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The Weekly Update

Our round-up of the week's news, reviews, and best releases. Published every Thursday. Get yours by email here.

Last published: 11th February 2016

Record Of The Week

WOO - Awaawaa

Weekly roundup

Wait up, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. No need to thank us all at once. If you are feeling lonely though you can always cheer yourself up with a record to help while away the hours. It’s been a  mammoth week here at the towers so there are loads of them to choose from. This is going to be a bumper update. You ready?

New Things

Spanking new records that in time will either be forgotten or remembered.

  • Electric Eye are psych people from Norway. Distorting. Hypnotising. Warping.
  • Good Willsmith aren’t the actor guy but are drone pranksters who make odd loops, icy synths and disparate voices.
  • Low-voiced Gold Class make post-punk like they were from Northern Britain.
  • Hilariously monikered shoegazers Winkie make another right racket. No guitars.
  • The Wave Pictures ‘A Season in Hull’ was not made in Hull but in London. Hull 0 London 1.
  • Sharp and funky synth pop from Breakbot.  
  • NZCA Lines party like we did in 2013 when listening to Metronomy.
  • Here’s the latest psych rock epic from All Them Witches.
  • James Newton Howard’s soundtrack to the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Nightcrawler is in on either cherry cola or streetlamp yellow coloured vinyl.
  • Bees. Great aren’t they? Who wouldn’t want a bee as a gift. Or you could buy ‘One’ LP by Be which imagines the British summertime as heard by the bee. Actually do bees have ears?  
  • The Pheromoans are a lop-sided English pop band. On their latest they add squiggly synths into the equation.  
  • Luminous pitch black psych rock haze from Bremen.
  • Always nice to have a new Woo. This is a collection of lost tunes from the years 1975 to 1982.
  • Elephant 6 sunshine pop from long running funsters Dressy Bessy.  
  • In surprising news, insurance guy Iggy Pop gets together with Tarwater and Alva Noto for a collaborative 12”.  


Loads of ‘em this week. The past is still good.

  • Wild power pop with experimental bits and amazing hair. ‘Lolita Nation’ Scott Miller’s bonkers high water mark with Game Theory is now re-issued.
  • It wails, it screeches, it’s White Hills debut  - re-booted with two bonus tracks.
  • Underground synthesizer shenanigans from the 1980s from Mystery Plane on Color Tapes.
  • Manchester post punkers Manicured Noise weird punk funk re-pressed.
  • There may be room in your life for crooning shoegaze group Breathless whose 1989 record ‘Blue Moon’ is worth listening to if you like This Mortal Coil.
  • Spider King were around at the time when northern post-punk got really funky.  
  • Mohammad’s early proto cello drone LP ‘Roto Vildblomma’ gets a limited CD re-issue of just 111 copies.
  • Loads and loads of Italian Library music has been re-issued on Sonar Music Editions.
  • The Leaf label continue their re-issue campaign with re-badges for classic records from A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Efterklang, Melt Yourself Down and Asa Chang and Junray.
  • The highly anticipated anthology from unique soul singer Gloria Ann Taylor is in stock.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He does the hokey-cokey. And that isn't drug slang.

  • Volume 2 of Detroit allround good guy Mike Huckaby’s tracks done on the Waldorf Wave synth
  • Cardopusher in proper Chicago style acid house shocker!
  • Repress of the gorgeous Fit Siegel ‘Carmine’ 12” on FIT - pure Motor City techno soul
  • Raw, bumpin’ house trax from Casio Royale on Glasgow’s Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
  • Fabrizio Rat transforms a piano into a synthesizer and groove machine on Optimo Trax
  • Icy modern synth pop/ cold wave LP from Visonia
  • Irish techno/ industrial gloom assault from Whirling Hall of Knives with remix from the mighty Talker
  • Fresh from a 12” on The Trilogy Tapes Don’t DJ has a limited hand-stamped job in die-cut sleeve with poster
  • Ultra limited Japanese acid house 10” action from ZZZ featuring HIBAHIHI
  • Quality sci-fi electro 12” from Morphology on the ever reliable Central Processing Unit
  • Belgian sounding - but actually Italian producer Not Waving’s album on Diagonal fits the labels techno /EBM aesthetic like a leather glove
  • Punishing 2LP of brutal ear shredding power electronics/ industrial racket from Kerridge on Downwards, plus a 12” from SØS Gunver Ryberg on his Contort label
  • Futuristic glitchy sound collage from Ling on Visionist’s PAN x Codes
  • Limited 100 copies sexy Frak / Heatsick double cassette
  • Reissue of Final Cut’s ‘Deep Into the Cut’ album from 1989 - Detroit industrial techno EBM produced by Jeff Mills!
  • Imaginary Forces lands on Type as Basic Rhythm bringing the ‘ardcore
  • Imagine partaking in a night of debauchery at Berghain from the comfort of your own home with this pair of 12”s on Ostgut Ton from S/D / Norman Nodge / Boris and Marcel Dettmann / Efdemin / Kobosil
  • Loads more 12”s from the like of Cleveland on Hivern, Shamos on Apron, December / Kaumwald split on In Paradisum, Chunky on 81, Tapan on WT (for deep and moody waistoids and freaks only!) etc.


Tiny little records you could put in a massive pocket.

  • Pinkshinyultrablast continue to take shoegaze to the stadiums with the first fruits of their new LP. On ‘mermaid’ colour vinyl.
  • Thee Oh Sees unleash a stand-alone 7” recorded in the same sessions as the recent ‘Mutilator’ sessions.
  • Indie from Exeter and indie from Munich, together at last with Muncie Girls and Sandlotkids.

There you go. Just for fun you can help us name the new Guided by Voices album if you like? we’ll see you again once the weekend is over.


Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Kim, Laurie, Ian and Nathon.

Coming soon: new guy.

Top releases this week

Frak / Heatsick
Fit Siegel
Good Willsmith
White Hills
Electric Eye
Not Waving
Anna Homler and Steve Moshier
C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis
Ulrika Spacek
Micah P. Hinson & Nick Phelps
Working For A Nuclear Free City

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