Tuesday Update Dalham (Norman Exclusive), Fiona Apple, The Strokes.

Deerhoof, Ghostpoet, Kanaan, Elder, The The, Muslimgauze, Ezra Furman, Mayhem, Pole.


  • We’ve got an exclusive edition of the new Dalham record! We’ve adored his layered approach to electronica which recalls Boards of Canada & Craven Faults before, so we thought we’d get his latest in on limited-edition, gatefold blue & red vinyl.
  • Ghostpoet’s anticipated album fifth album arrives next Friday & we’ve only got a few the limited-edition, signed clear vinyl copies left!
  • Hand-Picked Pre-Orders. Ft. Fiona Apple's hugely acclaimed new'un, Longpigs, Deerhoof & much more...

New music

  • The Strokes return to form on their most experimental work to date. Still has plenty of tunes to boot.
  • Madmess. Ace heavy psych on Drone Rock. They bring both the Porto heat & its infamous fog on this one.
  • Boston group Elder return with their blend of stoner rock, psych, prog & krautrock.
  • Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes blend jazzy flairs of electronic music, hip hop & R&B.
  • White Poppy bring their sunny, psychedelic shoegazing charms to wax.
  • Four Kanaan Jeremy? That’s insane!
  • Eat Lights Become Lights. Don’t eat lightbulbs, but do pick up this live album of kraut-psych cuts.
  • Aussie post-punk/indie group RVG return with their awaited second LP.
  • Birmingham electronic producer Arash Moori returns with experimental & noisy cuts.
  • Have a big bowl of droney, bluesy, krauty brilliance from German duo Pretty Lightning.
  • Quelle Chris & Chris Keys. The experimental rapper unites with Chris Keys once again with help from Earl Sweatshirt & more.
  • Americana legend Lucinda Williams returns with a new’un.
  • Doomy psychsters Elephant Tree make a welcome return.
  • Nine-track, album length EP of dreamy, gazy tracks from Lightning Bug.
  • Raconteur’s co-founder Brendan Benson is back following a seven year hiatus.
  • Lorenzo Senni’s latest EP on Warp comes from the point of view of a raver.
  • Oooh that looks like a nice house doesn’t it? Indie rockers Other Lives are back with their first in five.
  • John Carroll Kirby unleashes his debut, where he looks a bit like Dale Cooper in S3 of Twin Peaks.
  • Fascinating meeting of two minds on the latest collaboration between JG Thirlwell & Simon Steensland.
  • First of the 30th anniversary releases from stoner-punk legends Fu Manchu.
  • Philly born BC Camplight rounds off his beautiful ‘Manchester Trilogy’.
  • caroline. Eclectic debut single from the hyped experimental rockers.
  • Ezra Furman’s soundtrack to a raunchy Netflix comedy drama has landed.
  • The Cinematic Orchestra have released two remix EPs from club, electronic & experimental royalty.
  • Hazel English is a big fan of Boo Radley’s most famous tune…
  • Canadian’s finest art rock group Braids are back.
  • Christoph de Babalon / Mark. Split LP from the German D&B master & mysterious musician Mark.


  • One of Muslimgauze’s most cherished albums gets a 2LP reissue.
  • Early recordings from a teenage Matt Johnson of The The.
  • Huge deluxe 5LP box set from black metal originators & church burning enthusiasts Mayhem.
  • Manchester’s 52nd Street allow us to revisit an intriguing slab of funk, soul & disco.
  • Pole. 1 2 3, Stefan Betke releases a collection of three.
  • You can never have Much Too Much Sass.
  • Belgium Factory signees The Names reissue a seminal post-punk cut.
  • Couple of reissues from death doom pillars Disembowelment. Influential stuff right here.
  • Dub meets post-punk on this ace Vivien Goldman single featuring Lydon, Levine, Sherwood & Oban.
  • Ace compilation of Estonian modern classical composer Arvo Pärt’s work.
  • Dead Moon. Gnarly & noisy psychedelic garage rock.
  • Three of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s best records make their way back onto wax.
  • Phil’s very own Bushpilot repress a two cuts of post-punk-funk & post-rock. FFO Slint & Can.
  • White vinyl repress of a favourite from gothic psychsters The Underground Youth.
  • Television Personalities. Perfect collision of 60s pop, mod, post-punk & indie right here.
  • Sven Libaek. Influential cuts of lounge, library music & surf sounds.
  • Cosmic folk jams courtesy of the ever-enigmatic Jim Sullivan.
  • Optic Nerve reissue a famous Vaselines cut & a Wedding Present single.
  • Momoko Kikuchi. Adventurous pop for all you fans of Japanese reissues.
  • Masahiko Satoh. Obscure soundtrack of jazz, lounge, grooves & classical from an obscure drama.

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Featured albums

Eat Lights Become Lights
Arash Moori
Quelle Chris & Chris Keys
Elephant Tree
Lightning Bug
Vivien Goldman
Other Lives
JG Thirlwell & Simon Steensland
Masahiko Satoh
The The
Fu Manchu
Television Personalities
Pretty Lightning
Christoph de Babalon / Mark
52nd Street
Lorenzo Senni
Momoko Kikuchi
Lucinda Williams
The Cinematic Orchestra
Brendan Benson
Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes
The Strokes
White Poppy
Hazel English
BC Camplight
John Carroll Kirby
Ezra Furman
The Wedding Present
The Vaselines
Arvo Pärt
Dead Moon
The Underground Youth
The Names
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Jim Sullivan
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Sven Libaek
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti