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The Weekly Update

Our round-up of the week's news, reviews, and best releases. Published every Friday.

Last published: 6th March 2015

Weekly roundup 6th March 2015

As the bare-branched trees outside the ex-council flat we call home sway in the breeze, we reflect on the thing we know at the Towers as a ‘week’. A week where we changed Phil’s name to Max for one day only (it didn’t improve things). A week where we received more Broadcast records into stock than we could shake a stick at. Ah...the Broadcast re-issue programme. If ever there was a campaign invented with Norman Records in mind this was it.  'Work And Non Work', 'The Noise Made By People', 'HaHa Sound', 'Tender Buttons','The Future Crayon' and 'Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age' are all out again on vinyl and shipping this week. Buy one...or perhaps even buy them all? Finally, you wait years for an Aphex Twin record and then three emerge almost at once. You can pre-order the latest, the catchily titled ‘MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96’, right now. ONE PER CUSTOMER, please.

A couple of bits of info for you before we plod on with the rest of the week's releases. Did you know you can now check the status of your order and look up known delays to stock on our new Where Is My Order? page. Well, it’s true. And here are Brian's latest Stockroom Finds, including lots of amazing items that have been sat there unloved and uncherished in the darkest recesses of our stock room...  

On with the show….

  • Smoothie, beardy Matthew E White is back with a second album of his mumble-soul.
  • York noise-mongers Fawn Spots have made “a ferocious wind tunnel of a punk album” says a 9/10 wielding Robin.
  • Kind of Like Spitting bring emotionally fraught punk emo about university accommodation and feeling sad.  
  • Guerilla Toss veer between fluorescent, universe-shifting jazz punk and and obnoxious mess on ‘Gay Disco’.
  • Two new ‘live at 3rd Man’ recordings by Benjamin Booker and Parquet Courts.
  • Keath Mead re-defines the spelling of the name Keith whilst making some Big Star-like power pop.
  • Permanent Fatal Error produce folk rock with Elephant 6 trickery on Secret Furry Hole.
  • 70s folk meets 90s electronica in the world of The Woodbine and Ivy Group.
  • There’s a richly produced album from Marc Almond in on vinyl.
  • Haust take the genre of black metal and mess with it a bit.
  • There’s plenty of glacial Vini Reilly styled guitar pieces on Jonny Nash’s gorgeous ‘Exit Strategies’...  
  • ...and some dissipating drone textures from Danny Clay on Hibernate.
  • Jason Corder was here last week as Juxta Phona and now he’s back making flawlessly produced, ethereal ambient music as Offthesky.
  • Show off to yer mates about how brooding you can be with the ethereal new album from Ekca Liena.
  • There’s a ‘Psych Tribute to the Rolling Stones’. Do we need to pay tribute to them? Well The KVB, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Clinic, Cheval Sombre think so and who are we to argue?
  • The original Run the Jewels album is back in on green splattered vinyl.
  • Mike Shiflet and High Aura’d improvise lovely walls of sonic mass on Type.



  • Legowelt -  the hardest working man in show business - returns with 4 cuts of his signature cosmic house and techno mutations.
  • Blondes confused the hell out of Clint who couldn’t work out which order the Huerco C, Claro Intelecto and Function remixes went.
  • Pearson Sound makes a 9 track album of intense and compulsive bass-heavy experimental techno that makes sense to an old mash-head like Brian.
  • Ekoplekz is at his most meditative and melody-centric on new 12” on Planet Mu.
  • Powell produces another 12” of grin-inducing playful techno that makes you wish you were on drugs.  
  • Russell Haswell and ex Whitehouse gob Philip Best make extreme electronic music as Consumer Electronics.
  • Vatican Shadow releases an abridged version of the 6 x cassette ‘Death is Unity With God’.
  • The Automatics Group have taken a load of commercial dance music abominations, fed them into the computer, pressed the button marked ‘make sound like Gas/Basic Channel’.
  • Icelandic electronic artist Ozy fuses ambient, dub techno and deep, warm, late night electronica.  
  • Three full on slammers of industrial techno racket plus a Regis remix. on Stave ‘After the Social’.
  • Finally there’s a rather bliss-inducing LP of hazy techno from James Place which impresses our Jim.



  • ‘The Wrong Man’ is a score of Bernard Hermann's from the 1965 Hitchcock film. Nothing to do with the similarly-named James Corden vehicle.
  • The virtually un-Googleable Nature make pure ‘92 era psych rock.
  • Three separate re-issues on terrifying noise label Urashima including Jason Crumer, Climax Denial and The Rita. Lock up your ears.
  • Aine O’Dwyer plays with a massive organ on ‘Music for Church Cleaners’ re-issue which expands on the original cassette.
  • Fans of Conrad Schnitzler, Mauricio Bianci and Tangerine Dream could do worse than check out Giancarlo Toniutti’s ‘La Mutazione’


And finally on 7” Free School’s hook-laden instrumental bliss, Barringtone’s deconstructed avant-pop, indie big hitters the Vaccines,  DIY pop punkers Asylums and young modern day Brit-poppers The Ends.


We don’t normally have a book section but we’re mavericks  - we like to break the rules. We have in stock ‘Grammar Wanker’ a book of lyrics by sharp-dressed Sleaford Mods barker Jason Williamson. Sample lyric ‘Toilet, Toilet, Toilet, Toilet, Toilet, Toilet’. Marvellous.

That’s it for this week. We wish you all a wonderful weekend.  

Words = Clinton
Work = Everyone Else

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Kind Of Like Spitting
Fawn Spots
Giancarlo Toniutti
Pearson Sound
Jonny Nash
Mike Shiflet & High Aura'd
James Place
Sonny Simmons & Moksha Samnyasin
Ekca Liena
Damian Anache
Matthew E. White
Permanent Fatal Error
Danny Clay

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