Weekly Update Run The Jewels, Four Tet, OSEES, Sarah Davachi.

Eels, Brian Eno, Molchat Doma, Fenne Lily, Lambchop, Flaming Tunes, Pixies, Charli XCX, John Coltrane, bvdub, Anna von Hausswolff, Arca, Soft Cell, Prana Crafter, Napalm Death, Tim Koh (Dinked).


  • Album of the Week. Hard-hitting production joins MC double trouble El-P & Killer Mike on this mighty fine offering from hip hoppers Run The Jewels.
  • Four Tet’s classic of hypnotic house ‘There Is Love In You’ is getting a much needed reissue, complete with an extra LP of remixes from Caribou, Jon Hopkins, Joy Orbison, Floating Points & Roska.
  • Now’s your last chance to get a hold of the remaining few of the RSD records...
  • Exciting record prospects from Eels, Brian Eno, Molchat Doma, Nothing, Lambchop, Pixies & Okkervil River have recently been revealed.
  • Weekly Playlist. Make your way around to Spotify & YouTube for staff-picked tunes.

New music

  • Just a few Tim Koh Dinked’s remain. Includes a colour LP of psych-slacker pop, a tote bag, signed print & exclusive extra vinyl.
  • New year, new OSEES. John Dwyer impresses & reinvents once again.
  • Gea Russell. Hip hop influenced by Tindersticks? Well I never...
  • Anla Courtis of Reynols & noise artist Daniel Menche collaborate once again.
  • Optic Nerve deliver the post-punk goods once again with the first Folk Devils music in decades.
  • Indie folk songwriter Fenne Lily was self-isolating before it was cool.
  • Charli XCX updates us on How She’s Feeling Now.
  • New MJ Guider on Kranky. Sour cherries? More like a pretty shoegaze & ambient sundae.
  • You may have heard his work with FlyLo & Onra, now check out this Byron The Aquarius EP.
  • Gatecreeper. Death metal, thrash & doom mix which will appeal to Entombed & Autopsy fans.
  • Debut solo outing from Mammoth Penguin & Standard Fare member Emma Kupa.
  • Bvdub is pleased we named him “the most tattooed man in ambient”.
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson. 8CD & DVD box set of gorgeous film scores & collaborations.
  • Krautrock influenced psych/folk from Prana Crafter. Sorta sounds like a curry…
  • Ikebe Shakedown. Very limited single on Colemine ft. two cuts of psychedelic, cinematic Afrobeat.
  • Joyce Manor. Like Jawbreaker after too many Red Bulls, in the best possible way.
  • If you like Joyce Manor, you may like a bit of Movements.
  • Mildlife. Jazz funk mixes with psych rock to get you movin’ n trippin’.
  • Total Wkts. Nothing to do with cricket, it’s the drummer from JOHN’s solo project!
  • James Norman’s (no relation) book details the trials & tribulations of running a micro-label.
  • Both a celebrated musician & comedian, Matt Berry’s latest is a delightful, stripped-down Americana flavoured LP.
  • Native Harrow return with a more eclectic take on their Laurel Canyon folk sound.
  • Anna von Hausswolff. More drone, doom & darkwave delights on Southern Lord.
  • Eminem. The surprise released album finally makes its way onto wax.
  • Cults are back following renewed excitement after appearing on ‘Russian Doll’.
  • The Spiritual Jazz series tackles the legendary Impulse! label.
  • Open the Door to the Cosmos with a 3LP set of jazz. Space is the place after all.
  • Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler. The Anchoress’ songwriting meets the guitars of Suede’s former axe wielder.
  • What Is This That Stands Before Me?. Ace Sabbath covers compilation from the folks over at Sacred Bones.
  • Yung Lean. Possibly his most mature & complete outing to date.
  • Fans of 80s Dischord records will be pleased to know that Soulside are back.
  • Napalm Death. From enslavement to avian-Obliteration…
  • OGRE. Get out mah swamp. Deep synth dungeon dive on Dream Division’s label.
  • Brit songwriter George van den Broek returns with his second, and it was all Yellow Days.


  • A beloved cult favourite amongst collectors, Flaming Tunes’ sole album is a gem of warm psychedelia, folk & pretty sound experiments. Lovingly reissued on Superior Viaduct.
  • Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. One of the finest produced albums in hip hop right here.
  • John Coltrane. Incredible looking deluxe set to celebrate six decades of a jazz staple.
  • Soft Cell. Three early tracks reworked alongside a Fad Gadget cover.
  • Valium Aggelein. A Duster related side project which is arguably as good as Duster.
  • Fans of out-there psych take note, as there’s a load of reissues from Japanese acts Go Hirano, Kazuo Imai, Musica Transonic & Toho Sara.
  • Two Ryo Fukui cuts get reissued: a live album in New York & his final record.
  • Behemoth. Limited to 666 copies worldwide, naturally. Expanded with loads of bonus tracks.
  • L7’s landmark record of grungy rock celebrates three decades.
  • Frankie and the Witch Fingers. Garage rock, going cheap!

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Magnificent organ études epic from Sarah Davachi.
  • First-time vinyl edition of DX heavy imaginary soundtrack from Sammy Osmo (Legowelt). Featuring a siamese cat with special powers and chess playing chimp.
  • LP of horror/occult/RPG analogue synth fantasy from OGRE. Toxic green vinyl LP on Library Of The Occult. Edition of 150 copies.
  • Radium Jaw bleak noise/drone tape from the depths of the cursed North. 50 copies.
  • Junglist informed electro rollers on CPU from Baby T.
  • Arca’s frenetic pop/grime/hip hop mangler '&&&&&' remastered and cut to vinyl courtesy of PAN. Features an etching on the flipside I’m too scared to look at.
  • Forlorn ambient from Phil Tomsett (The Inventors Of Aircraft) exploring absence, emptiness and silence. Lush handmade package on Fluid Audio.
  • Yogg & Pharaoh remixed by CUB (Regis and Simon Shreeve), Answer Code Request, SHXCXCHCXSH etc. One man rave isolation techno bangers.
  • Blistering racket split LP from Controlled Death (Masonna) and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck / Schimpfluch-Gruppe headcase Rudolf Eb.er. Plus death industrial junk mayhem from Mothra. Both on Cold Spring.
  • Sprawling emo-ambient melters from bvdub. 'Wrath & Apathy' limited Coke bottle clear vinyl 2LP copies.
  • Powell has gone all weird - and maybe better for it.
  • Various artists / Ian Boddy curated contemporary modular synthesis expo ‘Tone Science Module No.4’ compact disc on his DiN label.
  • Heavily delayed picture disc from cult vaporwave fave Macintosh Plus has landed.
  • Cosmic disco and krautrock/kosmische influenced dancefloor cuts on Space Ritual from lurkers Zmatsutsi, Tross, Houschyar.
  • 12”s from HAAi on Mute, Garies on Future Times, Further Reductions on Knekelhuis.
  • Represses: Karenn's 'Grapefruit Regret' slammer and Earth To Mickey (Delroy Edwards) pop gem.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Nathon, Phil, Daoud, Jamie, Will, Sam, Tom H., Ali & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Valium Aggelein

Black Moon

8/10 from Daoud

I truly cannot believe that the genre which brought us a band called Codeine, had also provided one called Valium Aggelein. But to the slowcorers' credit, it makes sense. Thei...read on »

Tobin Sprout

Empty Horses

8/10 from Daoud

You know how some people know which of the Beatles’ songs were written by which Beatle? I’m pretty sure there are people like that for Guided By Voices. I am not o...read on »

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