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The Low Anthem, Guerilla Toss, JME, Roy Montgomery, Merzbow

It’s-Nearly-Christmas Headlines

No-It’s-Really-Not Headlines

New music

  • Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso have a rebirth in reverse.
  • Erin Durant. Piano-led ballads for fans of Joni, Joanna and Regina.
  • Factory Communications. 8LP box sets which celebrates the hugely influential Manchester label.
  • Sh!t & Shine. More disgusting noise rock from the UK legends.
  • Debut single from Pulled By Magnets, features one son of Kemet.
  • More Ben Frost soundtracks! This time it’s for ‘Dark’ which has been favourably compared to a German ‘Twin Peaks’.
  • The Flaming Lips are perhaps the best live act I’ve seen which is testament enough for you to buy this record.
  • Phwoar, would you take a look at the guests on the new Good Ones album.
  • Three record set from UK underground music legend Nurse With Wound.
  • Guerilla Toss return with their Talking Heads on acid sound.
  • Tune-Yards scores one of the best indie films of recent years, the bizarre dark comedy ‘Sorry To Bother You’.
  • Bored teens make loud music. Gloo are the world’s first.
  • Yoshio Ojima says his music should be played at the same volume as your fridge.
  • We know you loved their work with L'épée, now check out the band behind that sound.
  • clipping. return with an EP inspired by Detroit techno and dystopian sci-fi.
  • After those remixes with Bjork, Fever Ray gets her last album reworked.
  • Made To Break claim their jazz is both ‘abstract’ AND ‘groovy’. 
  • JME’s last album was one of the best grime records we’ve heard, so we’re hoping this one doesn’t disappoint either!
  • Your latest Subtext drone fix comes courtesy of Ecker & Meulyzer and a bunch of seeds.
  • Shed is a member of the boring name/exciting music club. See also Pavement, Spoon etc.
  • MALK. Our current Album of the Year champion unleashes a new tape.


  • You’ll be in indie pop heaven with this holy grail box set from Beat Happening.
  • XTC’s sprawling classic of pastoral pop gets a much needed reissue. Wonder if they’ve found the difference between a lemon and a lime yet…
  • Merzbow reissues an album which has pretty much reached meme status by now. The new iridescent cover is looking proper nice too.
  • Seminal grunge punks L7 reissue a fan-favourite.
  • Prince. Party like it’s 1999 with several editions of this classic from the Big Purple One.
  • Cult of Luna. 2019’s post-metal highlight gets the 2LP/2CD deluxe treatment with an artbook.
  • Fleetwood Mac. Save yourself £2 at your local charity shop by buying these underground classic with us...
  • The Low Anthem’s indie folk classic celebrates its tenth.
  • The Futureheads. Sunderland’s post-punks reissue their debut ft. a Kate Bush cover.
  • Two pre-fame 7”s from that Future Islands
  • Mercury Rev. 4CD box set of ‘All Is Dream’ with loadsa extras goodies.
  • Deerhoof. Quirky pop galore as the Deerhoof reissues continue.
  • Late Of The Pier. Repress of the 10th anniversary edition of the dance/synth punk classic.
  • Remember Sports. One for the emo revivalists, this one lands on wax for the first time.
  • Ice-T. Classic gangsta rap album.
  • Psychedelic folk with operatic chops? It can only be Josephine Foster.
  • UK twee poppers Blueboy reissue their seminal second LP.

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Featured albums

Douglas Dare
Pulled By Magnets
Made To Break
The Good Ones
Fever Ray
Beat Happening
Roy Montgomery
Remember Sports
The Flaming Lips
Nurse With Wound
Guerilla Toss
Yoshio Ojima
Ecker & Meulyzer
Shit & Shine
Erin Durant
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Future Islands
The Low Anthem
Future Islands
Late Of The Pier
Josephine Foster & The Supposed
The Futureheads
Mercury Rev