Weekly Update Rowland S. Howard, Bicep, The Orb, Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini.

Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams, The Chats, Polytechnic Youth records, Slift, Little Dragon, John Frusciante, Sugar, Sorry, Pearl Jam, Molchat Doma, Cranes, Bon Iver, Miles Davis.


  • Album of the Week. We’re going for a reissue this week as it’s a favourite of several of our staff members & it’s been sought-after for decades. It can only be Rowland S. Howard!
  • Northern Irish dance duo Bicep have unleashed a corker of a new single.
  • Check out our staff-picked Weekly Playlist on Spotify & Youtube

New music

  • Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams. New age, ambient & electronic album from Soof & his stepdad. 
  • Catchy electro-pop group Little Dragon are back with fresh album on Ninja Tune.
  • Super-fun garage punk from Aussie group The Chats.
  • Knxwledge. Instrumental hip hop cuts for fans of Prefuse 73 & Dilla.
  • Indie rock songwriter Waxahatchee returns.
  • Sleaford Mods associate John Paul makes a welcome return.
  • Fresh album from 77-year old soul legend Swamp Dogg.
  • French Slift unleash a record of fast-paced, krauty space rock. FFO: Oh Sees, Fuzz, Colour Haze.
  • If you like Slift, you may also like Perhaps’ latest!
  • Fresh CD from avant-garde jazzers The Necks.
  • Eclectic, exotic noise rock courtesy of Swiss heavies Massicot.
  • Fierce, distortion heavy rawk from Cable Ties.
  • JARV IS. Mr. Cocker loves his house music now.
  • Following a shedload of acclaimed singles, UK post-punks Sorry issue their anticipated debut.
  • Coriky. New group featuring two Fugazi members & Amy Farina.
  • Warbly Seattle rockers Pearl Jam are back with their first in yonks.
  • Get your FACS straight. Ace meeting of post-punk, indie & post-rock right here.
  • Two new’uns on UK independent psych label Fruits deMer from The Lost Stoned Pandas & Mark McDowell. They’ve also got a 4CD set of 60s psychedelia out.
  • Emma-Jean Thackray launches her new label with a fresh EP which is an eclectic, jazzy affair.
  • The Lovely Eggs latest single lands on ‘snot green’ vinyl. Lovely.
  • In Lewsburg’s house, they worship the Velvets & Pavement.
  • Indie rockers Nap Eyes pay tribute to Eric Cartman’s Christian rock group on their latest.
  • Lilly Hiatt’s colour-your-own cover should keep you occupied indoors.
  • Singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy has some songs of Devotion for you.
  • Debut album from Serbian born indie songwriter Dana Gavanski.


  • Rowland S. Howard’s ace ‘Pop Crimes’ has also been reissued on colour wax this week.
  • Ace psychedelic art rock reissue from John Frusciante. One of his best right here.
  • There’s been a tonne of great shoegaze reissues recently. Cranes are here to continue that tradition.
  • Upbeat, powerful & melodic tunes from Bob Mould & Sugar. We’ve got loads to pick from here.
  • Belarusian post-punk/synthpoppers Molchat Doma get the vinyl treatment for a couple of their records.
  • Good news for Robert Forster fans, as he’s reissued a couple of fan-favourites.
  • Mono’s latest album of dark post-rock gets a repress.
  • Here’s one for the stoner rock fans; a Fu Manchu classic on colour wax with a bonus single.
  • De La Soul. Star-studded album from the alternative hip hop legends.
  • Minimalist saxophonist Colin Stetson reissues his third alongside a new soundtrack.
  • Boom! Here’s a classic 60s garage rock record from The Sonics.
  • UK producer/musician Tom Misch reissues his debut beat tape ahead of his upcoming Yussef Dayes collab.
  • Kanye West changed the landscape of hip hop forever on this one, for the better or worse...
  • Dub fans will be interested in this one from Lee Perry feat. Mad Professor / Douggie Digital / Juggler.
  • You Waxahatchee fans must be having a good week ayy? Katie reissues a couple.
  • Bon Iver reissues an early EP on colour wax no less.
  • Highly original darkwave, industrial, noise, metal & whatnot from Lingua Ignota.
  • A The Raincoats Peel Sessions lands back on wax(ed lemons).
  • Here’s a jazz-fusion/rock classic from Miles Davis.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Emotionally weighty, time dissolving album from Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini.
  • A peek inside the teenage bedroom studio of NYZ unearths some proto-techno/hardcore/rave gems.
  • Roll The Dice collaborations with Alessandro Cortini, Sophia Loizou, Glasser, Pär Grindvik, Goran Kafjes and El Perro del Mar incl. six ace art prints.
  • Cosmic disco/krautrock flavoured 7" from Dream Division and minimal synth LP from Oxykitten on Polytechnic Youth.
  • Sci-fi novel inspired minimal electronica meets UK Funky derived rhythms from Primitive World on Not Waving’s Ecstatic label.
  • Lake District inspired hauntology from The Heartwood Institute & Panamint Manse.
  • Pure, functional, banging utilitarian techno DJ tools from Sleeparchive on Tresor.
  • Ghédalia Tazartès classic 1979 surreal sound collage mind twister 'Diasporas' newly remastered on Dais.
  • Signature, heady synth drone minimalism 'Harmonic Twins' LP from Eleh.
  • Electronic Sound magazine incl. a limited 7" from The Orb who also have a new album.
  • Scored Alien Brains freaky frazzler 'Live At The Basement' CD aka Nigel Jacklin - the schoolboy that organized the Throbbing Gristle show at his Oundle school.
  • D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. 'Förintelsen & Döden' deliciously bleak Opal Tape vinylized.
  • Simon Fisher Turner and Edmund de Waa expand their installation work for ceramics into a full album of immersive sound art.
  • Vinyl edition of Tod Dockstader's shortwave radio noise derived classic 'Aerial 1'.
  • Jacaszek does ‘Music for Film’ on Ghostly, plus a first-time vinyl edition of 2009 spooker 'Pentral'.
  • Deluxe 3LP box set collecting rare ritual industrial works from Zero Kama.
  • Hallucinatory voices emerge from Giulio Aldinucci's majestic soundscapes.
  • Peripheral Minimal CD reissue of the ultra-rare Attrition / Alu 1993 IRRE Tapes cassette. Pure class.
  • Crisp electro(nica) from Annie Hall on CPU.
  • 3CD compilation of Danny Hyde’s (Coil/Electric Sewer Age) work as Aural Rage.
  • Reissues of critically acclaimed new age melters from Peter Davison and Iasos.
  • Bluuuuuuuury house from Matt Karmil.
  • port-royal's post-rock ambient hybrid 'Flares' comes back around.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Void Moments

9/10 from Jamie

My my, this is a terrific noise. Now already three full-length records into their career, it’s Chicagoans FACS with ‘Void Moments’. Perhaps it’s a on »


OLD TRX [87-93]

9/10 from Ant

The Death of Rave offers us a peek inside the Noyzelab back when it was a teenage bedroom studio, with this collection of tracks spanning the late ‘80s through the on »

Ian William Craig

Red Sun Through Smoke

8/10 from Daoud

A fire will keep burning while it still has access to oxygen and fuel. It’s hard not to relate the current coronavirus epidemic to the circumstances under which Ian on »

Las Kellies

Suck This Tangerine

8/10 from Jamie

Oh, thank goodness for that! The trio -- wait, I mean duo, as one of them has left the group -- of Kelly sisters from Argentina are back! B-A-C-K !! Here to inject some fun on »

John Frusciante

The Empyrean (10 Year Anniversary Issue)

8/10 from Tommy WM

I’m currently self-isolating at home and one of the books I brought with me was ‘Acid For The Children’, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ memoirs. on »

Molchat Doma


8/10 from Tommy WM

Online algorithms are a weird one. Some videos from Mogwai and Low boasts millions of views thanks to the autoplay feature, whilst tried and tested favourites of their other on »


(The Power Of) The Will Of Man

8/10 from Tommy WM

ZekeUltra’s latest album impressed on the first listen. Beats and production as lucid as on ‘(The Power Of) The Will Of Man’ are rarely heard in hip hop, on »

The Fear Ratio

They Can't Be Saved

8/10 from Ant

UK techno stalwarts James Ruskin and Mark Broom make a most welcome return to Skam with their third full length as The Fear Ratio. I’ve been relentlessly piping this on »



8/10 from Ant

On ‘Trust’ Sleeparchive doesn’t waste a millisecond before he goes straight into full-on ripping Birmingham style techno with opening cut ‘Needle& on »

Roll The Dice & Various Artists


8/10 from Ant

Roll The Dice aka Swedish duo Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt finally compile collaborative works previously available as digital-only releases on their own The New Black on »

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini

Illusion Of Time

8/10 from Fred MG

The sonic aesthetics of Alessandro Cortini and Daniel Avery are already pretty much yin and yang - Cortini’s industrial grinds have a penchant for the foreboding and on »

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Dream Division
Roll The Dice & Various Artists
Primitive World
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Annie Hall
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The Orb
Zero Kama
Matt Karmil
Alien Brains
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Aural Rage
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Molchat Doma
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