Weekly Update Stereolab, Juniore, Moses Boyd, Sonar with David Torn.

Tune-Yards, Guerilla Toss, JME, clipping., Blueboy, XTC, Beat Happening, Roy Montgomery, Greg Foat, Flo & Spicey.



  • Album of the Week. Sonar with David Torn impressed with their collaborative LP of psych, mesmerising prog, minimalism and avant-rock.
  • Dinked are really treating us this week with three limited-edition titles from French psych pop group Juniore, classically inspired art rocker Douglas Dare, and London jazz scene key player Moses Boyd
  • Reduced Vinyl and CDs. We’ve added over 1000 items to our perma-sale page. That’s a hefty chunk of cash slashed from tonnes of tasty records.
  • Box Sets. These bulky sets could make for the perfect Christmas gift…
  • Black Friday. Keep an eye on our site and socials tomorrow from 8am for a range of tasty titles…
  • This sought-after slice of psych is now back up for order in a tasty double colour variant...
  • Weekly Playlist. Prime cuts, both new and old.

New music

  • Swede-Scot duo Flo & Spicey unleash their Residents meets Broadcast collage.
  • Cody Noon. Reading instrumental duo release their second album of Mogwai and Slint inspired jams.
  • Yoshio Ojima shapes up some proper quiet ambient.
  • Tune-Yards scores one of the best dark comedies of recent memory.
  • Guerilla Toss are back with a tasty looking cover and their off-the-wall dance punk sound.
  • JME’s new album title will tell you exactly what his album is about…
  • Former Wire cover stars clipping. take a trip to the bottom of the ocean with this futuristic EP.
  • Huge Factory Communications box set of punk, post-punk, industrial and new wave.
  • Bobby Blackbird. Member of a previous Album of the Week winning group Equiknoxx releases a solo EP.
  • Jazzman kindly put together a couple of Spiritual Jazz compilations for us.
  • Greg Foat. Folk meets jazz and funk with a little help from Binker Golding.
  • Ben Frost has a couple of scores out from the acclaimed German drama ‘Dark’.
  • The Flaming Lips. Live report from a band who know how to do on-stage theatrics right.
  • Fresh from working with Anton Newcombe, The Liminanas unleash a couple of soundtracks.
  • Nurse With Wound reckons you can play this 3LP set in any order...
  • Black & white vinyl from singer-songwriter Erin Durant.


  • First time on wax for Deerhoof’s ‘Holdypaws’.
  • The Relict. Dream pop spin-off group of the brilliant The Clientele.
  • Wake Ooloo. First time on vinyl for this The Feelies related release.
  • Midlands synth-punks Late Of The Pier reissue their only album on Phantasy.
  • Future Islands reissue a couple of early singles on colour/clear wax.
  • The Stereolab reissues series ends with these two records on CD and expanded vinyl.
  • Millionaires Fleetwood Mac turned down Glasto coz they weren’t offered enough cash. Thank God for these reissues then…
  • Josephine Foster reissues a psych-folk beast.
  • Seminal indie pop outfit Blueboy reissue their second.
  • Mammoth box set from lo-fi indie poppers Beat Happening.
  • Biting Tongues’ artefact of Manchester punk finally gets reissued!
  • Finders Keepers resurrect Miquela’s classic of exotic psychedelia, folk, French pop and more.
  • Dome. Experimental post-punk from Wire members and Vince Clarke.
  • The Low Anthem. Has it really been ten years?
  • XTC reissue their classic double album.
  • Roy Montgomery. Psychedelic post-rock, ambient and folk define this classic.
  • Ice-T is sponsored by Liptons now y’know?

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Words: Ant and Tom.

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Tom & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Sonar with David Torn

Tranceportation (Volume 1)

8/10 from Daoud

There’s one word I really must use to talk about this album, so I’m going to get it out of the way now. ‘Tranceportation (Volume 1)’ is taut. The guita...read on »

Guerilla Toss

What Would The Odd Do?

8/10 from Daoud

Ooh Guerilla Toss do know how to get my attention. The title track from ‘What Would The Odd Do?’ starts with one of the most joyful rackets I’ve heard in age...read on »



8/10 from Ant

Despite the fact that NYC producer David Sumner aka Function has been producing tracks that have been moving bodies across the globe for around a quarter of a century, ‘...read on »

Clara! Y Maoupa

Luna Nueva

8/10 from Ant

Ultimate rump shakers from Clara! Y Maoupa aka Clara Sobrino and Florent Mazzocchetti. You'll know full well that this is premium party tackle if you scored their previous rec...read on »

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