Weekly Update New Order, Gorillaz, Everything Everything, Yumiko Morioka.

Kraftwerk, Jesu, I Like Trains Competition, PJ Harvey, Doves, Uniform, Meitei, Philip Glass, Richard & Linda Thompson, Sam Prekop, The Go! Team, Digable Planets.


  • Album of the Week. Yumiko Morioka’s curio of Japanese ambient finally gets a widespread release after finding fame unexpectedly online.

New music

  • Everything Everything in its right place. New’un from the Manchester based smart guitar poppers.
  • It’s been eleven years since the last Doves record & now they’re back alright.
  • Hard-hitting NYC industrial rockers Uniform follow their ace collab with The Body.
  • The colour Flaming Lips have sold out, but the black variant will be up for order soon.
  • The Blue Note Re:Imagined series continues with a limited split single from Jordan Rakei / Alfa Mist.
  • Toro y Moi & Tony Ferraro are Tony Peppers on this double soundtrack single to a film they made.
  • Mong Tong. Deep dive into Taiwenese folklore from psych label Guruguru Brain.
  • Black Twig Pickers & House And Land Sally Anne Morgan has a new solo one out.
  • From eating cake at the sea to writing nice synth jams, Sam Prekop returns.
  • We’ve got two limited CDs in from Dutch ambient/experimental musician Michel Banabila.
  • Sample-heavy indie poppers The Go! Team have got a fresh & fun limited single out.
  • The themed Ennio Morricone compilations continue with a lounge deep dive.
  • Cali indie quartet The Delta Spirit end a six year hiatus.
  • New one of left-field folk from Joanne Robertson on Dean Blunt’s World Music imprint.
  • Hannah Georgas’ latest is of bewitching, electronic-tinged country-folk.
  • Limited 5-track EP of psych with a hand-pasted sleeve from Dimorphodons.
  • Mammal Hands. Take a look at these jazz hands. New record of classical, electronic influenced jazz.
  • Catherine Watine returns with her serene & minimal piano pieces.


  • PJ Harvey’s incredible third album lands back on vinyl, alongside its previously unreleased demos.
  • Fans of the serene ambient & minimalism of Keith Kenniff rejoice, a pair of Helios & Goldmund records are here.
  • Meitei / 冥丁. Gorgeous & serene ambient inspired by Japanese folklore.
  • The last few of the Yellow Swans favourite of noise, drone & ambient remain.
  • Reach for this classic hip hop staple from Digable Planets.
  • We’ve got loads of Richard & Linda Thompson for you.
  • Philip Glass’ ‘Satyagraha’ gets pressed up as a triple LP deluxe box set.
  • We love (Sandy) Alex G & we love this record.
  • The Maytals. Get well soon Toots!
  • Shocking Pinks. This one from the one-time DFA signed group got a 9/10 back in’t day.
  • The Spoon reissue series continues with three more records.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Matmos 3 hour/3CD mash up of 99 musicians playing at 99bpm.
  • Lucrecia Dalt sounds like a conduit for higher forces via possessed/processed vocals and electronics on RVNG Intl.
  • Staalplaat continue to mine and vinylize the relentless Muslimgauze vaults.
  • Limited Kelly Lee Owens 'Melt!' white label 12" incl. Coby Sey remix.
  • REQ & Smudge B-boy-tronix headnodders on Seagrave incl. ace remixes from ETCH and skammers The Fear Ratio.
  • NYZ’s demented MANIAC cellular automata sequencer spews out berserk circuit sizzlers after gobbling up some rare Buchla gear at Mills College.
  • Rod Modell re-shapes the sounds of Marit Wolters sculptures. CD edition of 300.
  • Slammin' dancehall/techno hybrids from Laksa.
  • Haunting, melancholy soundscapes from Siavash Amini.
  • A Lily's analogue synthesis/ambient balances light and dark and finds harmony in sadness. Limited tape on Bytes.
  • Deliciously hyperactive Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg record on SVBCVLT.
  • Warm, lush, enchanting kosmische from Richard Norris.
  • Colin Potter (NWW), Alessio Natalizia (Not Waving), and Guido Zen return as Potter Natalizia Zen with a unique, psychedelic LP with the Berimbau at its core.
  • Premium party fuel from Blacksea Não Maya on Príncipe w/ hand-painted art.
  • Phew meditates on surviving this cruel world. Arresting LP + zine on Disciples.
  • Finally! Kleistwahr 'This World Is Not My Home / Over Your Heads Forever' 2LP set!!!
  • Hypnotic mechanical rhythms and spectral voices from Tolouse Low Trax.
  • Drifting, ancient/cosmic/devotional trance voyage from X.Y.R. on Not Not Fun.
  • Francesco Cavaliere & Spencer Clark invoke various Etruscan deities as Etrusca 3D.
  • Conceptual sound art and magical realism from claire rousay.
  • Conrad Schnitzler's sought after alien disco freaker 'Auf dem schwarzen Kanal' reissued.
  • Hefty re-up on Dopplereffekt's records on Leisure System. All pure class.
  • +++ Reece Cox LP on iDEAL, Michel Banabila CDs on StealthRec, Lisa Lerkenfeldt LP on Shelter Press, +++

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Nathon, Phil, Daoud, Jamie, Will, Sam, Tom H., Ali & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Judith Hamann


8/10 from Daoud

I really like the idea of this album. With ‘Peaks’ Judith Hamann has created something of a musical passport. Not in the ‘you need this little book to cross ...read on »

The Chats

High Risk Behaviour

8/10 from Tommy WM

The rise to fame of The Chats has been bizarrely meteoric. Go to any vaguely alternative guitar track on YouTube and you’ll be sure to end up on their viral hit ‘S...read on »

The Flaming Lips

American Head

8/10 from Will

Nobody quite sounds like the Flamings Lips. All the touchstones are worn proudly, like a bright sewn-on patch on a pink boiler suit sleeve. But Wayne Coyne and his merrie band...read on »



8/10 from Jamie

I have to admit, I was not expecting to hear this today. It's a mighty onslaught of breakbeats, old skool rave synth stabs and brooding jungle vibes. It’s providing a mu...read on »

Eugene Ughetti

Agglomeration Of Measurement

8/10 from Jamie

‘Agglomeration of Measurement’ -- in which Eugene Ughetti treats us to an album’s worth of sounds he’s teased out of his full range of percussive instr...read on »

Howie Lee

7 Weapons Series

8/10 from Will

'7 Weapons' is what it's called and '7 Weapons' is what it is. Howie Lee's seven machine-wrought, instrument-invigorated tracks alchemise traditional Asian instruments and boo...read on »

Yumiko Morioka


8/10 from Daoud

Whatever else you think about Yumiko Morioka’s ‘Resonance’, there’s no denying she got the album title right. The album opens with a single piano note,...read on »

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