Tuesday Update Nicolas Jaar, Bright Eyes, Girl Friday (Dinked), Guided By Voices.

Coil, Pole, Matmos, PJ Harvey, Bent Arcana, Mr. Bungle, Nubya Garcia, L.A. Witch, No Joy, Jeff Rosenstock.


  • The remaining exclusive colour Dinked Edition’s of the debut from the post-punk & noise rock group Girl Friday arrive this week.
  • PJ Harvey’s highly in-demand raucous rocker ‘Rid Of Me’ & its accompanying demos are back on wax after all these years.
  • Hand-Picked Pre-Orders. Ft. Nicolas Jaar, Mr. Bungle, Coil, Pole, Matmos & more...

New music

  • Have a dose of stoner rock tinged psychedelic blues rock from Swedes Blues Pills.
  • Bright Eyes. First studio outing in 9 years from Conor Oberst’s indie folkers.
  • Bent Arcana. John Dwyer’s latest project fuses prog, kraut, jazz fusion & heavy psych. Will not long-time fans of the Oh Sees man.
  • A few of our staffers are very excited to hear the new one from UK jazz sensation Nubya Garcia.
  • The equally prolific Guided By Voices are back with a hooks-a-plenty LP with a glorious sleeve.
  • Erasure’s ‘The Neon’ has landed. It says so on that neon sign on the sleeve.
  • Naked Giants take a break from the Car Seat double shifts to write a new LP.
  • No Joy. Jasamine White-Gluz returns with a GOAT shoegaze record…
  • DIY punk legend Jeff Rosenstock is back with a solo work of raucous yet melodic punk.
  • 70s loving siblings The Lemon Twigs have a set of songs for the general public.
  • L.A. Witch. The enchanting & spellbinding trio are back with their immediate third record.
  • Incredible & lovingly put together set from shoegazers CIEL on Brighton micro label Box Bedroom Rebels.
  • Blend of experimental production & club/dance sounds from Dane Croatian Amor.
  • H.C. McEntire. If you’re lucky, there may be one last Dinked variant of this one left…
  • Vladislav Delay Meets Sly & Robbie. Intriguing collab between the influential electronic producer & the dub rhythm section duo.
  • Trap king Future is high off life, amongst other things.
  • Well I never, The Killers sample Can’s ‘Moonshake’ on their latest.
  • Punk legends X’s answer to Halifax’s famed kids science museum Eureka is here.
  • Callum Easter’s latest was recorded at the Glasgow studio of the same name.
  • The Waterboys. They call me the seeker.
  • New’un from Japanese dream pop songwriter Ai Aso, backed by avant-metallers Boris & Stephen O'Malley on select tracks.
  • Liar, Flower. Biiiiig stretch.
  • Vex Ruffin. Funk, tropicalia & hip-hop mix up on Stones Throw.
  • Midwife. I thought we had a new one from that Australian jazz-funk group, but nope this is slowcore songwriter Madeline Johnston.
  • Gajek. Look Morty, I’m a pickle! 
  • More heaters on Mala’s bass music/dub/soundsystem label, this time from Bukez Finezt.


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