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  • Album of the Week. boygenius member & acclaimed indie folk songwriter Phoebe Bridgers takes the cake this week with her gorgeous second album.
  • IDLES announced their anticipated third album this week! It’s landing on a colour variant & black vinyl with a signed print.
  • Pixies are reissuing the slept-on ‘Bossanova’ on limited red vinyl to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
  • We go live at 9am on Saturday for the Love Record Stores event. The full list of limited-edition vinyl is here.
  • Weekly Playlist. This week’s hand-picked tunes are over on Spotify & YouTube.

New music

  • Neil Young finally releases an album which has become the stuff of legend. Can’t wait to give this a spin.
  • Debut album of minimal synth delights from Jennifer Touch.
  • Manchester’s The Blinders are sure to get far on the festival circuit with these tunes.
  • Originally intended as an RSD release, Wire’s unreleased tracks compilation has arrived.
  • Deerhoof are back with their umpteenth album. Still, it’s a good’un.
  • Hurrah, emo king Owen has announced a Brudenell show for the tour of this new album.
  • Green Gartside of Scritti Politti covers a couple of Anne Briggs tracks.
  • Parcels. The Ozzie group get their Chic on once again with more upbeat funk, disco & house jams.
  • Unsung yet seminal songwriter Gretchen Peters looks into the Mickey Newbury songbook.
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can get Jay-Jay Johanson to cover a bunch of famous tracks from film.
  • Braids are back with their psychedelia influenced art pop & indie.
  • Melt Yourself Down. Post-punk meets Afrobeat & funk on this upbeat mash-up.
  • Angel Bat Dawid’s latest 7’’ single lands on International Anthem.
  • Deluxe edition vinyl from the in-your-face electroclashers Soulwax aka EMS Synthi 100.


  • Triple LP reissue of one of The National's best works.
  • ‘Space Oddity’ aka David Bowie’s self-titled second album gets a picture disc reissue.
  • Top-tier Japanese ambient from Meitei in a limited & deluxe set.
  • The Lovely Eggs. When life gives you lemons…
  • Four reissues from ambient & experimental musician r beny.
  • Hugar. Cinematic classical meets ambient & post-rock on this reissue of the group’s debut.
  • Time-warp psych pop & film soundtrack influenced songwriting from Maston.
  • The most recent album from songwriting legend Joni Mitchell finally gets a vinyl release.
  • Gallon Drunk load up this reissue with a few extra goodies.
  • Big sounds for a big film, Junkie XL’s score to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is looking well tasty.
  • Gilbert / Lewis / Mills explore the more experimental & ambient side to Wire’s sound.
  • Larry Young, Kenny Dorham & Andrew Hill are the next in line for Blue Note’s reissue series.
  • Free improvisation/jazz staple from Evan Parker.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Alva Noto's digital replication pentalogy ‘Xerrox’ hits nummer 4. Driven by harmony and eschewing a wee bit of his usual precision. Pretty chill.
  • Stephen Mallinder’s magnificent 1982 post-punk/dub/funk/ gem ‘Pow Wow’ rebooted.
  • Wild, frantic dancehall mongrels and intense junglist amen splatter-fest from Nahash on SVBKVLT incl. Elvin Brandhi, Gabber Modus Operandi and DJ Plead remixes.
  • Black Devil gets the remix treatment from Pye Corner Audio and Abul Mogard.
  • Killer DJ mix from Helena Hauff for Tresor's Kern series.
  • Darkstar bring their shoegazing/dreampop UK Bass hybrids back to Warp.
  • Mangled emo, reggaton, metalcore, grunge, autotune pop smoothie from Amnesia Scanner on PAN.
  • Electronic Sound - Issue 66 magazine includes a green vinyl 7" with two exclusive cuts from Buchla goddess Suzanne Ciani.
  • Jamal Moss in untouchable Hieroglyphic Being mode on his Mathematics +++ series.
  • The ace MinaeMinae LP on Marionette sounds like the sacred folk music of some ancient/future lost civilization.
  • Scored copies of the immense, post-apocalyptic Pavel Milyakov (Buttechno) and ultra-dreamy CS + Kreme albums on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Nídia swiftly follows her recent album with a 12" of trancey carnival rave rattlers.
  • If you missed Christoph De Babalon's stellar 'Grim Zenith' EP first time around, now is the time to rectify your sins.
  • Kali Malone's epic organ droner™ 'The Sacrificial Code' re-pressed.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Sam, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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