Weekly Update Rowland S. Howard, Bonnie Light Horseman, Wire, Caspian.

Black Lips, Polytechnic Youth records, Upcoming Soundtracks feature, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Jim Noir, Piper, Neneh Cherry, Wolf Parade, Recondite, Giant Swan, Depeche Mode.


  • Album of the Week. Anaïs Mitchell collabs with The Shins & The National members as Bonnie Light Horseman for a record of varied folk. Not to be confused with Netflix’s series about the talking horse...
  • Mute announce two highly sought-after classics from former Birthday Party member Rowland S. Howard are being reissued on blue & red vinyl!
  • We’ve got two releases from Polytechnic Youth this week in the form of a compilation double-set and a hand-crafted single of post-punk tainted electronics from e+.
  • Check out our fresh in-depth feature on Upcoming Soundtracks, for film buffs & musos alike.
  • Weekly Playlist. New & old musical gems over on YouTube.

New music

  • UK post-punk innovators Wire are back.
  • Montague Armstrong. Sixties testcard music meets Hammond organ antics & delightful experimentation.
  • Video game fans take note; scores to Resident Evil, MGS, & Borderlands arrive this week.
  • Bohren & Der Club Of Gore. The inventive dark jazz group make a welcome return.
  • We’re all big Taika Waititi fans here so we’re pleased to have the JoJo Rabbit soundtrack arrive!
  • The last of the black pressings of space rock group Mythic Sunship’s live album are here.
  • Tortoise’s Jeff Parker’s latest is a triumph of avant-jazz & left-field beats.
  • Post-rockers Caspian return for all you fans of textural, heady alt. Rock.
  • Supergrass fans will be more than happy to have this huge box set pump from their stereos.
  • Indie songwriting meets psych, library music & electronics on Jim Noir’s latest. FFO Beta Band, Super Furry’s, Grandaddy etc.
  • Okay Kaya presents an album of lucid melancholy.
  • Taking cues from avant-jazz, African music, funk & horror, Leeds group The Sorcerers are back.
  • Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band go whale hunting.
  • Wolf Parade. A parade of wolves would look pretty cool wouldn’t it?
  • Enter The World Of Ivor Cutler with this tribute album featuring many Scottish musical guests.
  • Yorkston/Thorne/Khan. Three folkies delve into the ‘nine emotions of art’ on this gorgeously exotic LP.
  • Black Lips country-fry their garage rock meets power punk & psych pop sound.
  • Jaz Coleman - Magna Invocatio. The Killing Joke man adds his classical training to his band's music.
  • Super original emo from Glass Beach with elements of psych, indie, power pop & IDM.
  • Hugely successful synth-pop act Pet Shop Boys have got a new gatefold LP out.
  • Australian comic Chris Lilley brings out a song with Wavves.


  • Mancunian duo Electronic have got away with this reissue of their debut.
  • We love a bit of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith here. Yoga mats & incense at the ready!
  • Pussy’s in demand gem of psych rock, pop & prog gets a re-release on ‘ginger’ wax.
  • More prized psych, this time it’s from Mike Tingley.
  • John Foxx. First time standalone vinyl release of these instrumental cuts from the Ultrafoxx.
  • Cherished Brazlian classic from Antonio Carlos Jobim.
  • Idris Muhammad. Soul-funk-jazz mash-up on yellow vinyl.
  • Trip popper Neneh Cherry reissues her debut LP to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
  • The Japanese reissue wave continues with a gorgeous reissue of Piper’s debut. Also on CD.
  • Get back in the Loop with these CDs from the UK space-fuzz rock legends.
  • Lucid folk-jazz from the reliable & prolific Greg Foat Group.
  • The Vaselines & Even As We Speak get some classic indie pop singles reissued on Optic Nerve.
  • Jangly indie pop compilation from unsung UK heroes East Village.
  • Industrial deviants Foetus get their debut remastered & pressed onto red wax.
  • Homage to spiritual jazz from Sarathy Korwar & UPAJ Collective.
  • Seminal West African classic from Super Mama Djombo.
  • Depeche Mode. Gorgeously packaged black cube box set featuring all their albums & 228-page booklet.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Otherworldly, sizzling, molten, iridescent electronics from Pod Blotz on Dais.
  • Limited, single-sided/etched 12" from Giant Swan with an extended mix of noggin' squisher '55 Year Old Daughter'
  • Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens hookup to bring some festival-friendly euphoria.
  • Delightful, sparkling, tranquil LP from Benoit B on Into The Light, plus a sexy looking, bombastic 10” on Unthank.
  • Limited double cassette edition of Prurient scorcher 'Garden Of The Mutilated Paratroopers'. 
  • Hospital Productions vinyl edition of Slogun's 1997 face shredder 'The Pleasures Of Death',
  • Multi-flavoured funkers from Bufiman on Dekmantel.
  • Vinyl reissue of Global Communication’s ‘76:14’. Eternal classic ambient gear from Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard.
  • NYC's Willie Burns aka Speculator in kosmishe mode as Black Deer.
  • Tasty archival business from I.A.O. on Left Ear and Dark Arts on Stroom.
  • Newly minted label and alias from Flørist with an ambient cut and a coupla techno bangers as Pavilion.
  • Hudson Mohawke and Lunice return as TNGHT on Warp.
  • Underground Resistance repress of their classic 'Knights Of The Jaguar'. Plus hi-tech funk from DJ John Collins.
  • Johnny Jewel coloured vinyl repress action on Italians Do It Better.
  • Glacial, moody, melodic techno from Recondite on Ghostly.
  • Pender Street Steppers on a Freestyle tip.
  • Whopping 7CD box set from Ulrich Schnauss.
  • Stunning vinyl reissue of Bent Lorentzen's 'Electronic Music' as previously unearthed by Creel Pone.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Tom R., Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom H. & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


The Sun Is Setting on the World

8/10 from Daoud

Just looking at the track titles on this thing you’d be excused if you thought this was the emo’st emo record that ever emo’d. Just look at them, ‘What...read on »

Bonny Light Horseman

Bonny Light Horseman

8/10 from Daoud

I first listened to Anaïs Mitchell something like 10 years ago, when I happened to pick up her wonderful folk epic ‘Hadestown’. At first I found her piercing ...read on »


Navarasa : Nine Emotions

8/10 from Daoud

Three musicians and nine emotions. There’s something quite satisfying about that isn’t there? ‘Navaras : Nine Emotions’ is also the third album from th...read on »

Giant Swan

55 Year Old Daughter (Extended Mix)

8/10 from Daoud

To start off with, I’d like to congratulate Giant Swan on writing one of the most beautiful series of words in the English language. Giant Swan - 55 Year Old Daughter (E...read on »

Pod Blotz

Transdimensional System

8/10 from Ant

Been heavily zoning recently assisted by Pod Blotz and her Transdimensional System. I have to sheepishly confess to being a Pod Blotz noob. I picked up that ‘Eminent Dom...read on »

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