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Weekly Update

Hello fellow earth dwellers. It’s a while since I’ve put finger to keyboard to write publicly because I’ve had no time but I felt it’s time to get off my high horse (which is balanced on the office pedestal) and get a-typing away.

It’s been hot here, awfully hot in fact. I’m not gonna bore you about the weather as I’ve got lots of records to bore you with instead. Big news of the week is the awesome new album by Feck Buttons which is 101% genius. They disprove the difficult third album theory by releasing their best album yet, which is most surely going to be in lots of folks end of year lists! It’s pant-wettingly good I tell you.

Mike Paradinas and his missus Laura have collected together a 2CD set of early U-Ziq material in one bargainous set. Ian reckons it’s totally mint and it must be good if he says it as he’s a total score miser. Gringo have re-released the debut Hookworms EP with a bonus extra download tracks on. It’s party time! Though don’t leave it too long on those as they’re limited to 1000 for the entire world.

Nathon wrote some words about the new Scott & Charlene’s Wedding album where he bangs on about eating cheap sausages or something or other. God knows but he reckons it’s ace and I have to admit to it winning me over with its slacker pop ways.

You folks who like 3” fun (like my girlfriend) and minimal pianist business (not like my girlfriend) should check out The Moon Ate The Dark 3” CD on Brian Records which is cute and lovely like. On a similar tip is the Erased Tapes box which is both delightful and expensive. A winning combination and something that’s available in such small quantities that by the time I write this it’ll be worth more than gold probably.

Grant Hart from Husker Don’t unleashes his 5th solo album on Domino Records. It’s 20 tracks of sprawling interesting confusion which surprised us all as we didn’t think he had it in him anymore. Young Mike qualifies this by saying “Fans of ambitious grown-up pop will no doubt find themselves as pleasantly surprised as me.” Lovers of Santiago’s psych pop lords Follakzoid, Moon Duo & Psychic Ills will brown themselves over this limited two track Chilean 12” we got in featuring the latter guys remixing the the former lads. I think it’s the first Chilean pressing we’ve ever stocked which must mean something to someone somewhere.

We’ve got an LP by Bits of Shit on Homeless Records (looks like a smart label tbh) of garagey punky dirty scuzzyness. It’s better than Full Toilet but is it better than Bathtub Shitter? Only you can decide that. Poppydisc are chucking more old futuristic records at us this week but the pick of ‘em is the Henry Mancini soundtrack for Orson Welles ‘A Touch of Evil’ film which I ended up bagging I liked so much.

Loads more booty out as well this week so make sure you check through every page on the website (all 65,000 of ‘em) in case you miss anything good.

Thanks ladies & gents. Phil & his lovely staff people xxx

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Fuck Buttons

Slow Focus

10/10 from Mike

Four years ago Fuck Buttons proved their phenomenal debut album was no fluke with a similarly amazing Weatherall-produced effort, and now for the first time they’re prod...read on »


Airglow Fires

9/10 from Li'l Biz

The new Lone (a.k.a Matt Cutler) single is banging! If you thought last year’s ‘Galaxy Garden’ was killer then you’re totally gonna dig this. It takes ...read on »

Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink

Hang On to Life / No Real Friend

9/10 from Li'l Biz

Can’t say I was over the moon with the last Ariel Pink record or the lacklustre gig I witnessed at the Brudenell last summer plus Mexican Summer ain’t the label it...read on »



9/10 from Ant

A few years ago for around six months the Rephlex flag flew at half mast while die-hard fans keenly waited vinyl pressings of the Zwischenwelt and Dwayne Omarr releases to app...read on »



9/10 from Ant

'STRGTHS' is the debut album from Swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH and also the first long player for the ever reliable Avian imprint. It follows up the 'Rjrjrffrjrj' 12" on the label ...read on »

Samuel Kerridge

From The Shadows That Melt The Flesh 1-4

9/10 from Ant

Almost 20 years ago the Downwards label began its roots in Birmingham supporting, creating and nurturing its local emerging underground techno scene. It would then expand glob...read on »

Bits Of Shit

Cut Sleeves

9/10 from ReviewBot300

Ooh, this is right up my street. Nice bit of noisy garagey punk bullshit here from Australia’s Bits of Shit, who make a right old punky racket like The DHDFD’s, Ty...read on »

Henry Mancini

A Touch Of Evil

9/10 from Mike

Here’s an interesting film score from all the way back in 1958; Henry Mancini’s soundtrack to Orson Welles’s film noir ‘Touch of Evil’. As the ba...read on »

Various Erased Tapes Artists

Erased Tapes Collection V

9/10 from Mike

Lovers of minimal pop and consumer fetishism will no doubt be excited to pay £80 for the five most luxuriously packaged 7”s I think I’ve ever seen. They come...read on »

Marisa Anderson


9/10 from Mike

I wasn’t familiar with this lady before now but she’s from Portland and I think this is her second record and it’s on Mississippi who aren’t idiots so ...read on »

Torn Hawk & Karen Gwyer

Cowboys (For Karen)

9/10 from Mike

Before her acclaimed ‘Needs Continuum’ LP was released, Karen Gwyer passed some tracks on to New York’s Luke “Torn Hawk” Wyatt for a remix. What ...read on »



9/10 from ReviewBot300

Follakzoid’s excellent recent ‘II’ LP on Sacred Bones has catapulted the Chilean quartet to widespread acclaim for their patient krauty dronerock incantation...read on »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)

Somerset Avenue Tracks (92-95)

9/10 from Ian

Planet Mu and Mike Paradinas release this fantastic 2 CD set of unreleased material from the very early beginnings of the u-ziq legacy, out of the usual crop of nineties elect...read on »

Marina Rosenfeld

P.A - Hard Love

9/10 from Ant

Marina Rosenfeld follows up her ‘Plastic Materials’ album for Room 40 with another release for the label. On this occasion for some of the tracks she has enlisted ...read on »

Grumbling Fur


9/10 from Clinton

So this is the third installment of the ongoing collaboration between Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan (Guapo, Ulver etc) and...hang on ...ok I’m back, now a...read on »

Diamond Version


9/10 from Li'l Biz

Diamond Version (a.k.a Byetone and Alva Noto a.k.a Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender) return with another savage EP on Mute. We’ve reviewed all these EPs so far so I won&r...read on »

Interplanetary Prophets

Zero Hour

8/10 from Ant

I've been following Jamal Moss's (Hieroglyphic Being, The Sun God, I.B.M , IAMTHATIAM) etc. output for many years. He's probably one of my current favourite producers. Not eve...read on »


Relaxed Fit

8/10 from Li'l Biz

Picked this one up as the sleeve is fully vibing and I get the impression they’ll be blissful Cyndi Lauper-esque ‘80s pop gems nestled comfortably in the grooves. ...read on »

Girl One And The Grease Guns

Jessica 6 / Bring On The Dancing Horse Meat

8/10 from Li'l Biz

Squirrel Records unleash a second single from the mysterious (yeah right!) entity that is Girl One And The Grease Guns. Good name! Great singles! ‘Jessica 6’ kicks...read on »

The Mantles

Long Enough To Leave

8/10 from Clinton

I was so enamoured by the 12 string guitar jangles on that recent Temples single that I fired up my computer in order to email my dad and tell him all about it. It’s one...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Are you ready for some drifting glacial dub techno?? I said, "Glastonbury - are you ready for some drifting, glacial dub techno??" See, I could headline Glastonbury. I alread...read on »



8/10 from Ant

There's so many faceless/ hand stamped type techno 12" s knocking about these days it's almost like this low key approach is intended to create some hype and then the anti-bra...read on »

Moon Ate The Dark

Molt & Grow

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Here’s some interesting neoclassical minimal piano business from a duo whose debut on Sonic Pieces Phil really liked. This time they’re on a dinky 3” CD with...read on »

Education For Death

Education For Death EP

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Tim Burgess’s reliable O Genesis imprint have some kind of wiry and aggressive no wave/post-punk business from duo Education For Death. I’ve never encountered this...read on »

Bernt Rosengren With Komeda Trio

(Crazy Girl) Jazz Jamboree 1961 Nr. 4

8/10 from ReviewBot300

Here’s something a bit special. This 7” of classic Polish jazz contains Krzysztof Komeda’s four themes from Roman Polanski’s debut feature film ‘...read on »

Celestial Bums / Helicon

Mind Explosion

8/10 from ReviewBot300

The weather in Leeds at the moment is gorgeous and has been for days. The long-awaited summer is living up to all our fantasies and here’s a split 12” from two psy...read on »

Eric Copeland


8/10 from Mike

Here’s a nuts 12” from Black Dice’s Eric Copeland, a one-sided 12” with a lengthy piece filled with crunchy alien r’n’b grooves, hypnotic c...read on »

Grant Hart

The Argument

8/10 from Mike

I have to admit I wasn’t crazy on first listen about the first song we got sent off this album, the Tom Petty-esque ‘Is The Sky The Limit?’, but I have a lot...read on »

Wild Smiles

Take Me Away

8/10 from Mike

Here’s an EP of indie rock from Wild Smiles on G-Bar’s ever-great Invada where the trio knock out four tracks of heavily reverbed indie pop with a nifty noise rock...read on »

John Barry

Beat Girl

8/10 from ReviewBot300

‘Beat Girl’ holds the curious prestige of being the first musical score to a British film, with John Barry’s lively and likeable score released simultaneousl...read on »

Steve Moore

Zen Spiders / Lwaxana

8/10 from Ant

Synthesizer virtuoso Steve Moore pops up all over the place: Static Caravan, L.I.E.S, Cuneiform, Death Waltz, Kompakt, etc. and now here he is with a very slick two track 12&r...read on »

Lasse Buhl

R38 EP

8/10 from Ant

Echocord sub-label Echocord Colour (named due to the fact the releases are on coloured vinyl) have been in fine form recently with a slew of quality 12”s from the likes ...read on »

Bone Squad

Skal & Bones

8/10 from Ant

When I first clocked this I got pretty excited. It’s a new label called Total Fantasy, apparently ran by Deadboy (who I suspect may well have created these tracks). Bein...read on »

Mordant Music / eMMplekz

Nothing In Here Of Any Value / No Show

8/10 from Ant

It’s a bloody good job I can actually play this thing cuz I think I almost fried my amp the other day, when it overheated while listening to Pan Sonic at full fuckin&rsq...read on »

Speedy Ortiz

Major Arcana

8/10 from Clinton

Ok, ok we admit it. We are not perfect. Sometimes we completely miss out on great records just because we are too busy, or too hot, or too stupid.  This record for exampl...read on »

Johnny Marr

New Town Velocity

8/10 from Clinton

Oh Johnny. This penultimate track on his pretty decent debut album of early this year was its standout. A track where he did what everyone had been hoping for all this time, b...read on »

DJ Rashad

I Don’t Give A Fuck EP

8/10 from Li'l Biz

FOOTWORK! DAYUM! DJ Rashad hits us with a new 12” on Hyperdub that kicks out with a bleepy note vs. bassline jam topped with seasoned abusive vocal samples. The lad don&...read on »

Big Star

Live Tribute At The Levitt Shell (w/ John Davis)

8/10 from Li'l Biz

This is kinda sad but still cool. The remaining members of Big Star (with the addition of John Davis) pay tribute to Alex Chilton as well as other founding members Andy Hummel...read on »

Michael Hurley

Wildegeeses / West Virginia

8/10 from Li'l Biz

Beautiful unreleased version of ‘Wildegeeses’ featuring just Hurley’s voice and guitar. Real sparing and tender and recorded in a super basic way. Sounds ama...read on »

Don & Stevie

Don & Stevie

8/10 from Li'l Biz

Finders Keepers keep the dream alive with another collection of rare gems from back in the day. This time they’ve come up trumps with a collection of completely unheard ...read on »

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Scott & Charlene's Wedding
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