Weekly Update Moses Boyd, Tame Impala, The Men, Mush.

Eluvium, Beatrice Dillon, Gabe Knox, Bambara, HAAi, John, Piper, Tindersticks, The Young Gods, Kanaan, Elephant Stone, Townes Van Zandt, Katie Galely.


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New music

  • Aussie psych group Tame Impala release one of the most anticipated albums of the year.
  • Polytechnic Youth release Gabe Knox’s latest slice of playful synth tunes.
  • Cosmic Ground. Kosmische which does exactly what it says in the name. 
  • More copies of Soden’s album of heavy-hitting post-rock have arrived.
  • Eluvium. The ambient favourite is back with three gorgeous long-form pieces.
  • Leeds art punks Mush are set for big things on their debut on Memphis Industries.
  • Kvelertak. Imagine later Entombed crossed with Mastodon & Hellhammer.
  • We’ve sold out of the vinyl of Aidan Moffat’s new project Nyx Nótt, but there’s CD versions left.
  • Tindersticks issue a companion piece to last year’s ‘No Treasure But Hope’.
  • Grotbags mix power pop with a gritty humour & a punk edge, sorta like fellow Mancs the Buzzcocks.
  • Married couple Tennis return with a record which blends the bittersweet with optimism. 
  • Eclectic rock outing from Sacred Bones signed group The Men.
  • Elephant Stone take cues from the opulent psych concept albums of the 60s on their latest.
  • Essential for fans of Danish psych label El Paraiso as Kanaan team up with Jonas Munk of Causa Sui.
  • Post punks Bambara’s latest is loaded with theatrical goth touches. FFO The Bad Seeds, Iceage etc.
  • Riki swaps the goth touches of her previous work to art pop opulence. 
  • Eclectic outing of roots rock, r&b, Americana & all that other good stuff from Nathaniel Rateliff.
  • Imagine walking into your garage & seeing a mirage. Liam Hayes would know. 


  • UK garage punks John repress their debut for a limited run.
  • First ever vinyl release from experimental psych collective Sunburned Hand of the Man.
  • Seminal Swiss psych/krautrock from Kedama hand-selected by John Dwyer himself. 
  • The Melodians. Classic debut of reggae & rocksteady.
  • Upsetters. More reggae, this time it’s from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and co.
  • Couple of Sam Cooke records for you classic soul fans.
  • Call Me By Your Name gets repressed on red wax, just in time for Valentines. Peachy.
  • Ace intimate folk record from guitar virtuoso John Frusciante.
  • Alabaster de Plume. Indie folk meets art rock, channeling the likes of Everything Everything & Wild Beasts.
  • Souls Of Mischief. Essential slab of 90s jazz rap. 93 forever!
  • Ceramic Hello. Seminal synthpop from the Canadian group.
  • The Young Gods reissue a slab of mechanical industrial rock.
  • Piper will soundtrack your summer with their seminal city pop sounds.
  • Simon and Garfunkel cover a classic Half Man Half Biscuit album in full…
  • Picture disc repress of Michael Kiwanuka’s ace soul-psych-funk record.
  • If you’re a fan of downbeat country & folk & haven’t listened to Townes Van Zandt then do so now!
  • Lego your heart, lego your head with David Gray.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • 150bpm mutant clicks ‘n’ cuts minimalist insectoid techno jazz or whatever you wanna call it from Beatrice Dillon on PAN.
  • Wild, doolally LP of twisted ’tronix from Lolina (Inga Copeland/Hype Williams).
  • Highly recommended ‘Join The Future’ book from Matt Annis delving into the history of Yorkshire Bleep ‘n’ Bass. Covers Unique 3, LFO, Ital Rockers, Forgemasters et al.
  • Katie Gately samples earthquakes, peacocks and coffins among other things on her album exploring grief on Houndstooth.
  • Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek and Hideki Umezawa help Mads Emil Nielsen transform his hand-drawn graphic scores into sound.
  • Ace Rrose and Silent Servant curated Air Texture compilation feat.Ron Morelli, Laurel Halo, Anthony Child, Not Waving, Charlemagne Palestine, Function, Octo Octa etc.
  • DMX Krew does dancehall as EDMX. 2LP on Queen Nanny.
  • Gnarly, gritty, festival compatible rave mongrels from HAAi on Mute.
  • Melodies International reissue some quality house from Synchrojack that originally came out in 1995 on Russ Gabriel's Ferox label.
  • Electro juggernaut from Swarm Intelligence.
  • Midnight Shift x Voitax 3LP featuring Jamal Moss, Hodge, Xhin, Simo Cell, Don’t DJ, Harmonious Thelonious, Innsyter, Kamikaze Space Programme, L/F/D/M etc.
  • James Ruskin bangers on Blueprint.
  • D'monK / Thru Colours mangle breaks, jazz and house on a split EP. Edition of 100.
  • Bizzaro zoners from Yan Hart-Lemonnier on Adaadat.
  • Zany gear from Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler as CEL.
  • Synthesizer twiddlers Patrick R. Pärk (Kösmonaut/Life Education) and Ali Wade both have fine kosmische leaning tapes on Frequency Domain.
  • Clutch of beard enhancing avant-garde/field recordings LPs on Persistence of Sound from The London Sound Survey, Robert Worby and Iain Chambers.
  • Scored some more copies of Celer's 'Xièxie' 2CD, plus a spanking new double tape edition.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Gil Scott-Heron

We're New Again – A Re-imagining by Makaya McCraven

9/10 from Daoud

I can’t imagine working with Gil Scott-Heron’s now ten year old ‘I’m New Here’. That record is bracingly personal in a way so few albums are. Sco...read on »

Nyx Nótt

Aux Pieds de la Nuit

8/10 from Will

Arab Strap's Aiden Moffat is back with his new Nyx Nótt project. There's a bit of biography to this record which is important - Moffat wrote and recorded this album at ...read on »

René Aquarius


8/10 from Ant

René Aquarius is primarily known for drumming in several far-out, heavy bands; Dead Neanderthals, Imperial Cult and Cryptae. However, he’s not exclusively a stick...read on »

Moses Boyd

Dark Matter

8/10 from Daoud

Though they had long established themselves, it was only when they released ‘Your Queen Is A Reptile’ that idiots like me started paying attention to the remarkabl...read on »

Guilt Attendant

Suburban Scum

8/10 from Ant

Suburban Scum is the handy work of NYC dwelling Nathaniel Young aka Hofmann, Kohl, Moral Extrication. His gloomy, greyscale American Gothic techno productions as Guilt Attenda...read on »

Beatrice Dillon


8/10 from Ant

Highly respected producer and DJ Beatrice Dillon lands on PAN for an album fusing computer music, international rhythms and various strains of UK club music styles into a reco...read on »

John Chantler & Johannes Lund


8/10 from Will

'Andersabo' by John Chantler & Johannes Lund is a fresh and innovative take on ambient experimental music. It comprises three long-form pieces all united by one central dr...read on »

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D'monK / Thru Colours
Robert Worby
Patrick R. Pärk
Ali Wade
Michael Kiwanuka
Midnight Shift x Voitax (Various Artists)
Swarm Intelligence
Sunburned Hand of the Man
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Ceramic Hello
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Sam Cooke
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