It's time for Clint's very charming weekly update! Also: a new podcast by Jon Brooks.

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The Weekly Update

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Last published: 27th March 2015

Weekly roundup 27th March 2015

As I sit writing this it’s Tuesday. It will be Friday by the time you read it, so this comes with the proviso that if in the meantime we’ve all been killed then any inappropriate lightheartness and humour is purely unintentional - we’re sorry.

It’s been a MASSIVE (so big that I’ve had to put it in capitals) week at the towers with ENORMOUS new albums from some of the biggest names in rock. You may know all about stellar new attempts from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sufjan Stevens but did you know that our very own Public House imprint have re-issued Advisory Circle head Jon Brooks ‘Music For Thomas Carnacki’ in a limited edition of 300 copies? Get it now or be upset for the rest of your life.  

And, as ever, there’s plenty of other stuff you should ensure you don’t ignore. Let’s take a look through shall we?

Out now

  • Clint (...oh hang on that’s me) is the most miserly reviewer in our midst but he’s just gone and awarded the freewheeling folk of Ryley Walker’s second album a rare as hen's ears* 10/10.   
  • Benoit Pioulard (Tom to his mates) has a new album of textural explorations and warm undulating melody in the racks.
  • The Soft Moon is back with another melancholic wasteland of cold synth and post-punk.
  • Excitable popsters The Go Team get ready for summer with and album of pure, unadulterated joy. File under: bubbly.
  • Weep yourself stupid by picking up the new Bjork album on vinyl.
  • Happiness make lo-fi pop like it’s 1996.
  • Enablers play Slint-like math rock and add plain speaking poetry.
  • York’s Wolf Solent is a one man psych-pop machine. He drops his second EP this week.   
  • Component no4 release a new album on Wayside and Woodland of rain lashed Brit/Synth.


  • Cantaloupe make fun synth pop like a hard partying Vessels.
  • Rejoice, lovers of filth, Bugs & Rats have made a  loud, sludgy thing.
  • Cath and Phil Tyler are more Benwell than Virginia but still evoke an appalachian spirit.
  • Quirky They Might Be Giants-like drum machine pop from Jerry Paper (aka the guy from Beach Fossils).
  • Hannah Cohen proves that there’s no bottom in the Bella Union blandness well.
  • Ol’ funny head Ron Sexsmith releases another album of carefully crafted pop music. The world keeps spinning.
  • Young Guv writes for the stars but his debut slab of vinyl is more power pop than Kate Perry.
  • Alt country veteran Simon Joyner returns with a lilting new album on Woodsist.
  • Former Portico Quartet lot Portico release a new album on Ninja Tune. They are hoping we like their new direction.
  • Francis Macdonald who drums with Teenage Fanclub releases ‘Music For String Quartet, Piano & Celeste’ which does what it says on the sleeve.
  • Follakzoid release the self explanatory ‘III’ stretching out their doomy twisted soundscapes.
  • Noisy men Lightning Bolt haven’t calmed down with age. Their new album ‘Fantasy Empire’ is a caustic tunnel of noise/sludge.


  • The Boats' chap Beppu lets the machines take over on the second in his trilogy of LPs.
  • A collection of pure ambient tones and wandering field recordings on the self descriptive Shimmering Moods label by gasansui
  • Stotty is back with a couple of re-presses. Two of his early LPs have now been re-issued on Modern Love.
  • John Talabot is here for those who like a bit of deep melody in their house and techno.
  • German sound experimentalist Florian Hecker teams up with Turner Prize winning multidisciplinary artist Mark Leckey.
  • For those like me who can’t sleep. Two beautiful, sumptuous ‘Meditations’ compilations on the self-describing Shimmering Moods label. Edition of 125 copies in exquisite packaging.  Makes bedtime a more peaceful place.
  • Also on Shimmering Moods a collection of pure ambient tones and wandering field recordings by gasansui.
  • Fort Romeau create pulsating bleepy house tones.
  • Donato Dozzy and Anna Caragnano make a record based around the manipulated voice of the latter.  
  • Here’s some crushing industrial post punk and techno from Akatombo.
  • Detroit minimal techno legend Plastikman has one of his tracks taken in four directions by several colleagues.  


  • Not a re-issue as such but a re-press. Mac Demarco's ‘Salad Days’ is back in at last. Apols to everyone who's had to wait on this one!
  • Remember when Merchandise were good? The re-issue of ‘(Strange Songs) In the Dark’ might help blot out all memories of their last album.
  • Tigercats's debut of jaunty twee-pop gets a timely re-issue
  • Jozef Van Wissem’s disconcerting and volatile score to ‘Partir to Live’ has a nice vinyl re-issue on Sacred Bones complete with DVD.


  • El-g are pick of the pops this week with a lovely, eerie single of beguiling pluckings and whispered French vocals.  
  • Hailbails hail(ha!) from Leeds and are a hillbilly/rockabilly outfit featuring top notch guitar plucker Michael Rossiter in their midst.
  • Jacco Gardner is back with some superlative dreamy psych pop.
  • Mountains release a sure-to-be-sought-after 7” as part of the You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever series. Beautiful wistful driftiness
  • Indie folk lovely lady Jane Weaver appears on a split 7” with label mate Welsh person Tender Prey.

Words started by Clinton, finished by Robin
All work done by Everyone Else

* How rare? A quick scan of the reviews database reveals that out of 3,827 (!) reviews Clint has previously awarded full marks to precisely two records: EIAFUAWN's Birds In The Ground and Warm Widow's Widower. And even that was marked up from an original 9/10, if memory serves.

Top releases this week

Jon Brooks
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Sufjan Stevens
Fort Romeau
Wolf Solent
Andy Stott
The Soft Moon
Benoit Pioulard
John Talabot
Andy Stott
Simon Joyner
Bugs and Rats
Jacco Gardner

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