Tuesday Update Neil Young, Girl Friday (Dinked), Rafael Anton Irisarri, Wild Nothing.

Sleaford Mods Competition, Pye Corner Audio,Tim Burgess, Black Riot, Eve Owen, The Fall, Katie Von Schleicher.


  • Dinked are treating you once again with an exclusive colour copy of LA post-punk/noise rock group Girl Friday’s debut.
  • Order a copy of Sleaford Mods’ ‘All That Glue’ before Thursday at midnight for the chance to win a test pressing which you can get signed at a future UK gig of theirs! All previous buys still count.
  • Hand-Picked Pre-Orders. Ft. Neil Young’s legendary lost album, Pye Corner Audio, McCarthy & more...

New music

  • Charlatan Tim Burgess is back with a new’un. Pre-orders before Friday will get put into a hat to win a signed test pressing.
  • A few copies of the Dinked edition of Katie Von Schleicher’s latest remain.
  • Rafael Anton Irisarri’s first for DAIS once again highlights his craft in ambient & electronic music.
  • Long-running Brummie post-punk troupe The Nightingales are back with their 11th LP.
  • Like Marker Starling, I also had a High January. Includes Sean O’Hagan & Laetitia Sadier
  • Donny Benet returns with his consciously 80s take on synth-pop.
  • British songwriter Eve Owen recorded her debut over three summer breaks with The National’s Aaron Dessner.
  • The Courettes. Not to be confused with that horrible vegetable.
  • Prolific former Hefner member Darren Hayman return to his lyrical roots.
  • One mesmerising side & five shorter pieces define Marja Ahti’s latest.
  • Steve Earle & The Dukes. The country songwriter returns with a politically charged LP.
  • Gothic shoegaze & industrial meet on Houses of Heaven’s debut.
  • Black Riot. Our former Album of the Week lands on wax. Apologies for the delay!
  • There’s all sorts of folky sounds going on in James Elkington’s second album.
  • Sunwatchers. Sorta like if The Soft Machine discovered noise rock.
  • Kooba Tercu once again push psychedelia into experimental territories. 
  • worriedaboutsatan’s latest once again finds a meeting point between electronic music & post-rock.
  • First album in 40 years from Belgian experimental prog legends Aksak Maboul. Fans of Henry Cow & Univers Zero should dig!
  • Abdul Qadim Haqq’s first volume of ‘The Book Of Drexciya’ graphic novels has landed.
  • Badly Drawn Boy. Sounds like you’ll slip in those mate.
  • Media spotlight shunners & pop rockers The 1975 are back.
  • In demand producer Blake Mills turns his attention to songcraft on his latest solo LP.
  • Prolific metal man Aaron Turner has two Old Man Gloom albums for you this week.
  • First in seven years from the UK indie outfit The Electric Soft Parade.
  • Charlemagne Palestine & John Körmeling reimagine the harpsichord. 


  • Wild Nothing’s debut of modern dream pop sounds is back on vinyl.
  • This late The Fall number features Tim Presley from White Fence. On colour wax.
  • Masahiko Sato. Out there jazzy psychedelia soundtrack to a Japanese film on witchcraft.
  • The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble reissue a staple of proggy, psychedelic folk.
  • Animals are collected on experimental piece from Ann McMillan.
  • One of Bob Mould’s greatest moments is Sugar’s debut.
  • A cut of dark psychedelia from Psychic TV gets reissued.
  • Australian soul genre-blenders Hiatus Kaiyote ask you to choose your weapon.
  • Wolfgang Voigt’s minimal techno & ambient finds a home at St John-at-Hackney Church.
  • The Upsetters. Early cut from Scratch & co.
  • Expect loud & cyclic psych from Cardiff’s Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember.
  • Two reissues from guitar experimenter Bill Orcutt arrive this week.
  • Dawan Muhammad’s private press jazz LP emerges from the vaults.
  • Palestine Vainio Thielemans. Three experimental electronic greats for the price of one here.
  • Soulful piano led jazz classic from ‘Queen of the Organ’ Shirley Scott.

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Girl Friday
Charlemagne Palestine & John Körmeling
Donny Benet
Marker Starling
Aksak Maboul
The Electric Soft Parade
Shirley Scott
The Nightingales
The Courettes
Marja Ahti
Darren Hayman
Dawan Muhammad
Old Man Gloom
Old Man Gloom
Abdul Qadim Haqq
Kooba Tercu
Blake Mills
Houses Of Heaven
The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble
Badly Drawn Boy
Ann McMillan
Bill Orcutt and Michael Morley
Bill Orcutt
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Steve Earle & The Dukes
Sleaford Mods
Katie Von Schleicher
Tim Burgess
James Elkington
Eve Owen
The 1975
Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember
Masahiko Sato
The Upsetters
Wolfgang Voigt
Hiatus Kaiyote
Psychic TV
Wild Nothing
The Fall