Weekly Update Windy & Carl, Dalham, The Cinematic Orchestra, Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes.

Fiona Apple, Jim Sullivan, Quelle Chris & Chris Keys, Nathan Fake, Ariel Pink, Kanaan, Pole, The The, Mayhem, Pole, The Strokes, Acid Mothers, Lorenzo Senni, Luke Slater.


  • Album of the Week. It’s no secret that we love Windy & Carl here & their latest of ethereal ambient didn’t disappoint.
  • We’ve sold out of 80% of our colour exclusive of the upcoming Dalham record so now’s your last chance to get one!
  • Check out our new mammoth feature on all the best new Movie & Videogame Soundtracks.
  • Fiona Apple’s hugely acclaimed latest of fiery, no holds barred songwriting could be her best to date.
  • Weekly Playlist. Head over to Spotify & Youtube to see what tracks our staff have chosen this week.

New music

  • Sabathian fuzz-rock from Rise Above signees Witchskull.
  • Recently signed to Profound Lore group Old Tower make some truly medieval sounding dark ambient.
  • GZA. Kung-fu instrumental cuts to one of the best hip hop albums ever.
  • You don’t come across much weirder or fun rap than a Kool Keith record.
  • Super chill jazz with a funky hip hop flair from Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes.
  • Madmess. Desert scorched space rock from the Porto power trio.
  • Acid Mothers’ millionth album features Geoff Leigh from avant-proggers Henry Cow.
  • Gorgeous solo piano work from Ann Margaret Hogan, inspired by the Welsh landscape.
  • The Strokes are back with a punchy, new wavey new record which is surprisingly pretty great.
  • Canadian indie types Braids are back with a new offering.
  • Kanaan set their controls for the heart of the sun once again.
  • Country/Americana star Lucinda Williams returns.
  • Dustbowl drones meet bluesy krautrock on Pretty Lightning’s latest.
  • Stoner-progsters Elder are back with more riffy psych.
  • Second album from Australian post-punk influenced indie group RVG.
  • A slew of top-tier guests join Quelle Chris & Chris Keys on their latest outing of experimental hip hop.
  • Lightning Bug. They say it’s an EP but it’s more like a nice little mini album of shoegazing ambience.
  • Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs fame is back after a big wait.
  • It’s always sunny in Manchester for Philadelphia born songwriter BC Camplight.
  • Other Lives make a welcome return with their ornate indie rock sound.
  • Hazel English. Wake up it’s a beautiful morning…
  • Caroline. All the guys would say they’re mighty fine.


Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Cranky, sub heavy, technoid steppas steeped in Bristolian soundsystem heritage from Giant Swan’s Robin Stewart on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • New Nathan Fake album. For real.
  • Arash Moori's exothermic electronix inspired by Birmingham’s urban geography/history release white light/white heat on Type.
  • Seminal first 3 Pole albums reissued in one handy set. Chain Reaction flavoured avant dub techno meets dubwise Mille Plateaux clicks 'n' cuts. Classic shiz.
  • EP of party smashers from Vancouver duo Minimal Violence bringing some gnarly rave-wave-EBM-electro-techno on Tresor. First EP in a trilogy.
  • Lorenzo Senni expands his Rave Voyeurism trance deconstructions on Warp. Look Mom, no drum machine.
  • Speaking of Mr Senni, his Presto!? label release a 2CD featuring two hours of Donato Dozzy's magical music for an installation on a bridge in Rome.
  • Brew fella Robert Bergman lands on L.I.E.S. with an EP of dirty chi-town acid jackers.
  • One of my all time faves, Luke Slater creates new hypnotizing techno compositions using the Ostgut Ton catalogue as raw material.
  • Mentalist computer music/frantic hardcore rave collision from Ewa Justka. Plus class synthpop from pot twiddler ace Finlay Shakespeare, both on Editions Mego.
  • Higher Intelligence Agency’s 1993 armchair voyager 'Colourform' reissued on wax.
  • Mary Lattimore, Kelly Moran, Fennesz, Lucinda Chua Anthony Naples, Actress, Pépé Bradock remix The Cinematic Orchestra across two 12"s.
  • Cremation Lily's two recent LPs on Alter collected as a 2CD set. Salty, windswept sonic journals of Costal English isolation.
  • Refreshing booty house/acid on The Bunker New York from Pizza Boy aka Chicago's Max Ravitz (Patricia).
  • LP of joyous, chiming, tropical house from K-LONE on Wisdom Teeth.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Copper Blue

9/10 from Tommy WM

This may seem like sacrilege to many a Hüsker Dü fan, but ‘Copper Blue’ is my favourite album from the Bob Mould camp. Whilst the hardcore punks in H& on »


Alderson Loop

9/10 from Daoud

In the surprisingly busy field that is people making electronic sci-fi jams using synths, Dalham somewhat stands out. There’s no surprise me saying that, I do work for on »


Shadows In Blue

8/10 from Fred MG

Hodge has come up in south-west England's resurgent club scene, one which has embraced techno rhythms but not left behind the soundsystem stylings that have deep roots in the on »



8/10 from Tommy WM

Power trio Madmess must have taken the Mediterranean climate and the dense fogs of Porto with them when they moved to London, because this album length EP sounds like a on »

Free The Robots


8/10 from Daoud

It's disorienting to be disconnected from your roots. To feel as though you’ve lost something, or rather, had something stolen from you. Free The Robots is the name of on »

Arash Moori


8/10 from Ant

One thing the blob of jelly inside my cranium can actually remember from school is the meaning of the word exothermic. Basically because stealing pieces of Magnesium ribbon on »

Windy & Carl

Allegiance and Conviction

8/10 from Tommy WM

Eight years since we crowned ‘We Will Always Be’ our favourite album of 2012, Windy & Carl make a welcome return with their stargazing ambient sound. Their on »

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