Weekly Update Bill Callahan, Jonsi, Polypores, Max Richter, Khruangbin.

The Twilight Sad, Sigur Ros, Three Dinked Titles, Global Communication, Nadine Shah, Rolling Stones, HAIM, Brigid Dawson, Pottery, Hiroshi Yoshimura.


New music

  • Par Ásito. Mexican sci-fi space rock on snazzy colour vinyl.
  • Sound experimenter Robert Millis returns with an ode to vinyl & its glorious warm crackles. 
  • Cinematic drones & ambient from Niels Geybels’ Sequences project.
  • Could the first new Rolling Stones single in years foresee a new album? Limited-edition colour record.
  • Prolific jangly indie group The Black Watch are Brilliant Failures on their latest.
  • Texas psych-funk-dubsters Khruangbin switch it up a bit on ‘Mordechai’.
  • HAIM. If I was in a band with my two brothers we’d last about 5 minutes. Bravo for making it to your third girls.
  • Tropical psych grooves from Bananagun.
  • Noise rock meets psych & more on Bo Ningen’s latest.
  • Two members of Comet is Coming are Soccer96. Football’s coming home!
  • Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network. One time Oh Sees member unleashes her debut of melancholic psych.
  • Post-punks Pottery want you to play those funky drums for them.
  • Sonar with David Torn. The follow-up to a former Norman Album of the Week awardee is here.
  • Becca Mancari. A bold new direction is executed brilliantly from the songwriter here.
  • Midnight is your last chance to get to order to enter our Public Practice test pressing comp. 
  • Slippery creatures Squid land on Warp records with a great double single.
  • Penny Rimbaud issues Crass’ manifesto as a spoken word piece with electronic backing.
  • Frank Zappa fans take note, we’ve got a 70-track box set for you.
  • New album from Whitburn art rock songwriter Nadine Shah.
  • Signals, Wires & Amplifiers. Compilation of synths n synth-punk bangers.


  • James Newton Howard’s score to the modern classic film ‘Nightcrawler’ returns.
  • Randy Holden wired 16 amps together in 1969 for this one, the absolute madman. Signed copies for this proto-doom psych record.
  • Hiroshi Yoshimura. Japanese ambient classic for your plants & souls.
  • The Rolling Stones. ‘Sticky Fingers’, ‘Exile On’ & loads of 80s Stones is back on wax.
  • Green Lung. Wonder if these guys indulge in the Devil’s lettuce...
  • Black Ark In Dub. Deep, dark & dank dubs from Scratch’s infamous studio.
  • Dark ambient score to the horrifically gruesome Resident Evil 4.
  • Controversial ‘poppier’ release from free jazz master Albert Ayler on Third Man.
  • Sly & The Family Drone & Dead Neanderthals. Noise, jazz & drone combine on this easy listening staple…
  • More reissues from taut progsters King Crimson are on’t shelves.
  • Chamber jazz inspired by the Scottish landscape from Andrew Wasylyk.
  • Psychedelic country folk gem from Jim Sullivan. A biopic or doc needs to be made about this fella.
  • Factory Records weirdos Ike Yard reissues their debut LP.
  • Reigning Sound donned their cowboy hats & boots for this one.
  • Vic Mizzy’s score to the Addams Family arrives minutes before Halloween...

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Climax Golden Twin Robert Millis collages noise/crackle/hiss of 78rpm shellacs and wax cylinders. Like NWW 'Soliloquy for Lilith’ meets The Caretaker and Philip Jeck.
  • D&B infused gliders from ТПСБ on Whities.
  • Clangorous, metallic rave rush from Gábor Lázár on Planet Mu.
  • The first three scrumptious Pole albums reissued separately on coloured wax.
  • Thrilling, intense industrial/no wave/noise dirge blast from Wetware on Dais.
  • My hero Jeff Mills is churning out the Millsart ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ records to fund his expensive posh turtle neck habit (maybe).
  • Pinch mashes up the dance with a heavy album of grime/techno/dubstep mutations.
  • Le Cliché clear vinyl 7" love letter to Kraftwerk and minimal synth. Plus synth-punk action from Wladyslaw Trejo - both on Polytechnic Youth.
  • Dreamy pop infused electronica from 박혜진 Park Hye Jin on Ninja Tune.
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Sarah Davachi, Felicia Atkinson, Mary Lattimore, Machinefabriek, Eluvium, Taylor Deupree, Noveller and more join Field Works to use the echolocations of bats as compositional source material.
  • Modular synthesizer experiments from Qasim Naqvi on Erased Tapes.
  • Effervescent dub techno soothers from Deadbeat & Paul St. Hilaire.
  • Japanese environmental ambient reissue fiends check Takashi Kokubo.
  • Blue vinyl edition of Global Communication's reworks of shoegazers Chapterhouse.
  • Re-up on the DJ Python album!
  • T.Raumschmiere / Voigt & Voigt split a Speicher in half.
  • A trip to paradise via the sublime, blissed dubby tropical ambient EP from Vague Imaginaires on 12th Isle.
  • Rump shakin’ tackle from Levon Vincent.
  • Booming Blawan slammers for the techno bunker/dungeon.
  • Apollo reissue of mid '90s melter from The Primitive Painter aka Alter Ego.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Sam, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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Best records this week

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Oh man, I feel like this record has somehow infected me. Every time I listen to it I feel soiled and need to take a bath in bleach. If you thought the recent (most excellent) ...read on »

Gabor Lazar


8/10 from Ant

Gábor Lázár follows peer Rian Treanor, nipping from The Death Of Rave over to Planet Mu. He brings eight of his precision-tooled dancefloor missiles along...read on »

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