Weekly Update Dalham, Ride, Ghostpoet, Green-House, Car Seat Headrest.

Khruangbin, Car Seat Headrest, Liam Hayes, Ital Tek, Depeche Mode, epic45, Diet Cig, Portico Quartet, Beatrice Dillon, Happyness, 65daysofstatic, Castle Face Reissues, Austra, Man Man, Dark Morph.


  • Album of the Week. Dalham’s ace new LP of sci-fi synthtronica takes the crown this time around.

New music

  • Ghostpoet returns with a disturbingly prescient record of syrupy beats & gothic atmosphere.
  • Ride’s shoegaze is replaced with classical, ambient & post-rock tones on this reimagination. 
  • Car Seat Headrest blend their classic college rock sounds with more modern approaches.
  • Man Man. It’s been 7 years, but the experimental rock group make a welcome return.
  • London indie group Happyness return, sounding like our very own Yo La Tengo.
  • Brimful of asha on the epic45. Hardbook photography book & CD from the relaxed post-rockers.
  • Liam Hayes. See, up here in Leeds Liam, we’d just pronounce it Mirage “Garridge”.
  • This is Sparta! First album in 14 years from the ex-At the Drive-Ins. 
  • Lea Bertucci. Standing in the shadows of acoustics. Segments from an installation in Köln.
  • Ross Downes delivers a masterclass in instrumental dynamics & field recordings.
  • Formosa Punk Records have a Japanese import split from The Monochrome Set / Catenary Wires
  • Cardiacs, Gong & Knifeworld member & UK psych legend Kavus Torabi releases his anticipated debut.
  • Brighton jazz trio In Threads merge toe-tapping delights with intriguing instrumentals. 
  • Very limited, moving solo piano pieces from Anthony Baden Saggers.
  • Portico Quartet’s latest limited EP explores their more ambient & electronic side.
  • Austra. A fine slice of Canadian electronic pop.
  • Depeche Mode. All sorts of versions of Anton Corbijn’s doc & concert film here.
  • Nahnahanahanahanahanahanah Chicano Batman!
  • BLÓM reference an obscure-ish hardcore punk subgenre on the album title to their debut.
  • Twee-punk power poppers Diet Cig are back to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Kanye West’s Christian music & gospel album featuring Kenny G just missed out on our Album of the Week. Shame…
  • offthesky & The Humble Bee. Atlantic spanning ambient from Jason Corder & Hood’s Craig Tattersall.
  • The compilation of indie Minna Miteru also features as a highlight in our Japanese Reissues feature.
  • Limited-edition 12’’ single from Daniel O'Sullivan.


  • We’ve reduced some 180g colour records from Doves by up to a tenner!
  • Creative City Pop types Piper have another colour reissue out.
  • Yorkshire post-rock favourites 65daysofstatic reissue an electronic-heavy classic, complete with a bonus EP.
  • Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes blend the disparate sounds of avant-jazz, hip hop, electronic & psychedelia.
  • Doctorrrrrrr Whoooooooo. Doctor Who.
  • WEWANTSOUNDS reissues a sought-after Lebanese classic from Fairuz.
  • Nkem Njoku & Ozzobia Brothers. Ace LP of Ghanian music & highlife. 
  • There’s a few limited, super snazzy coloured records left from John Dwyer’s Castle Face imprint.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Deliciously mind-boggling new musique concrète/electroacoustic/tape works from GRM's Beatriz Ferreyra. LP on Persistence of Sound.
  • Sparks fly from the Isabella album on iDEAL Recordings as she welds together the grittiest elements of techno/industrial/electro/trance/noise into head/feet wreckers.
  • The 1999 evergreen 'Oktember' mini-album from GAS comes back around. Supreme Black Forest Techneau.
  • Transportive, psychedelic LP from Maxwell Sterling on Ecstatic encompassing/mutating spiritual jazz, Indian classical, drone, sound collage.
  • Cremation Lily's coastal ambient techno/field recordings weeper 'The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People' comes to wax courtesy of Alter.
  • Audio mirages from Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq) on Erased Tapes.
  • Carl Michael Von Hausswolff & Jón Þór Birgisson (Jónsi) reconvene as Dark Morph with an LP of oceanic drones, submerged beats and whalesong.
  • Daniel Avery & Roman Flügel collab as Noun with a pair of techno hypnotizers.
  • Green-House cultivates some ultra-chill ambient for horticulture heads.
  • Thanks to a new sprog, Italk Tek incorporates audio hallucinations from sleep deprivation on his meticulously constructed sixth album on Planet Mu.
  • Unearthed Korean-Indo Ethno Fusion on Daehan Electronics from Kim Jinmuk.
  • Ace Italo/EBM/New Beat action on June from Lithuanian producer Caroil.
  • Much needed reissue of 'The Future Is Enslaved' EP from Gosub. Check if you dig old Dopplereffekt, Aux88, Drexciya, Dynamix II etc.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep

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