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Last published: 17th April 2015

Weekly roundup 17th April 2015

One sleep to go then it’s the day we’ve been dreading but which for many of you is Christmas part II.  Yes, it’s Record Store Day tomorrow. We’ll be open from 8am (yikes!) and will close at around 2pm. To attempt to prevent eBay and Discogs flippers we are limiting purchases to 15 items per customer, we have ample free parking, and we are serving coffee and cakes. These are the only reasons we can think of for you to choose us over our more glamorous city centre neighbours (and on that point, good luck to both Jumbo and Crash tomorrow!). Full details of the day, including our bang-up-to-date stock list, can be seen here. And for all of you not able to attend, we will be selling remaining stock in store all next week and then online from one minute past midnight next Saturday morning (24th). Good luck!

However, there are still plenty of well good releases out this week so this is an opportunity for us to tell you all about them. The big one is by Manchester sludgers Gnod but ol’ difficult arse himself Squarepusher has a new impossi-listen album out for those of you with experimental ears. Oh, and legendary beards Built to Spill are back.

Also out now

  • Big Business feature two members of the Melvins. Is it the one with the hair?
  • Heavily-bearded noisy whiners Built to Spill are back with more skyscraping guitar pop.
  • Alabama Shakes’ new album is in stock in limited edition clear vinyl with etching and bonus 7”.
  • Gnod’s new album is more like a social experiment with the hypothesis “Can you listen to Gnod for three straight hours?”
  • Bill Fay once suffered from the nightmare that affects many musicians; not being listened to. Luckily people are now paying attention to his plaintive, ornate pop.
  • Speedy Ortiz are too chill to be Pavement. They are relaxed, man. Yet they destroy like Unwound.
  • My Panda Shall Fly creates abstract airy electro tracks for your delectation.
  • The man they call the depressed Joe Cocker (ok, ok the man I call the depressed Joe Cocker) Mark Everett aka Eels releases a hit-starved live performance at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Grey Hairs are people from Lords, Cult of Dom Keller, etc. writing jubilant and shouty noise-rock.  
  • Feverdreamt make dreamy, krauty music for motorways.
  • Fenham residing noise veterans Zoviet France have brought out that lesser-spotted musical format, a flexidisc.
  • Joyous indie-rockers Passion Pit have a new album out - it marries the melodies of One Direction to the ear hurting shrillness of Merzbow.
  • NERDS!! Game of Thrones Season 3 soundtrack is in on blood splattered vinyl.
  • Just in this morning is the new album from Lightning in a Twilight Hour which is ex Field Mice guy Bobby Wratten and pals.


Lots of good electronica records out this week. They don’t care about RSD because they are from the future….

  • “Like someone wandering around a clock factory with a dictaphone stuffed into his underpants”. Ant on Bellows.
  • The Boats are Andrew and Craig but not Andrew from A New Line (Related), Andrew from Bepu. Craig used to collaborate with Andrew but now collaborates with Andrew instead. Aaanyway, their new album ‘Abstraction’ continues their journey towards harsh unforgiving sounds with all the melancholy, beauty and longing thickly applied.  Just 300 copies.
  • Green Gums feature Factory Floor and L/F/D/M folks and make dysfunctional club cuts.
  • Triac are on Line Records. You know what that means…. highly processed digital ambience.
  • This collaboration by Berlin music collective Automat and minimal techno architect Max Loderbauer looks well good.


Check Record Store Day for the main ones but there are also these….


  • In news that could be described as ‘surprising’, pint sized electronic prankster Max Tundra has produced a comeback single for turn of the millenium pop flops Daphne and Celeste.
  • Punky band full of ladies Pins come back with a single in conjunction with luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Man band Sleaford Mods have their ‘My Jolly Fecker 7” re-pressed. On orange vinyl this time.
  • They may look like a bunch of off-duty primary school teachers on an after work get together but…..oh…..The School make lush summer-ready indie-pop twee.


  • Dog Legs are scuzzy buzzsaw punkers with a tape which will cost you less than some ‘food’ from KFC.
  • Tomaga make things with tape hiss and blissful slow-mo synth chords that echo early sci-fi films.
  • Art of the Memory Palace give us a kraut-synth rockfest. Serious jamming  -analogue style.

Now there’s something we’re supposed to be doing this weekend but we can’t remember what.  Don’t worry, it will come back to us by Monday. Have a great one & hopefully see a few of you bright and early tomorrow morning.

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Top releases this week

Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe & Ariel Kalma
My Panda Shall Fly
Alva Noto
Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Built To Spill
Green Gums
The Boats
Speedy Ortiz
Christina Carter
Bill Fay
Art of The Memory Palace
:zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
Grey Hairs
Big Business

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