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Weekly Update

Now recovered from getting soaked to the skin in this mornings torrential rain, we have dried out and dusted down in order to bring you this weeks feast of new music.

The biggest excitement, perhaps, has been reserved for a brand new album from Fourtet which has appeared miraculously without prelude or fanfare, fully formed and fully enjoyable but as is its a week with a Tuesday in it, there is a new Bvdub record to enjoy, this time a collaboration with Loscil which got Ian handing out such rare high scores that we can now officially announce it as our Album of the Week.

On the Single of the Week front, Temples win the accolade with another strong slice of ’60s inspired psych pop which they have kindly released on 7” wax for us all to enjoy. As it's a week with a Tuesday in it, there is a new Bvdub record to enjoy, this time a collaboration with Loscil which got Ian handing out rare high scores. Similarly, the Frankie Rose record had enough 90s references to whet his whistle. Mats Gustafsson’s powerful honk proves horny for Mike who awards the Fire! (Without Noticing) future-skronk classic tip-top marks, whilst Brown Brogues get us all worked up with their Ty Segall-like tunes despite them being from the ‘wrong’ side of the Pennines.

This National Wake re-issue sounds interesting, a South African punk whose album was pulled by the government - which begs the question that if a more left-leaning government could get into power in the UK could Mumford and Sons be stopped? Or are there dark forces at play with their current ‘hiatus’?

For this misty-eyed old dreamer the sight of a new Prefab Sprout album has had me excited for months and my first action on arriving this morning was to cuddle it. We have other non-cuddled copies available. In the dark electronica corner, Ant raves about Autechre-like mechanical beatsters These Hidden Hands and fractured dub techno experimentalism from Rainforest Spiritualist Enslavement.

Deep breath as I’m running out of puff...we also have exciting things from Fuck Buttons, Dollboy, Glasser, a long awaited re-issue of TV funnyman Charlie Higson’s acclaimed pop funksters The Higsons (also featuring Terry Edwards), the popular Studio Ghibli soundtrack songs, Islet, and Midnight Veil. And if you are bored this weekend and have lots of money you could purchase one or all of the Popol Vuh vinyl re-issues that have just turned up. Or you could get a Chinese in and watch X Factor.

That's us done for the week, so you’ll have to just try your best to drag your good selves through the weekend without us now.

Clinton and the Furious Five.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Ocean Penis / Can't Wait

10/10 from Mike

Oh lordy, look what just arrived. It’s the latest haul from Goodbye Boozy! There’s three singles from them this week by Drags, Sick Thoughts and this one by Bikes....read on »


(Without Noticing)

10/10 from ReviewBot300

Honk if you're excited! It’s the return of Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin, collectively known as FIRE!, for the first album in a while that they&rs...read on »



9/10 from Brian

There's hardly any American rock bands I've heard over the years with a sound as utterly unique as Polvo's. I was greatly touched by something a member of Mogwai once said in ...read on »

The Oscillation

From Tomorrow

9/10 from Brian

There's so much psychedelia and spacerock around these days I constantly feel like I'm on drugs man. Now Loop have reformed there's no escape, The Heads were once the un-coole...read on »

Skullflower/ Mastery


9/10 from Ant

Have I enough room on the shelf for another Skullflower record? YES! Always. Anyone that attended the recent Skullflower show in Leeds perhaps won’t be surprised to hear...read on »


Vapor City

9/10 from Clinton

Machinedrum has a long and varied history, initially pricking our then soft Norman ears years back with a kind of Prefuse 73 like avant-hop style that won him some of our very...read on »

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu - Soundtrack Songs

9/10 from ReviewBot300

I’ve just spent at least ten minutes of reviewing time trying to figure out if all the material on this marvellous 2LP is actually from the films or if it’s a mixt...read on »

Fuck Buttons


9/10 from ReviewBot300

Fuck Buttons’ ‘Slow Focus’ is one of our favourite albums to have graced our shelves this year, and here’s its third-best song on a 12” with excl...read on »

Tropical Trash / Alcohol Party


9/10 from Mike

I'm only going to be able to squeeze out a few words about this one because we're short on time this week but I've been enjoying it so I feel like I should speak out. Here's t...read on »

Mary Epworth


9/10 from ReviewBot300

We’re rather fond of leftfield indie dreamboat Mary Epworth here at Norman Towers and felt kind of bad when release schedules conspired to not give us a chance to review...read on »

Brown Brogues


9/10 from ReviewBot300

That scuzzy garage rock duo from t’other side o’t Pennines Brown Brogues release their debut LP this week, spinning at 45rpm so you can be absolutely sure that&rsq...read on »


Live At Third Man Records

9/10 from ReviewBot300

Now, it’s fair to say that I’ve not always sung the praises of Third Man Records. For a while there it looked like they’d settled into a modus operandi of pu...read on »

Frankie Rose

Herein Wild

9/10 from Ian

When the promo for the latest Frankie Rose album fell through our letterbox here at Norman HQ I instantly fell in love with it. So to get to tell you peeps in internet land al...read on »

These Hidden Hands

These Hidden Hands

9/10 from Ant

Tommy Four Seven and Alain drop their self-titled debut album as These Hidden Hands following an excellent taster 12” which featured remixes from Lakker and Vatican Shad...read on »

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

Folklore Venom

9/10 from Ant

I’ve been enjoying the digitals of both ‘The Plant With Many Faces’ and ‘Folklore Venom’ for some time. I simply need that kidney I’d have ...read on »

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

The Plant With Many Faces

9/10 from Ant

I’ve been enjoying the digitals of both ‘The Plant With Many Faces’ and ‘Folklore Venom’ for some time. I simply need that kidney I’d have ...read on »



9/10 from Ant

Two decades of the Downwards label is cause for celebration and certainly deserves a commemorative release. Downwards has forged its own path with zero compromise, from it&rsq...read on »


Keep In The Dark

9/10 from Clinton

T-Rex. If Temples' previous single sounded rather wonderfully like Teardrop Explodes then this goes way back to the early '70s for inspiration. The opening few bars couldn&rsq...read on »

Prefab Sprout


9/10 from Clinton

Over the past decade or so, Paddy McAloon of Prefab Sprout has gained a reputation more for the music he hasn’t released rather than that he has. Several titles of unrel...read on »

Jay Daniel

Scorpio Rising

9/10 from Ant

Super strong debut release from this Detroit youngster for Theo Parrish’s esteemed Sound Signature label. Opening with ‘No Love Lost’ which has an affinity w...read on »

Bill Orcutt

A History Of Every One

8/10 from Ant

Following an explosive collaborative LP with Chris Corsano for his own Palilalia imprint, ex- Harry Pussy shredder Bill Orcutt returns to Editions Mego with twelve singular in...read on »

Papernut Cambridge

Cambridge Nutflake

8/10 from Ian

Papernut Cambridge is the project of Ian Button together with a few friends based on an imaginary band he had a dream about, a bit of a strange idea but an interesting one all...read on »


Audiovisual Designs

8/10 from Clinton

I’m going to be hard pressed to find a record I enjoy this week more than Machinedrum but this D’Arcangelo release is certainly following on the mood of dark melan...read on »

Kikagaku Moyo

Kikagaku Moyo

8/10 from Mike

Here’s some proper old school psychedelic rock from Japan’s Kikagaku Moyo. I had this and the new Seven That Spells LP to choose from - that one has a nude lady on...read on »


Sense / Sticks & Stones

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Here’s an interesting single from Drags on Goodbye Boozy, a label I’m very quickly warming to. This lot are from Oakland and they play a kind of thunderous pop pun...read on »

White Manna

Dune Worship

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Strangely enough I actually saw White Manna just three or four nights ago at Leedsverpool Psychfest Leeds at the Brudenell on Sunday that had all the Psychfest bands playing. ...read on »

Marihiko Hara & Polar M


8/10 from ReviewBot300

Ever wonder what a collaboration between Harold Budd and Mark Knopfler would sound like? Just listen to the opening track of this magical new album by Marihiko Hara & Pola...read on »

Midday Veil

The Current

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Space-psych-kraut chooglers Midday Veil have brought out both composed and improvised releases already but this is my first contact with their heady and hypnotic aesthetic. I ...read on »

Midnight Doctors

Midnight Doctors

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Three new LPs from alt.vinyl have arrived in our shop today, one of which is this self-titled effort by The Midnight Doctors, an LP which boasts 19 tracks and a mammoth 26 con...read on »



8/10 from ReviewBot300

This record seems to have been played quite a lot in our office over the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if it’s that lots of people independently wanted to che...read on »

National Wake

Walk In Africa

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Here’s a name I’ve never heard before. National Wake were active in South Africa from 1979 until 1981, a mixed race punk band in apartheid South Africa, they were ...read on »


Sky Song

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Chicago post-jazz duo Colorlist are back this week with their first album since 2010’s ‘A Square White Lie’. The formula here is light analogue synth drones ...read on »

R. Seiliog


8/10 from ReviewBot300

Phil just thrust this LP into my hands saying “this looks interesting. It’s kosmische”, only for me to drop the needle and be confronted with what sounds lik...read on »


Ghost Stations / Geisterbahnhöfe

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Here’s multitalented Londoner Oliver Cherer’s fourth album under the Dollboy moniker, having previously brought out albums of electronic music and more traditional...read on »

Week Of Wonders

Piggybacks / End of the Day

8/10 from ReviewBot300

I wonder if this band Week of Wonders have taken their name from that Czech cinema classic ‘Valerie and her Week of Wonders’ or if it’s just a coincidence. I...read on »


Dark Earth Distillery

8/10 from ReviewBot300

This LP is a collaboration between Coil/Cyclobe’s Steven Thrower and David Knight who’s done stuff with Danielle Dax and Lydia Lunch. On this LP they have two leng...read on »

Klaus Johann Grobe

Traumhaft / Nicht Du Stoppen

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Klaus Johann Grobe’s debut 10” quite rightly grabbed our coveted Single of the Week trophy when it came out a few months ago so it’s nice to see to see that ...read on »

Robbie Basho

Visions of the Country

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Out of print for 35 years until Gnome Life decided to resurrect it, here’s the late, great Robbie Basho’s 1978 album ‘Visions of the Country’ making a ...read on »


Released By The Movement

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Welsh quartet Islet are back with another album of strange experimental lo-fi pop with a deeply psychedelic, hypnotic bent. Last year’s debut album ‘Illuminated Pe...read on »

Dawson-Davies: Hen Ogledd

Dawson-Davies: Hen Ogledd

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Two of the UK’s most fascinating outsider musicians, avant-harpist Rhodri Davies and post-folk troubadour Richard Dawson, have both been doing the rounds for some time n...read on »

Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band

Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band

8/10 from Ian

Released by the ZNA record label and recorded at Bill Laswell’s Orange Sound Music Studio, this fab EP by Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band (or HWBMB to make it a litt...read on »

Bvdub & Loscil


8/10 from Ian

Here we have a mighty collaboration between two of electronic ambient music’s leading forces, Vancouver’s Scott Morgan aka Loscil joins forces with a Mr Brock Van ...read on »

Mrs Jynx

Diving Loop

8/10 from Ian

Central Processing Unit bring us another great 12 inch. Limited to 250, this is a four-track EP from Manchester’s own Mrs Jynx aka Hannah Davidson. First track is a plin...read on »

Savvas Ysatis

Archiv #08

8/10 from Ian

Tresor’s Archiv series returns with this double 12” by Greek producer Savvas Ysatis. After releasing two albums for Tresor since 1999 these four classics and two ...read on »



8/10 from Phil

I remember when the last Glasser album came out folks were going crazy mad for it. I can’t remember a thing about the last one but that’s mainly because I have no ...read on »

Daniel Avery

Drone Logic

8/10 from Phil

Despite pretty much just listening to electronic music these days I rarely write about it. I don’t really know why that is but looking at the records I’ve listened...read on »

Four Tet (Fourtet)

Beautiful Rewind

8/10 from Clinton

The new way to release records seems to be with as little fanfare as possible. Just ‘drop’ it when no-ones looking and let the fans clamour themselves silly. Fourt...read on »

Jahiliyya Fields

Pleasure Sentence

8/10 from Ant

‘Aeon Aeon’ is pretty sexy demented early Transmat abusing psychedelic ear drugs. A brain mushing fourteen minute sci-fi house/ techno odyssey. ‘2013’...read on »