Tuesday Update Laura Marling, Bibio, Everything But The Girl, Mark Lanegan.

Vanishing Twin, The Coup, worriedaboutsatan, Modern Studies, Mellow Drunk, Winterfylleth, Isabella.


  • Bibio is back on Warp with a new EP of serene folk, peaceful soundscapes & downtempo beats.
  • We reckon you’ll dig the upcoming Portals compilation, a mouth-watering collection of vintage electronics & sci-fi synths on splatter vinyl. 
  • Hand-Picked Pre-Orders. Ft. Laura Marling, Yo La Tengo, X, AA Williams, Vanishing Twin & more...

New music

  • Mark Lanegan reflects upon a life of excess on his latest companion piece to his autobiography.
  • Bradford’s worriedaboutsatan deals out more post-rock, ambient & electronic cuts.
  • Mammoth box set of orchestral & cinematic classical sounds from Jeremy Soule’s ‘Skyrim’ score.
  • Not only did Boots Riley write & direct ‘Sorry To Bother You’, his political rap group scored it too.
  • Swedish indie rockers I Break Horses are named after a Bill Callahan track y’know?
  • Turkish psych rockers Hayvanlar Alemi encourage self-isolation tripping.
  • The Dinked’s of the Modern Studies are long sold-out, but there’s still the black vinyl & CD options.
  • Mamiffer mixes folk & ornate sounds on her latest.
  • Croatian Amor & Varg2TM. Two heavyweights of Scandinavian techno unite for a double EP set.
  • Buscabulla. Anticipated debut from the Puerto Rican pair.
  • American Aquarium return with their political & religious leaning eleventh record.
  • Randy Newman goes from Toy Story to Divorce Story.
  • Isabella. Techno & trance stormers on iDEAL.
  • Nozomu Matsumoto. Beatless ambient is paired with lyrics from classic punk songs.
  • Debut release from UK songwriter Eve Owen, complete with collaborations with The National’s Aaron Dessner.
  • Stone Crush. The ever-reliable Light In The Attic document the Memphis soul scene across two LPs.
  • Manchester black metallers Winterfylleth return with their atmospheric & folky take on the genre.
  • Heavy psych Swedes Witchcraft tone it down a notch & only use acoustics on their latest.
  • Welshman Songdog returns with his unique singer-songwriter stylings.
  • Remember you’re a Roddy Woomble.
  • The hardcore dancefloor sounds of the 90s meet grime on Low End Activist’s new’un. Features grime king Flowdan.
  • GR is back with more raw, psychedelic noise rock.


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Hurray For The Riff Raff
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Everything But The Girl
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I Break Horses
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The Wee Cherubs
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