Weekly Update Autechre, Nick Cave, Bill Callahan, Adrianne Lenker.

The Microphones, Actress, John Frusciante, Meitei, Throwing Muses, Deafbrick, Silver Jews, Yo La Tengo, Special Cases, XTC, Anna Meredith, Emily Barker, Mountain Goats, Bluetech.


  • Album of the Week. The Microphones’ latest of daring & engaging indie folk takes the crown this week. Gorgeously put together set too.

New music

  • We’ve managed to get our hands on more of the Dinked Exclusive of the latest Tricky record, ft. a bonus EP & numbered print.
  • Merely a year after his excellent previous record, Bill Callahan is back.
  • Grand themes abundant on Aussie folky Emily Barker’s latest.
  • Deafkids & Petbrick. Psychedelic punk goodness meets synth chaos on this team up of heavy-hitting legends.
  • Ever-reliable psych label Drone Rock Records have sent us over this pair from Ozo & S*x Blender.
  • Throwing Muses are back with a dose of sun-scorched alt. rock.
  • The Weeknd apparently went to the VMAs with that same make-up on.
  • All Them Witches. All of them? Every single one? Here’s a new’un from the Texan stoner rockers.
  • Our review of the Young Knives’ latest tackles that much-discussed Vice piece on landfill indie.
  • Japanese Television make it to three doses of primal horror psych.
  • Prime soul funk fusion from Nevergrand on Spun Out Of Control’s new vinyl sister imprint.
  • The archives have been plundered for this unreal piece of synthwave history from Turquoise Moon.
  • Final instalment in Andrew Wasylyk’s trilogy of unique jazz records.
  • Partners in music & life Naked Roommate deliver the funky post-punk dubs.
  • Joshua Burnside. Named after the entrance to our building.
  • Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith. Second collaboration from these strange bedfellows.
  • New’un from The Grid & Beyond the Wizards Sleeve member Richard Norris.
  • Berlin based songwriter Sophie Hunger is back with a Dan Carey produced record.
  • Wild Billy Childish is backed by the CTMF for a limited, hand-numbered single.


  • Dub, disco & soul mash-up from The Pearls on Isle Of Jura.
  • Silver Jews. More of the classic from David Berman & Steve Malkmoose & co. have arrived.
  • Nocturnal Emissions. You threw a monkey into the sea? Cult favourite of chopped-up industrial.
  • Marcy Luarks & Classic Touch. Masterpiece of Nigerian boogie.
  • Yo La Tengo. The indie favourites reissue this one for its 25th.
  • Special Cases. If you dig Follakzoid, synths & space rock then look no further than this one.
  • Repulsion. One of the most important bands in extreme metal & punk right here.
  • Blonde Redhead. Limited reissue complete with album art overhaul.
  • Betty Davis pair of reissues for the soul legend behind the classic track ‘Clean Up Woman’.
  • Trio of records from Charles Bradley, one of which does Sabbath better than Sabbath.
  • Deep funk favourite from the consistently great Budos Band.
  • Peel Dream Magazine. Indie-kraut-psych-electronica for the Broadcast & Stereolab sect.
  • Harry Beckett. Slept on cut of jazz fusion.
  • Speaking of underappreciated jazz cuts, Real Gone are bringing back these from Doug Carn, Walter Bishop Jr. & The Awakening.
  • Mighty fine cut of lean & political early hardcore courtesy of the Dicks.
  • The Mountain Goats first for indie label favourite 4AD returns.
  • The reissues of the Swedish post metal group Cult of Luna continue.
  • Aesop Rock’s Blockhead & Omega One produced cult favourite is back.
  • There’s plenty of records out from one of Alan Mcgee’s favourites The Creation.
  • Big L’s debut is one of those essential 90s hip hop records.
  • Rex Orange County. First time on wax for this one.
  • XTC never really put a foot wrong did they?
  • Demon Fuzz. Sought-after favourite of psych soul, funk, jazz, prog, Afrobeat & all sorts else.
  • The Rolling Stones. I’ve had goat soup before. It was lovely. Not sure if any heads or brain were in there.
  • Amy Winehouse’s debut gets the deluxe reissue treatment.
  • Anna Meredith has been telling big FIBS again...

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Rapoon's evergreen, potent trance-inducing 1993 'Vernal Crossing' 2LP remastered with bonus Colin Potter re-construction.
  • Absorbing, enchanting, deeply hypnotic glowing and swirling synth shapes from Marta De Pascalis on Morphine. Limited edition in hand printed sleeves.
  • Mark Van Hoen dons his Locust hat for a vinyl edition of 'The Plaintive' on Suction.
  • Rugged, gnarly acidic electro/techno bruisers from Chupacabras and sizzling metallic electro from Marcos Cabral on L.I.E.S. For fans of olde I-f, Bunker, Viewlexx.
  • Slammin’, raw EBM and Coldwave infused jackin' acid trax from Dona feat. Aloth on Mannequin aka DJ Plant Texture.
  • Limited NCA tape from Apron alumni J M S Khosah & Brassfoot.
  • Limited edition, single-sided hand-stamped 12" on Innermoods from Sal, Dennis & Scott aka Liquid Liquid!
  • Brutal, Ballardian electro crunchers from Cutting Room on brokntoys incl. Esplendor Geometrico remix. Already sold out at source.
  • First-time vinyl edition of Bluetech downtempo, ambient dub chillout melter Sines & Singularities, plus black vinyl second press of the Portals comp on Behind The Sky.
  • A Colourful storm serve up German electro-minimalism from Peter Elflein / Schneider & Radecki on one plate. Plus a wee comp of post-industrial/ethno-ambient obscurities from Désaccord Majeur and a buzzin’ new LP from Beequeen.
  • Graham Lambkin / Bill Nace head scrambling US import LP.
  • Arresting electro-acoustic works from cellist Judith Hamann on Black Truffle.
  • Dylan Henner uses technology to interrogate humanity. LP on AD 93 (fka Whities).
  • Galya Bisengalieva and her violin/electronics mourn the shrinking of the Aral Sea.
  • Most tranquil collab between ambient kindred spirits Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft.
  • +++ Sunun EP on Idle Hands, Space Ghost EP on Tartelet... +++

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Nathon, Phil, Daoud, Jamie, Will, Sam, Tom H., Ali & Fred.

Customer Compliment of the Week: ‘Mononoke finally’. Lots more of your kind words over on Feefo and Google Reviews.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Exotic Sin

Customer's Copy

8/10 from Daoud

I’m going to be upfront here. The reason I picked this record out for review over the countless others I could have chosen is because the press release mentioned that on...read on »

Naked Roommate

Do The Duvet

8/10 from Fred MG

It’s pretty easy to parse the sonic touchstones that Naked Roommate (great name) used to create their delightful debut LP ‘Do The Duvet’. The punk-funk tones...read on »

Pig Destroyer

The Octagonal Stairway

8/10 from Tommy WM

It’s a brave one is this one. Here one of the most celebrated groups in the whole of the extreme subgenre that is grindcore follow their most divisive album yet with an ...read on »

Young Knives


8/10 from Fred MG

When they emerged in the mid-2000s Young Knives’ blend of angular guitars and yelped vocals meant that they were lumped in with the nascent “landfill indie” ...read on »

Deafkids & Petbrick


8/10 from Will

Sao Paulo's own Deafkids released one of 2019's stand-out noise rock albums, the vicious and visceral 'Metaprogramação'. What a tantalising prospect, then, that ...read on »

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Charles Bradley
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Betty Davis
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