Weekly Update Max Richter, OSEES, Mort Garson, Princess Mononoke.

The Psychedelic Furs, Brigid Dawson, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Paul McCartney, The Goa Express, The Harriets, Momoko Kikuchi, Damo Suzuki, Roddy Ricch.


  • Madonna once sang that “music / makes the people / come together”. Based on our Album of the Week I’d say Max Richter agrees.
  • Genuinely fuming that Dywer’s change the name of the band again. They’re now OSEES if you’re keeping track. ‘Protean Threat’ is available to preorder.
  • Sacred Bones will lovingly unleash a Mort Garson mother load come the end of the year. These ones aren’t just for plants!
  • Ulrika Spacek’s Astrel K goes solo for Stereolab’s Duophonic Super 45s.
  • Weekly Playlist. New week, new tunes on Spotify & YouTube.
  • 10% off a lovely bunch of records you all think you’re too good for. Trust me, you’re not.

New music

  • Post punk legends The Psychedelic Furs return with their first album in 29 years. 
  • I'm with Fontaines D.C., if I go out I want 'A Hero's Death'.
  • Luke Vibert has broken his career into four easy to understand chunks, on part three we ‘Rave Hop’.
  • Heavy indie-folk from Canadaian’s Land Of Talk.
  • Photay collides drone, neo-classical and electronica to therapeutic effect.
  • I feel like jazz-metal might be one of the most divisive fusions there is. If you’re into it, give Mamaleek a try.
  • Full Disclosure, I’ve got a soft spot for the Lawrence bros. 
  • Ex-OSEES member Brigid Dawson connects with The Mothers Network.
  • Purling Hiss guitarist Mike Polizze picks up his acoustic and invites Kurt Vile along for the ride.
  • Roddy Ricch is the latest exciting rapper I only just heard about.
  • Where Yuck were dense and stodgy, Daniel Blumberg goes sparse and lithe. Good stuff this.
  • I’m sure there’s someone losing it over the Franz Ferdinand/Stereolab link up on this The Nix feat. Laetitia Sadier 7”.
  • Can man Damo Suzuki has found some new friends to play with.
  • William Tyler soundtracks a film about a man and his cow.
  • Sly & The Family Drone get closer to become the sludge metal band they’ve always threatened to be.
  • The Goa Express want to be your friend.
  • Every time I read the name Jerskin Fendrix my brain thinks it’s something naughty. Don’t worry, it’s just a bit of weirdo-pop.
  • Hey! The Harriets are from Leeds! That’s where we’re from!


  • Sven Wunder here with two of the loveliest album covers I’ve ever seen.
  • Jazz-funk and all sorts of other things from reed-player Oliver Nelson.
  • Belle and Sebastian are one of the strongest singles bands there are so this comp is a no brainer.
  • Misfits were more than just a logo.
  • A genuinely joyful 80s pop album by Momoko Kikuchi which defines the city pop sound.
  • Moving cinematic jazz from GoGo Penguin.
  • Pale Cocoon made gorgeous and playful music inspired by the Japanese countryside.
  • Another chance for you to get stuck into Augustus Pablo’s dub masterpieces.
  • JPQ’s private press funk and soul album gets a well earned public press.
  • ‘Emoh’ music from Lou Barlow.
  • ‘Flaming Pie’ is what Paul McCartney says when he stubs his toe.
  • If you can’t go to the opera, let Philip Glass and Robert Wilson bring the opera to you.
  • If someone bought me this Final Fantasy VII box set I’d be on Cloud 9. Eh? Eh? 
  • Genghis Tron just blew my head off. Heavy stuff.
  • The Good Missionaries made experimental post-punk with acres of space in it.
  • Jazzer turned indie rocker Kate Davis is back on purple vinyl.
  • Numero Group have done a compilation of smooth jazz whose artwork should definitely have a collapsed lung on the front of it.
  • I cannot believe how beautiful these Princess Mononoke records are!

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Matmos chap Daniel Drew returns as The Soft Pink Truth subverting rave, black metal, and crust punk.
  • Lush CD albums on 12k from Giuseppe Ielasi and This Valley Of Old Mountains (Taylor Deupree & Federico Durand).
  • Hiroshi Yoshimura’s 1986 (ever) ‘Green’ ambient delight reissued. Plus further Japanese ambient reissue action from Toshioki Matsumura, Fumio Miyashita.
  • Giant monster bass rippers from Kaiju on Deep Medi.
  • Unbroken Dreams Of Light' 2LP on Blueberry incl. FaltyDL, Todd Osborn feat. Luke Vibert, µ-Ziq, Horsepower Productions etc.
  • Romare presents his vision of house music for the dancefloor or home.
  • Fresh, inventive tracks on Eglo from Destiny71z traversing house, techno, garage and electro.
  • Field recording masterclass from Chris Watson / Georgia Rodgers.
  • Overwhelming, claustrophobic electronix chokehold from Chra on Editions Mego.
  • Ghost Box have pressed up The Advisory Circle 'Ways of Seeing' LP on bling gold coloured vinyl.
  • Hybrid vinyl LP from Kommuniqué Zéro aka Marc Richter / Black To Comm.
  • Reissue of class post-Wire sound art LP 'Mzui' from Gilbert / Lewis / Mills.
  • Ras G's 'Raw Fruit Vol. 5-6' is heaving with stoned head nodders.
  • Kaboom Karavan's folk music from another dimension on Miasmah.
  • Caribou 12”s landed with Four Tet, Morgan Geist and Floating Points remixes.
  • Good ole Atom™ back on Raster with his "hard code pop" record.
  • Reduced, Non Standard Productions from Max Loderbauer.
  • Atrax Morgue motherlode on Urashima for the sick puppy noise freaks.
  • Dauw issue vinyl editions of the first four richly textured, watercolour-like ambient albums from r beny.
  • Explosive, urgent Grime mutations from East Man on Planet Mu.

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