • Ace Grebenstein EP on the ever reliable Downwards.
  • Ben Vida coaxes some creaking and croaking sounds from his machines plus some fine droning minimalism on Shelter Press.
  • Kassem Mosse takes a more free approach on his second proper full length.
  • Batch of Clan Destine tape bangers from Huren, L/F/D/M and Sean Pierce.
  • B12 come full circle and bounce back on Sheffield label Central Processing Unit.
  • PYUR has her debut album, dripping in sonic details, out on Hotflush.
  • DJ Stingray’s ‘Psyops for Dummies’ USB stick has made it to vinyl with a coupla extra tracks via Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? Label.
  • Strange synthetic sound-worlds on Editions Mego from Jung An Tagen aka Stefan Kushima etc.
  • Far out abstract electronics and squashed hip-hop from C ( Nika Son & F#X ) on VIS.
  • Crumpled up cruncher SPR job on Weevil Neighbourhood sounds dope.
  • Dice roller Peder Mannerfelt has done a bassy banger on Hinge Finger.
  • Deaf Center’s debut Pale Ravine expanded on double wax.
  • Nocturnal sci-fi, splintered electronics on Type from Insha.
  • Last handful of Jesse Osborne Lanthier tapes on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil imprint.
  • You down for some sine waves, pal? Vasco Alves is.
  • Conrad Schnitzler’s archives get trawled.
  • EVOL acid squelching brain damagers on Diagonal.
  • Tasty pair on Berceuse Heroique from Mei Tahat and Jorge Velez.
  • Trap mutations from Silk Road Assassins.


A fair few of these adorable LP puppies in this week, from the likes of psychedelic pals the Lovely Eggs, for whom two songs is pushing it, the reliably unforgivable Slaves, for whom no songs is a triumph, and an actually good jangle outfit known as the Sticks. Enjoy a one-man attempt at Pet Sounds from No Monster Club, a bit of Liminanas, the final disdainful missive of Good Throb and the karaoke house of the Rhythm Method.


And that, as far as I’m concerned, is that. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: listen to all of these records. Wake us up when you’re done. Don’t. Let us sleep.

Words by Robin with bleep bloops from Ant.

The Normanites this week were Laurie, Kim, Phil, Jamie and dream pop malcontent Ian.

 Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Fine folks”.

Top releases this week

Oren Ambarchi
Olafur Arnalds
Stefano Gentile | Gigi Masin
Sean Pierce
Kassem Mosse
Jesse Osborne Lanthier
Ben Vida
C ( Nika Son & F#X )
Jung An Tagen
Silver Apples
Giulio Aldinucci
Steve Hauschildt
Rook Vallade
Vasco Alves

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