Weekly Update Éliane Radigue, Fluxion, Midlake, Kal Marks, David Alexander Hess, and more...

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few days you’ll know it’s been the annual sugarfest that is Halloween. We celebrated by picking out 50 of our most scary, ghoulish records for your terrifying pleasure. You know, London Grammar and that type of thing. We also had a competition to win a hat that Phil found in the stockroom. Congratulations to the lucky winner. The less said about the sock we’re giving away in the second of this week’s competitions, the better. Still a chance to enter that one...

In BIG news this week we announce the sad closure of our Album and Single of the Week prizes. Instead, our Top 25 recommendations will be up on the front page for all to see. Hopefully this will a. give the slew of great releases that emerge each week a fairer chance of catching your eye and, b. prevent some of the fights that habitually break out between us here in the office.

Even more exciting is this. This is our ‘Today at Norman Records’ page, so with just a mere glance you can see exactly what has happened today. Or tomorrow if you click it tomorrow. Whether it be incoming items, reviewed items, restocks, or preorders - you don’t have to traipse round the site like an internet stalker trying to find the latest goings-on.

Oh, and thanks to a fortunate reminder from the fine folk over at Astro Black Records in the US, you can scare your purses and wallets silly by perusing our hidden-away-for-your-own-safety list of really expensive records.

Aaaanyway enough of my yakkin’. I’m sure you’ll want to know about the great and the good of this week’s treats and tricks so here goes...

There are a slew of the type of soundtrack discs that prove oh-so-popular with you people. One of them is ‘Last House on the Left’, an enthralling and varied score to Wes Craven’s grisly classic. Also we have ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ containing the haunting music from the original 1935 Frankenstein movie soundtrack.

We were all loving Connan Mockasin’s ‘Caramel’ album this afternoon, an album which is a slinky, sleazy slab of soul-pop guaranteed to seduce your ears. Mike was so enamoured with the nasal-voiced 90s indie rock melodicisms of Kal Marks that it already has a guaranteed slot in his end-of-year favourites list. Leeds’ hard-riffin’ men That Freaking Tank release a brand new disc of metronomic clanging rock, whilst on a similarly Yorkshire tip Bradford’s Val Denham unleashes an unusual drifting CD of oddball music that manages to reference both Daniel Johnston and Baby Dee.

What else? There’s a gorgeous 3 CD set of Eliane Radigue’s ‘Adnos’ trilogy which redefines the word minimal. Popstrangers’ new 7” had Lil Biz DEMANDING to hear the B side again so good was its woozy charm. Fluxion's ‘Vibrant Forms’ re-issue contains masterful late night dub techno, ex-Galaxie 500 lad Dean Wareham has a new album of his drifty melodies out now. Melvins return with sort-of their 1983 line up, veering wildly between typically heavy and foreboding to ditty-ish, but this week’s maddest release has to be ‘Error 500’ by Mutation, a supergroup of sorts from members of Wildhearts and Cardiacs producing a kind of future extreme metal with a guest spot from Mark E Smith!

Lastest but certainly not leastest, Midlake reappear after the departure of their singer sounding exactly the same i.e. like an English progressive folk band from the 70s.

We have to stop now because the weekend is here in all its rainy glory and we must retire for tea, eccles cakes, and maybe just a smidge of crack cocaine.

Clinton and the New Power Generation

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Laurel Halo

Chance Of Rain

10/10 from Brian

Quite a stylistic departure from her last celebrated long player is 'Chance of Rain', the new freaky stylus-eater to burst forth from the excitable neurons of Ms. on »

Los Pecadores

Escape From Uranus

9/10 from Ian

Being relatively new to the Leeds music scene it was a great pleasure to come across these fellas, with the young bands of today swamping the market with dubstep, psych-rock on »

David Alexander Hess

The Last House on The Left

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here’s the latest product of the current horror soundtrack reissue boom; a deluxe reissue of the score to Wes Craven’s grisly classic ‘The Last House On The on »

Connan Mockasin


9/10 from Mike

New Zealand psych-pop maverick Connan Mockasin delivers the follow-up to 2011’s brilliant ‘Forever Dolphin Love’ this week, his distinctive ambient/psych/ on »


Luke Vibert's Nuggets 3

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

Here’s the third volume of Luke Vibert’s plundering of the Bruton Music vault, a library music company formed in 1977 by KPM’s Robin Phillips which moved on »

That Fucking Tank

A Document of the Last Set

9/10 from ReviewBot3000

Don’t worry guys, despite the title of their new live LP suggesting the contrary, Leeds instrumental riff veterans That Fucking Tank haven’t split up yet. The on »

Nadja + Vampillia

The Perfect World

9/10 from Mike

Here’s a rather special addition to Aidan “Nadja” Baker’s already intimidating canon - a collaboration with Osaka’s progressive neoclassicists on »


Vibrant Forms

9/10 from Clinton

I doubt that on my grave stone it will say “he liked a bit of dub techno” or if it will be even commented on in the obituaries. You see, its not a massive part of on »

Kevin Drumm

Humid Weather

9/10 from Ant

It’s always a good score to get my mitts on some Kevin Drumm vinyl. ‘Humid Weather’ is no exception. Originally released as a CDr in a micro edition of 20 on »

Kal Marks

Life Is Murder

9/10 from Mike

The Frogs, Vic Chesnutt, Pere Ubu, Billy Corgan, Kermit the Frog...throughout history there are frequent notable examples of men with weird nasal voices making guitar pop so on »



8/10 from Ian

Rob and Sean are back with this little EP/mini album ‘L-Event’, a direct follow up to their hugely successful album ‘Exai’ with the cover artwork on »

Bruno Spoerri / Massonix

Hommage Au Fromage / Hollingsville

8/10 from Ian

The Finders Keepers label brings you this Disposable Music Library series from two artists, firstly Swedish electronic jazz pioneer Bruno Spoerri with ‘Hommage Au on »

Survival Knife

Divine Mob / Snakebit

8/10 from Ian

Former Unwound bods Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno hit us with this second single. Released on the legendary Kill Rock Stars label this is kind of exactly what you’d on »

Minor Alps

Get There

8/10 from Clinton

The music industry’s knack of throwing completely unlikely acts together for a collaboration continues with this partnership of Juliana Hatfield the bloke from Nada on »


SMM: Opiate

8/10 from Clinton

Drone-based music has once again become flavour of the month in my house, mainly due to my scattershot inability to sleep. It seems that eating, internetting, drinking, on »

The xx / Sampha

Reconsider / Without

8/10 from Clinton

I like this Sampha dude. From time to time, a track of his appears on the wireless and my ear pricks. I’ve already reviewed his debut mini album here, which should be on »

The New Lines

Fall In Line

8/10 from Clinton

Do you like ancient synths, vintage sequencers? Do you like eerie ‘60s proto-electronic pop music? Do you like Broadcast? If the answer is ‘yes’ to at least on »

The Books

Music For A French Elevator and Other Oddities

8/10 from Clinton

Well this is going to be a treasure trove of treats for any fans of The Books. It's a 45 track, double LP, limited vinyl exploration of all their unheard and uncollected B on »

Cupp Cave


8/10 from Clinton

Ah right, now this is more like it. Straight outta Belgium, this producer takes the flitered signature waft of Flying Lotus, producing a delightful slab of electronic on »

Brad Laner

Nearest Suns

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Review corner is quickly becoming trippy psychpop corner today as my mind has been pleasantly melted first by the new Connan Mockasin and now by the third solo effort from on »

Kiran Leonard

Bowler Hat Soup

8/10 from ReviewBot3000

Boyish new crooner Kiran Leonard brings out his debut LP of sentimental singer-songwriter psychedelia this week on Hand of Glory. A writer of heartfelt songs with a bold, on »



8/10 from ReviewBot3000

I often dread getting too many drones in my review box. Don’t get me wrong, it can move and excite and uplift just as much as any other genre, but when it’s on »

Girls Names

The Next Life

8/10 from Mike

No prizes for guessing who Girls Names are lampooning with the sleeve of their new EP. It’s not lazy, it’s satire...honest! Stupid sleeve aside, though, the on »

September Girls


8/10 from Mike

Here’s the latest 7” from Ireland’s Y-chromosome-free quintet September Girls. I’m particularly taken by the B side ‘Wasted’ so I’m on »

John Cohen

Deaf Arena

8/10 from Mike

It took me a minute or two to even figure out who made this very mysterious-looking CD, with the artist name and title relegated to a single mention on the insert, but it on »

Richard Youngs

Regions of the Old School

8/10 from Mike

Prolific experimental songwriter Richard Youngs is back once again this week, and this time he’s done a double album, with some compositions extended to marathon on »



8/10 from Clinton

Ever fancied working in a lonely industrial unit at night in a bleak part of town, alone only for the soothing roar of machines? Its possible that Emptyset have dreamed of on »

Val Denham


8/10 from Clinton

Christ what a back story. Val Denham was involved in doing artwork for the likes of Marc Almond, Throbbing Gristle back in the day and has been involved in Psychic TV and on »

Nurse With Wound


8/10 from Ian

NWW are back with this strange little oddity of an album, ‘Chromanatron’ is a tribute to the legendary German cosmic rock band Sand. As with most NWW projects, & on »

Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn

Lonesome Valley

8/10 from Ian

After a chance meeting at the first Hopscotch Festival in North Carolina, Black Twig Pickers got together with singer songwriter Steve Gunn to bash out this old spiritual on »



8/10 from Clinton

Comprising of members of Icarus, Triosk, FourPlay String Quartet, Spartak and 3ofmillions, this is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. Lots of people throwing on »

Franz Waxman

The Bride Of Frankenstein

8/10 from Phil

Horror film soundtrack time! Seeing as though everyone is shitting themselves left right and center to either release or buy horror soundtracks you can now sorta hear where on »


Error 500

8/10 from Clinton

What would an album which features the talents of Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts) and Jon Poole (Cardiacs), with guest appearances from Mark E on »


Rats In The Palms Trees

8/10 from Li'l Biz

This Popstrangers band are shaping up to be a worthy addition to New Zealands cannon of fine indie-pop exports. Echos of The 3Ds, The Verlaines and The Chills permeate on »

PC Worship

Preach Under Cooked / Yellow Moon

8/10 from Mike

As well as the lesson in indie rock perfection from Kal Marks, Sophomore Lounge have this week sent us this 7” by experimental indie chameleons PC Worship, which comes on »

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