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  • Album of the Week. Craven Faults’ debut album of sooty Yorkshire electronica & sombre krautrock is our favourite this week. The CD includes all the tracks from the essential ‘Lowfold EPs’ too!
  • Checked out our guide to the best ambient music around yet?
  • Polytechnic Youth are reissuing two highly sought-after compilations in one colour vinyl set alongside a tasty 7’’ of gritty electronics from e+!
  • Our updated Upcoming Records page will give you the lowdown on anticipated 2020 releases. 
  • Gil Scott-Heron’s brilliant & distinctly modern final album is getting a reissue, complete with two colour LPs & unreleased tracks.
  • Cheap Vinyl. Loads of classics from the likes of Sonic Youth, Nick Drake, Portishead & more from just £10.99.
  • Our Weekly Playlist has landed on YouTube, offering a selection of Update-related tunes. 

New music

  • This year is UK alt. rockers The Big Moon’s big year.
  • Debut album of psych-pop-folk from Basin Rock signed songwriter Aoife Nessa Frances.
  • Low budget fun rock’n’roll from Gino and the Goons.
  • UK pop sensation Georgia is seeking some thrills.
  • Chromatics return with their first in 7 years, complete with a cracking Jesus & Mary Chain cover.
  • Art rockers Field Music take a look at life in Britain after WW1.
  • The Flaming Lips give a neo-psych classic the orchestral treatment.
  • Dancehall, dub & reggae jams from the New Zealand 7-piece Fat Freddy's Drop.
  • Beach Slang are back with their energetic take on power pop.
  • Purple Heart Parade unleash an EP of psychedelic post-rock. Gorgeous sleeve too!
  • Psych-pop songwriter Jim Noir’s back with a limited-edition new album.
  • Slumb Party cite Gang of Four, Minutemen & James Chance as their influences. That should be enough info for you to buy this!
  • New single from Lancaster’s finest The Lovely Eggs.
  • The Slender men release their debut record of lo-fi post punk.
  • Ruby Rushton are all about that modern jazz sound.
  • L M U. Ever wondered what it would sound like if a Hot Chip member worked with a thrash metal drummer?
  • And the best band name of the week award goes to The Good The Bad and The Zugly.
  • Hannah Diamond releases her debut of arty hyperactive pop on PC Music.
  • Hammock finish their trilogy of gorgeous post-rock influenced ambient music.
  • Marco Beltrami’s scores to cult horror films Scream 1 & 2 has landed.
  • Indie slackers Scott & Charlene's Wedding have their honeymoon in Rome.


Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Ant delves head-first into all this week’s offerings of electronic, experimental & club music. It’s got a Coil release on so you know it’s a good’un!

  • Reissue of Coil's 1992 album 'Stolen & Contaminated Songs' featuring trippers from the LSD sessions.
  • Kali Malone's esteemed 'The Sacrificial Code' 2LP of epic organ droners re-pressed on iDEAL Recordings.
  • Rrose 'Hymn to Moisture' is back in print. Exemplary modern drone/techno hypnosis.
  • Get tangled in Brunhild Ferrari & Jim O'Rourke’s web of piano, electronics and field recordings. LP on Oren Ambrachi’s unstoppable Black Truffle.
  • 2019 SDEM session of liquid metal mutant electronics made for radio.syg.ma. Limited tape on .meds.
  • SPK 'Zamia Lehmanni (Songs of Byzantine Flowers)' comes back around. Stunning 1986 cinematic work from Graeme Revell.
  • Doublepack of typically rugged, grubby, zoned electro/acid/techno fizzers from ace Dutch producer Ekman on Bedouin Records w/ Crass homage art.
  • Mysterious, tranquil ambienty works from Rutger Zuydervelt and Bill Seaman.
  • Bunch of limited edition coloured vinyl represses from The Caretaker, King Midas Sound, Anne Imhof und Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas.

Money Saving Stuff

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Words: Ant & Tom.

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Ant, Tom & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


There Is No Year

9/10 from Will

Christopher Isherwood's novel 'Goodbye to Berlin' is set in early 1930s Germany. Although it mostly comprises light-hearted vignettes, Isherwood includes a tangible sense that...read on »

Craven Faults

Erratics & Unconformities

8/10 from Will

Beginning a debut LP with a 17 minute synth arpeggio jam is not normal. However, beginning a debut LP with a 17 minute synth arpeggio jam is what Craven Faults has done. 'Erra...read on »


Stolen & Contaminated Songs

8/10 from Daoud

There’s no arguing that Coil weren’t prolific. Not when 1992's ‘Stolen & Contaminated Songs’ was just the off-cuts from the previous year's ‘...read on »

Hannah Diamond


8/10 from Daoud

5 long years ago a friend introduced me to the PC Music stable and I was hooked, Hannah Diamond’s ‘Every Night’ was one of a series of rave revivalist pop ba...read on »

Pale Saints

The Comforts Of Madness

8/10 from Will

The early 90s saw a glut of superb debut albums by groups with washy guitars, indecipherable lyrics, and fringes down to their chins. There was Slowdive's 'Souvlaki', Lush's '...read on »

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Gil Scott-Heron
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Pete La Roca
Tino Contreras
Jim Noir
Brunhild Ferrari & Jim O'Rourke
The Good The Bad and The Zugly
The Lovely Eggs
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Purple Heart Parade
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Fat Freddy's Drop
Craven Faults
Aoife Nessa Frances
The Flaming Lips
The Revolving Paint Dream
The Primitives
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The Caretaker
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Lydia Lunch / Rowland S. Howard
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Townes Van Zandt
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