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  • Album of the Week. Sonic Boom loads up the synths to craft a record of hypnotic psych pop. 
  • Check out our Best Albums of May feature, plus our piece on records you may have missed.
  • Competition. Order a copy of the new Rolling Blackouts C.F. album before midnight for your chance to win an ultra-rare test pressing. 
  • Bob Mould has announced a new album which he reckons is his heaviest & most immediate in years.
  • More of the black midi 12’’ singles have been loaded up for pre-order.
  • Weekly Playlist. This week’s staff curated tuneage is here on Spotify & YouTube.

New music

  • Thee MVPs. More of the Dinked Editions of Leeds’ garage psych group have landed, complete with a colour vinyl, slipmat, hand-numbered insert & more.
  • Interpol’s Paul Banks, Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick & Bonny Light Horseman’s Josh Kaufman team up as Muzz for a record which will appeal to fans of the likes of The National.
  • Vanishing Twin follow their ace second album with a 4-track EP to fund their overseas tours.
  • Maita land on Kill Rock Stars for an album which merges grungy indie with Americana.
  • The second record from OHMME doubles down on their adventurous indie sound.
  • Nick Lowe. Limited-edition EP from the pub rock legend.
  • Prolific avant-garde man Jim O’Rourke presents a GRM inspired LP.
  • offthesky is back on Fluid Audio for a very limited-edition deluxe CD sets with loads of extras.
  • Madrid indie quartet Hinds return with their third LP.
  • Noise rock two piece No Age are back with more catchy fuzz pop jams.
  • Roxy Girls’ latest was written before a spontaneous drunken trip to Leeds, apparently.
  • Warp signees Jockstrap return with their hard to categorise mash-up of art pop & electronic.
  • This primo stoner metal concept album from Vinum Sabbathi lets you choose which order to play it.
  • Brigid Mae Power’s new album bridges all sorts of folk & alt. country together brilliantly.
  • Rising songwriter Westerman releases his debut of ambient/art pop.
  • From Late Of The Pier to LA Priest, Sam Dust returns with his unique take on pop.
  • Indie, modern post-punk & psych combine on Melenas’ latest record.
  • Aussie group The Stroppies certainly love their 90s US indie.
  • Munehiro Narita. Live album from the psychedelic speed freak & High Rise member.
  • Soul funkers El Michels Affair pen their first record of original in donkeys.
  • Erik Hall painstakingly recreates the minimalism classic ‘Music For 18 Musicians’.
  • Hillbillies In Hell’ & ‘Troubled Troubadours’ are two compilations of rare & grizzly country cuts.
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist creates some wicked-good Warp-esque acid/ambient techno as Trickfinger.
  • Colin Stetson. The man with the massive saxophone scores a surrealist horror.
  • Sports Team. The UK post-punk's debut is now available on orange wax.
  • Tropicalia & jazz influenced solo record from Sessa.


  • The Blue Nile most recent work lands on wax for the first time & the CD includes loadsa extras. 
  • The Band of Gypsys join Hendrix for one of the best live records of all-time. 
  • Richard Hawley’s Sheffield Britpoppers Longpigs reissue a fan-favourite.
  • Acclaimed ambient man Biosphere reissues ‘Dropsonde’.
  • Kali Malone. I should be so lucky. What, not that one? Kali’s acclaimed drone record returns.
  • Britpop fans, don’t Sleeper on this one…
  • Blut Aus Nord reissue three cuts of boundary pushing black metal on colour vinyl.
  • Black Sabbath. One of the greatest bands ever play their greatest 70s material live.
  • Andy Paak’s backing group Free Nationals reissue their guest loaded cut of funk & soul.
  • Swiss metal overlords Hellhammer set the basis for both Celtic Frost & black metal with this one.
  • Nice cut of kiwi indie from The Phoenix Foundation to celebrate a decade since its release.
  • The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. You’d think these Swedes were around for the 70s with this one.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Ex-Vex'd bassbin punisher Roly Porter imagines ancient burial rituals of Neolithic Dartmoor with a collision of modern classical and cavernous cutting edge sound design.
  • Nicholas Jaar finally unleashes his Against All Logic techno/house hybrids spanning 2017-2019 on triple wax plus an EP.
  • CPU rope in James Zabiela, EOD and Telefon Tel Aviv to remix old Rephlex stalwart Bochum Welt.
  • The Isolation Tapes CD on Castles In Space incl. Polypores, Vic Mars, Listening Center, Concretism + more.
  • Tape documenting Nokuit's blackened drones and hallucinatory smeared electronix 'Live at Cafe OTO'. Check if ya dig Dean Hurley.
  • Camarades Breton recycles, loops and collages sounds from the past 50 years. Limited edition tape on Gang of Ducks.
  • 40th anniversary edition of former Ashra drummer Harald Grosskopf acid-fried, kosmische classic 'Synthesist'.
  • Special Request remixes The Grid's olde Balearic ambient house tune 'Flotation'.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Lee Morgan

The Cooker

9/10 from Sam F

Criminally underrated in the grandiose tapestry that is Jazz, Lee Morgan worked with everybody who’s anybody and if he didn’t work with them, you haven’t hea...read on »

Roly Porter


9/10 from Ant

In terms of production quality, former Vex’d bassbin punisher Roly Porter set the bar exceptionally high right from the start. He’s continuously maintained this hi...read on »

The Cool Greenhouse

The Cool Greenhouse

8/10 from Clinton

We've needed this. Since the passing of Mark E. Smith (and as a result the Fall), there's been a severe lacking of records featuring long repetitive grooves with fascinating, ...read on »

Brigid Mae Power

Head Above The Water

8/10 from Tommy WM

The third album from Galway based songwriter Brigid Mae Power is equal parts folk and country, often skilfully marrying both styles together. There’s always something bu...read on »

Vinnum Sabbathi

Of Dimensions And Theories

8/10 from Tommy WM

Named after a track on stoner metal group Electric Wizard’s classic ‘Dopethrone’ album, Vinnum Sabbathi play music as equally indebted to the Dorset doomster...read on »

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