Weekly Update Algiers, Thundercat, King Krule, Pale Saints.

Galaxie 500, Eluvium, Holy F, Oval, Lightning Bolt, SPK, Muslimgauze, Pan American, OOIOO, Keeley Forsyth, Breathless, MONO & A.A. Williams, Pinegrove, Steve Roach.


  • Album of the Week. Algiers snatch our Album of the Week accolade with their genre-bending post-punk. More copies of this blues, experimental rock & gospel tainted corker arriving on Monday!
  • Thundercat has announced a new album complete with several deluxe, limited-edition variants! All pre-orders will gain you an entry to win one of five test pressings.
  • King Krule makes a welcome return with his third album ‘Man Alive!’.
  • Weekly Playlist. A selection of musical delights, both new & old.

New music

  • Don’t bend, Ascend with Nottingham psych group The Cult of Dom Keller.
  • All proceeds from this release from Jack Medley’s Secure Men will be given to charity.
  • Keeley Forsyth’s debut of dark chamber pop was almost our Album of the Week!
  • OOIOO. Weird & wonderful dubby, jazzy space rock from Yoshimi of Boredoms and co.
  • Holy F marry kraut, electronics & psych on their latest record.
  • 70s seminal folkie Bill Fay is back with more pastoral sounds.
  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Widescreen post-hardcore from the Texan rockers.
  • Pinegrove. The emos are being influenced by Americana & country now…
  • Mythic Sunship find their perfect home at Dutch psych festival Roadburn.
  • She’s got a Ford Courteener, which just won’t run without fuel…
  • MONO’s post-rock finds a comfy place in A.A. Williams’ dream pop songwriting.
  • Indie folk favourites the innocence mission will see you tomorrow.
  • Geoff Barrow’s soundtrack imprint release the score to surreal drama ‘Bait’.
  • Bombay Bicycle Club. Try replacing your spuds for bikes in your Bombay potatoes for a crunchy finish.
  • Whyte Horses couldn’t drag me away. Star-studded psych pop loveliness.
  • Fresh record from US pop star Halsey.
  • If you don’t eat yer tea you won’t get any Deserta.
  • Fluid Audio are back with more bespoke CD sets from offthesky & Bill Seaman.


  • Lightning Bolt reissue their debut with a full-length bonus slab of wax.
  • We’ve sold tonnes of this class EP from post-punks Squid so thank god for a repress!
  • Here’s an unsung classic of shoegaze & post-punk from Breathless.
  • The Sun Is Setting on the World. Death Is Not The End unearth some doomy & dark Greek folk cuts.
  • The score to Dario Argento’s giallo classic ‘Tenebre’ lands on coloured wax.
  • Leeds shoegaze legends Pale Saints reissue their debut, complete with their only Peel Session & bonus tracks.
  • Three slowcore classics from Galaxie 500 are back on our shelves.
  • New Orleans’ Dr. John creates a spooky, swampy atmosphere like no other.
  • The Electric Prunes may have had too much to dream, but they can write garage-psych classics like this one.
  • Echobelly’s Gil Norton produced Britpop classic gets a reissue.
  • The Matrix score is back on wax.
  • Eric Allaman’s soundtrack to cult film Elvira’s Haunted Hills is here.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Ant’s not here this Thursday so I’ll try my best to give you the low-down on the week’s best electronic, dance & experimental records.

  • Glitch pioneer Oval eschews electronics with the organic. On limited white wax.
  • SPK reissue a classic of mysterious, dark & ritualistic ambient.
  • Archival release from seminal tribal ambient musician Muslimgauze.
  • Industrial meets left-field pop & Arabic music on this corker courtesy of MSYLMA.
  • Kate Carr unleashes some field recordings taken from a scorching London heatwave.
  • worriedaboutsatan & Test Card’s latest ambient collections land on Sound In Silence.
  • Murky 4-track 12’’ of techno from Forest Drive West.
  • Pan American’s latest is a stripped down affair of soothing, organic ambient.
  • Neil Landstrumm is back on Cocoon for a 3-track EP of late 90s rave mutations.
  • Full-length LP from Bergsonist on Optimo Music.
  • Spencer Adam Grady issues in one of the final releases for Patient Sounds.
  • Shhhhhh…. It’s oh so quiet in ambient hero Steve Roach’s triple hit of hushed tunes.
  • Mysterious producer Wayne Phoenix mixes RZA’s beats with Hyperdub grit.
  • Not Waving links up with gruff-voiced grunger Mark Lanegan. 
  • Eluvium’s back with another slice of gorgeous ambient on Temporary Residence.
  • Andy Votel compiles a collection of library music from A.R Luciani.

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Kali Malone

The Sacrificial Code

9/10 from Will

'The Sacrificial Code' by Kali Malone is hard to write about. It lacks a frame of reference, a coordinate system, markers, hangers, or pegs. To frame it within a genre, even on »


Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al-Zaqum

9/10 from Daoud

As much as we like to think of music as a universal language, the fact that even a relatively adventurous shop like ours doesn’t stock much contemporary music sung in on »



8/10 from Will

There's a painting by the Bauhaus artist Paul Klee called 'Highways and Byways' that I like very much. It consists of hundreds of spindly lines intersecting and crossing to on »

Kate Carr


8/10 from Daoud

Think heatwaves are fun do you? Huh? Huh? Well, they are a bit fun. But I guess sometimes things can be fun and also a sign of impending doom. Kate Carr certainly agrees, as on »



8/10 from Tommy WM

I’m sure OOIOO never thought they’d be making music as good as this in 2019 when they first ‘formed’ in 1996. The mischievous Boredoms drummer Yoshimi on »

Keeley Forsyth


8/10 from Daoud

‘Debris’ by Keeley Forsyth is the hot new album everyone is comparing to Scott Walker’s solo stuff. And like, it’s not a bad comparison. She does on »

offthesky & Bill Seaman

Layers of Memory

8/10 from Daoud

So the label’s called Fluid Audio you say? It’s rare that a label’s name uses the exact words you’d use to describe an album, but stranger things have on »

Bill Fay

Countless Branches

8/10 from Daoud

There’s a reason piano and violin is such a well worn combination. It’s because it makes me cry every time I hear it. It worked for Beethoven and boy does it work on »

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