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Weekly Update Drexciya, Robert Hood, Kemialliset Ystavat, Windy & Carl, Various, and more...

Good afternoon and Merry Christmas to all our customers across the globe. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued custom and support. Without you...well, there wouldn’t be much point would there? So massive thanks from all the team. It's been a frantic few weeks of trying to get your orders flying through the postal system in order to reach you in time, and we sincerely hope that everything arrives on cue and you get all that you wish for this festive season. The last shipping day for arrival by Christmas has now passed, but if you are in our area (LS11, UK) and still need to get something in time for the big day you can buy and then collect from our glistening office on Monday 23rd until 4.30pm.

And, of course, if you've left it too late even for that then you can always send a gift voucher to that special someone. You can even print them yourself now and slip one into a card, all thoughtful-like.

Anyway, the music release pipe doesn’t quite stop completely for Santa Claus and so there are a few things out this week which may just tickle your fancy. First up: Death and Vanilla. We’ve been fans of these folks since Phil promised to buy all the copies of their debut LP himself if it didn’t sell. Luckily for him, they did. As did a 7” on Great Pop Supplement. And now we have a re-press of their debut EP on vinyl with three extra tracks. Already sold out at source, we have limited copies waaaaaaay ahead of other shops so you can get one early then smugly boast to your friends.

We have a Mala remix 12” which has proved popular already, as has a Windy and Carl 7” to celebrate their 20th anniversary. There’s a brilliant Kemialliset Ystavat 12” on Dekorder, with one side a non-playing picture disc and another containing music but no picture. Confused? You might be - but it sounds brilliant.

Another impressive disc was The Monks Kitchen’s ‘Music From The Monks Kitchen’ with their warm, twinkling folk for a fireside sing-a-long. On a more electronic tip, Ant declares the new Dalglish 12” a “masterpiece” in a rare 10 out of 10 review, although having said that he awards a similar score to the new Drexciya re-issue. “Buy on sight” pleads a customer review of this album and who are we to argue?

Dam Funk and SnoopZilla (aka Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion) have got together to create a pretty impressive album of smooth hip hop grooves, whilst on the other end of the spectrum Japanese guitarist Hakobune unleashes a tape of ethereal driftiness of which we have pitiful amounts so be quick. There are two new cuts on 12” by techno maestro Robert Hood, whilst Women guitarist Patrick Flegal releases the first fruits of his Androgynous Mind project on an all-over-the-shop 7” and British ambient pioneer Matthew Shaw releases a double CD of his luscious soundscapes. Just 70 copies for the entire known universe.

Greek label Sounds in Silence have two releases out this week, both in lavish packages. First up, label founder George Masakrostas’ Absent Without Leave project unleash a 2CD remix featuring loads of your favourites, whilst pastoral Scottish sadcore lad Caught in the Wake Forever gives us more of his bleak pensive post rock. Part Pelt Wild Gate consists of Pelt, Gate and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides folks jamming at the Tusk festival as our Ant and Brian slept in (having had an, erm, 'late' night), the popular L.I.E.S present a three song limited vinyl sampler from the upcoming Music For Shut Ins CD compilation which has just arrived today! As has L.I.E.S kingpin Ron Morelli with with a 30 Minute EP follow up to his ‘Spit’ album.

OK, so that's it from us for 2013. We will be open on both Monday 23rd and Friday 27th December so we can deal with your festive orders, but please bear with us while we enjoy our turkey/tofurkey - rest assured, we will get your orders out as soon as we can!

Very best wishes for the festive season,

Clinton, Phil, Nathon, Li'l Biz, Ian, Kim, Mike, Brian, ReviewBot3000 and Ant

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV

10/10 from Ant

Drexciya had an underground cult following with techno connoisseurs across the globe, despite never performing live, DJ’ing, remaining anonymous and unphotographed, and ...read on »


Niaiw Ot Vile

10/10 from Ant

‘Niaiw Ot Vile’ is just the second ever vinyl release from Dalglish and the third full length under that pseudonym. Previous releases as Dalglish have appeared on ...read on »


Live In Krefeld

9/10 from Clinton

This weeks second dollop of Ben Chasny sees him being recorded live on tour with pals Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls/now seemingly not a ‘sir’)...read on »

The Declining Winter

Lost Songs

9/10 from Ian

Mr Richard Adams, formerly of the excellent gone-but-not-forgotten Leeds band Hood, has compiled this super little batch of odds and sods, recorded from 2010 onwards under his...read on »


Grey Over Blue

9/10 from Ant

I’ve been loving this Actress 12” since it landed at HQ earlier this week. Now I’ve finally sat down to compose a review with an ice cold Old Jamaican Ginger...read on »

Death And Vanilla


9/10 from Clinton

Possibly coming just that little bit too late to be stashed in your Christmas stocking, Hands in the Dark have very kindly seen fit to reissue the first EP by Swedish dream-po...read on »



9/10 from Ant

We scored a small handfull of this killer tape containing two live recordings from performances in New York back in March 2013. Zaimph for those of you that don’t know i...read on »



9/10 from Ant

These guys seemingly appeared from out of nowhere when Downwards first introduced them to the world at large via their ‘Offenbarung’ EP back in April 2013. I total...read on »

NHK yx Koyxen

Dance Classics Vol.III

9/10 from Ant

Kouhei Matsanuga’s Dance Classics LP series on PAN hits its third installment in fine style. Like the previous two volumes Kouhei uses a combination of classic techno pa...read on »

Phono Ghosts

Chrome Position

8/10 from Clinton

Tapes are the thing now, ya hear me? We have tonnes of the blighters in this week but this should surely rank as one of the most interesting and one of the best. Housed in ca...read on »


Tough Luck / Opaque

8/10 from Clinton

They make a big sound these lads, all pounding, stadium-sized dynamics and hollered, gravelled vocals - The Skids as if fronted by a barking dog. It's a massive post-punk sou...read on »

The Flaming Lips

Peace Sword

8/10 from Clinton

I want to hear a cut that I can play all day long, all night strong. Something a bit like MGMT but, you know, when they were good. Or to have Animal Collective see what h...read on »


I’m Aquarius

8/10 from Clinton

Despite the press release boasting of them as “Britain’s most-loved, quintessentially English, modern pop act” and seeing their name everywhere from the Dail...read on »

Emerald Web

The Stargate Tapes

8/10 from Ant

The first time I gave this record a spin I was reminded immediately of that most decent Kat Epple & Bob Stohl LP on Dead Cert, thinking that there were some striking ...read on »

Colin Potter

Two Nights

8/10 from Ant

Being the hopeless Nurse With Wound fan that I am, when i first clocked that this Colin Potter cassette release from the early 80s was getting a reissue on vinyl my ears were ...read on »

Abstractive Noise

Of The Adder's Bite

8/10 from Ant

This is the debut full length from Panagiotis Pagonis who creates cinematic music that encompasses both acoustic and electronic elements. ‘Of The Adder’s Bite&rsq...read on »

English Heretic


8/10 from Ant

We’ve finally managed to score copies of this after it being out of print for a short while. What we get is a CD and A5 book set which is like some sort of eccentric En...read on »

The Monks Kitchen

Music From The Monks Kitchen

8/10 from Clinton

This is only the second record in The Monks Kitchen’s lengthy existence and the second following their debut back in 2007, and immediately the album has a lovely, natura...read on »

Kemialliset Ystavat

Kultaista Kaupunkia Etsimassai

8/10 from Clinton

Firstly, format chat time and I’ve never seen the like of it - this has a picture disc on one side and black vinyl on the other. The black vinyl side plays music whilst ...read on »

7 Days of Funk (Dam Funk & Snoopzilla)

7 Days Of Funk

8/10 from Clinton

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Funk master Dam Funk has slowly been edging his way into my life via his crossover Ariel Pink collab and professed love f...read on »

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz

Moon Magic

8/10 from Clinton

This is a nice tinkler for christmas. Its kind of an amalgamation of ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ but done in such a sweet way that it mak...read on »

Dylan Golden Aycock

Rise And Shine

8/10 from Clinton

The original release of this record sounds like the kind of thing that would fit in well with the Twitter “Boomtwat” spoof. “The first edition was limited to...read on »


A Distant Loss

8/10 from Clinton

I was commenting the other day about how small and delicate a lot of Japanese music seems to sound. Not so with Hakobune, an ambient guitarist from Tokyo who makes great big m...read on »

Jar Moff

Financial Glam

8/10 from Ant

Jar Moff unleashes his second full length for PAN following his excellent ‘Commercial Mouth’ LP. ‘Financial Glam’ is a much darker almost claustrophobi...read on »

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