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The Weekly Update

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Last published: 28th April 2016

Record Of The Week

Brian Eno - The Ship

Weekly roundup

Thursday April 28th 2016 

So after last week’s melee let’s get back to telling you about all the wonderful records that can be bought at any time of day or night. Lashings of good stuff out this week, so without further ado, let’s list.

The General Round-up Of Good New Sound

Top new sounds for your turntable…..

  • Dome-headed ambient pioneer Brian Eno unleashes the rather scary but rather good ‘The Ship’.
  • Party guys Melt Yourself Down produce a fun time record for your ‘Last Evening on Earth’.
  • King Gizzard and His Wizard Lizard are back after their two second hiatus with some hard rock.
  • The Dave Harrington Group are like the Dave Matthews Band if they went on some twiddle prog trip. F*ck art, let’s Dave.
  • Chocolate-voiced songster Adam Green returns with the soundtrack of his re-work of ‘Aladdin’.
  • In other ‘green’ news we have the debut long player from Manchester folk collagists Wintergreen.
  • Kyle Craft has interesting hair and a large voice… or the other way round.
  • “Vague platitudes, anonymous choruses, and the most ineffectual frontman of all time” -- Robin assesses the latest from his childhood favourites Travis.
  • In the latest ‘Tim’ news Tim Kinsella of Joan of Arc issues his weird math acoustic wanderings.
  • The Jayhawks new album provides shards of Byrdsy jangle to cushion the ears of old people like me.
  • Your enjoyment of Doomsquad depends on how well you cope with the words Toronto-based art project. Guest players from the twin f*cks-  Holy F*ck and F*cked Up.
  • Greys won’t win any band name of the year competition but they do angular pop punk pretty fine.
  • Antwon sets equality back as he strains every sinew looking for a lady pal.
  • Petra Hayden covers the Who ‘Sell Out’ in it’s entirety. Please don’t ask why.
  • Hilariously-monikered Michigan folks Pity Sex have Robin hanging onto their every mutter.
  • Sun Araw presented their space dub hippy shit to an audience. Someone taped it.

And there’s more from the likes of Johnny Marr offspring Man Made, psych lads New Madrid, impressive psych collagists Horse Lords, Berlin-centric piano ensemble The Still (feat Chris Abrahams of the Necks), Kid Millions reworking Harry Taussig, Om Unit resurrecting his early beat experiments as 2Tall, whilst Misty Miller upsets her mum.

The Round Up Of Old Sound Renewed:

They've just rebadged it, you fool!

  • Now in on vinyl experience the music ‘n’ mouth diarrhoea combination that is Jesu/Sun Kil Moon.
  • Ohwoaowowwhwhwwhahhh Wahh Wahh hWooaoh Woaaah! It’s the Heads!
  • Loads of re-issues coming out on Domino soon. This week we have Robert Wyatt, Four Tet and Cass McCombs.
  • There seems to be re-issues from former Field Mice folks Trembling Blue Stars and basically the same people  Lightning in a Twilight Hour.
  • Ezra Furman gets his ‘The Day of No Returning’ re-waxed.
  • Underpants! Some obscure John Foxx B sides have been vinylized.
  • Not often we get a record in from someone from Manfred Mann in stock but today is that day with Mike Vickers soundtrack to ‘Dracula’ on Death Waltz.  
  • Remember CDs? ‘Another Splash of Colour’ is a 3CD set documenting the glory years of ‘80’s British psych pop with the likes of the Cleaners from Venus and Nic Nicely leading the tie-dye charge.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He eats techno….and he’s split his round up into three sections. This is some next level sh*t.

New Music Bonanza:

  • Detroit/ Berlin techno lords Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald (also yet to be consumed by music legend death syndrome) back for seconds on Tresor.
  • NHK yx Koyxen aka Kouhei Matsunaga limited white label 12” of skewed techno on L.I.E.S.
  • From Net Labels to Planet Mu: The Antwood Success Story.
  • Third hit from FaltyDL’s ongoing ‘Mean Streets’ series on Swamp 81. What’s a Mook?
  • Bass music instigators Horsepower Productions back on the scene.
  • Murcof x Wagner get all minimal. Soon they’ll be nothing left of them.
  • Max D ‘Boost’ LP… soon to be followed by “Twix” EP (chocolate joke). Plus Will DiMaggio limited one-sided jazzy houser - both on Future Times.
  • Proving that Nathon’s aren’t just good at web stuff, Nathan Melja with some cool French house and electronics.
  • Epic ambient offering from Ian Martin and darker ambient from Sapphirine Phlant. 50 copies, handmade packaging on Shimmering Moods.
  • Tons more including; Submerse on Project: Mooncircle, Assar + Four Legs on Born Free, Call Super on Dekmantel, Zemi17 on The Bunker New York, Bruce, Virginia on Ostgut Ton.

Electronic Repress Corner:

Electronic Archive Centre:

  • Cracking Jean Schwarz LP on Recollections GRM. Warning: Avoid listening if you don’t want to involuntarily sprout an instant beard.
  • Stonking Egyptian Lover 4LP box set on Stones Throw. Rammed with classic oldskool hip-hop/ electro booty bouncers.
  • New old Jega tracks - finally in on wax courtesy of good ole’ Skam.
  • Dennis Young of punk funkers Liquid Liquid loved a good twiddle back in the 80’s.
  • New age ambient wizard J.D. Emmanuel 3LP of  ‘Electronic Minimal Music’ plus chakra pleasing Ariel Kalma reissues.
  • Workdub cuts from the late 80’s resurrected on Music From Memory.
  • Whopping ‘Close To The Noise Floor - Formative UK Electronica 1975 - 1985’ 4CD box set on Cherry Red inc. Throbbing Gristle, John Foxx, Colin Potter, Thomas Leer, Chris & Cosey, Muslimgauze etc.
  • Cristian Vogel classics remastered on Sub Rosa. Some ace oldies on there.

Tape That (the new name for Tape corner):

You’d be a ‘spool’ not to buy these. Heh.

That’s it for the week. Please remember that in this freezing land we have a May Day Bank Holiday on which I think we are supposed to twirl around a pole. In any case it means we won’t be here on Monday so apologies if things will take a little longer to ship out. Please rest assured we will work any frost bitten fingers we have left to the bone on Tuesday.

Until then…. Dilly Ding Dilly Dong.

Words by Clint and Ant. Some words lifted from text originally scribed by Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & his mansplain-ette Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“You send me a tape full of feedback. I send you a message full of feedback. Solid work.”

Top releases this week

Nathan Melja
The Jayhawks
The Still
Kane Ikin
Adam Green
Pity Sex
Egyptian Lover
Melt Yourself Down
Caroline K
Squadra Blanco
Sand Circles
Brian Eno
Steve Nolan
John Williams
Joep Beving
M. Ostermeier
Model 500

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