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The Weekly Update

Our round-up of the week's news, reviews, and best releases. Published every Friday Thursday. Get yours here.

Last published: 1st October 2015

Weekly roundup 1st October 2015

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Anyway, let’s get on with this week’s stuff, which has arrived in big boxes carried by big men.

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • People enjoy the Cardinal Fuzz label right? Well there’s three new releases this week by Minimai Deutch, Dead Sea Apes and a catch-all Liverpool Psych Fest compilation.
  • Acid Mothers Temple celebrate their 500000th name variation with some longform psychedelia.
  • Hey Colossus play silly riffs and swirling synths. Robin comes for the psych, stays for the pudding.
  • Good news. Editors are back.
  • There’s a new one from Mercury Rev. A kettle drum on every bar or your money back.
  • Steve Hauschildt is on relay race between melody and abstraction. Robin awards him a very rare 10/10 for his trouble.
  • Swirly janglers Horsebeach have a new one out. Unfocused but nice sounding and it’s nice to be nice, isn’t it?
  • Last week we have Girl Band (men) this week we have Girls Names (men and woman). They play kind of new wave post-punk these days.
  • Glen Hansard played the creepy guy in ‘Once’, and here’s the new record from the Frames and Swell Season bloke.
  • Matt Valentine made a solo record earlier in the year with his pals. Now he’s back with his wife as MV+EE.
  • Spindly post-punkers Shopping are back with their second album and you can win a screen print. Simply order it!  
  • There’s been a lot of flute about this week. None more so than in this Dungen album. Soft prog pop also with mellotrons.
  • Stanley Brinks, who was once a Herman Dune, gets everyone to sing along on a strummy album I’ve described as ‘harmless’. On camel coloured vinyl.
  • Absolutely loads of stuff in on Feeding Tube records. We’re too ‘tired’ to list it so view here.
  • Dralms are like a less sexy Air and a more sexy the Antlers. Or the other way round, I can’t remember.
  • Elephant9 make a right royal prog mess with Dungen guitarist pal Reine Fiske. Hard to believe they were once allowed on the BBC.
  • We’ve all been waiting for there to be a Brighton-based power pop equivalent to Nirvana and now Demob Happy are here to satisfy our craving.
  • Two big hitting ambient collabs in town. William Basinski hooks up with Richard Chartier and Nils Frahm buddies up with Olafur Arnalds
  • I don’t know what ‘Kiddy Pool Dreams’ are but hoping Russian nu-gazers Pinkshinyultrablast haven’t gone all “kiddy stare” on us.
  • Thee Cee Cees become the 487000th band to prefix their name with ‘thee’.
  • The Master Musicians of Bukkake have suggested you play their new album at the same time as their old one.
  • Alexandre Desplat’s ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2’ is out on vinyl. It’s from a film apparently.


  • Awwww, ‘Pillows and Prayers’  - the best (and sometimes the worst) of the early ‘80s indie scene. Now on 2 x CD.
  • Psychedelic jazz sax botherer Kamasi Washington gets his ‘The Epic’ re-unleashed on 3LP on Brainfeeder natch).
  • Carol King’s band The City have their harmony laden ‘60s pop re-discharged on Light in the Attic.
  • Celer’s succinctly titled ‘How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I've been a liar all my life’ is now in on vinyl.
  • Lamb’s ‘Fear of Fours’ gets a vinyl re-issue.
  • Dust to Digital pick out fourteen rare 78rpm records containing vigorous traditional reed music and issue it on their ‘Excavating Shellac’ series.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He has an ear like a traction engine…

  • Laurel Halo’s third album ‘In Situ’ is a refreshing blast of nuanced, organic sounding electronic music on Honest Jon’s.
  • Gigi Masin’s private-press ambient LP ‘Wind’ from 1986 has been lovingly remastered from the original tapes.
  • Jackin’ Chicago flavoured acid house 12” action from Gesloten Cirkel on Murder Capital.
  • Zillionth Legowelt record ‘Laundromat of Your Mind’ 12” on Bakk comes with screen-printed inner sleeve. Posh that for a 12” like.
  • 180g vinyl 3x12” set from Italian duo Simbiosi on Werkdiscs in screen-printed mailer. 14 cuts exploring techno and hardcore.
  • The latest Music From Memory unearthing has them dig up early 80’s home recordings from Michel Turtle. 10/10 for his surname. Oh plus the Joel Graham 12” on the label finally arrived and all.
  • There’s a 2CD/2LP compilation on some label called Ghostbox. You know the one. Featuring the likes of The Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, The Focus Group, Pye Corner Audio, John Foxx etc. Yeah that lot.
  • Triplet of 12”s from the label in the desert; Dubai’s Bedouin Records with Imaginary Forces (including Roly Porter Remix), Healing Force Project and Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio.
  • What’s all this about shady drums and svelte bass work? It must be that that Call Super fella’s 12” on Houndstooth.
  • Hand-stamped white label 12” from PAN superstar Lee Gamble in techno mode. Boom chk, boom chk, boom.
  • L.I.E.S. bossman Ron Morelli returns to Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions for the chilling ‘A Gathering Together’. Keep a fresh pair of pants handy.
  • Blackest Ever Black cobble together a bunch of Regis goodies. The Birmingham techno don -  not the chain of fashionable high street hairdressers.
  • The Pinkcourtesyphone (Richard Chartier) LP on Important Records is pretty in pink.
  • Future Sound of London’s “great lost album” ‘Environments’ is in on wax.
  • 6-track EP of highly percussive techno from Randomer with his ‘Kid’s Play’ 12” on L.I.E.S.
  • Robert Hood presents Floorplan much needed repress of the man’s disco edits 12”  ‘Funk Souls’ Rush Hour.

7 inches of desperation:

Leicester boys Lusts are produced by that Steve Lillywhite of psych rock MJ of Hookworms, Karate do an odd thing  - they re-issue a 7”... with bonus tracks. I’ve written the words ‘thing’ and ‘shit’ but what I think I meant to say is that there’s a Shit and Shine/The Thing split 7” out on Trost who also unleash one by Joe McPhee and Raymond Boni. Really liked the Allusondrugs blast of power pop/shoegaze on Too Pure, we’ve got more copies of the mto (aka Modified Toy Orchestra) lathe cut on Static Caravan.

These (above) and lots more things are on our website now, just waiting for a loving home. Whatever happens, one thing you can be sure of, we’ll never ever ever ever put Chris Moyles on the front page of our website.  

Words by Clint with Ant with some stuff nicked from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Laurie, Kim, Ian and Nathon.



Top releases this week

Steve Hauschildt
Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio
Gesloten Cirkel
Ron Morelli
Call Super
Imaginary Forces
Daniel Bachman
Laurel Halo
Vom Grill
William Basinski & Richard Chartier
Lee Gamble
Tom Carter & Pat Murano
Minami Deutsch
Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
Demob Happy

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