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Here are all the album reviews written by our lovely, knowledgeable customers that we've published in the last ten days. Prefer to read what our highly-trained, totally objective staff think instead? Here you go »
Crass - The Feeding Of The 5000

Album review: Crass - The Feeding Of The 5000

from Planetnob

If I didn't already have a copy of the original release (and the 7" of 'Reality Asylum' originally 'excised' from the release of the 12") I'd be all over this like rash. It's a seminal work. Angry, political and hardcore noisy. Fantastic guitar sounds, hard hitting lyrics and the bass line for 'Sec...

  • Published: Tuesday 16th April 2019

Insides - Euphoria

Album review: Insides - Euphoria

from William Alberque

One of the best records I've ever heard. Insides emerged out of the noisier Earwig, who started off sounding like a drum-machine-guitar-female-fronted Wedding Present (on the hilarious "Blind, Stupid, and Desperate"), verging over into Bark Psychosis territory (the monumental "Out of My Hands, Over...

  • Published: Monday 15th April 2019