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American Football, Kim Gordon, Queens of the Stone Age, Beck, Anne Müller, Leonard Cohen, Agalloch, Deerhoof, Ben Frost, Moloko, Laibach, Chapterhouse.


  • Album of the Week. The new Polytechnic Youth from Detox Twins is a corker where the Germanic electro-pop of Kraftwerk meets gritty post-punk. On very limited-edition pink/black wax.
  • Christmas Exclusives. We’ve got limited-edition colour variants of Oh Sees, Kim Gordon & American Football, plus Big Thief’s ‘U.F.O.F.’ with an exclusive lyric poster. You won’t find these anywhere else!
  • Sneak a peek at the contenders for our Best Albums and Best Reissues of 2019. The actual winners will be announced on 30th December...set yer watch...
  • It’s (nearly) Christmas! Check out our Christmas homepage with all the usuals: our Christmas Gift Guide, double NormanPoints, our Vinyl Advent Calendar and our annual Christmas Competition.
  • Hectic drum & bass fella Squarepusher has announced a new album and 12’’ single with a remix.
  • Our Weekly Playlist is back, featuring hand-picked tunes influenced by our Updates.

New music

  • Danny Brown. The innovative MC returns to Warp for a guest-studded new record. Brilliant stuff as per!
  • Beck’s back with a new album of upbeat alternative pop.
  • Alexandre Bazin / Wladyslaw Trejo. Hand-stamped double single on Polytechnic Youth. One sees folk collide with electronica and the others a synth-punk frolic.
  • Anne Müller. The German cellist produced, wrote and performed all the material on her debut record.
  • The Big Moon. Teaser single from the hyped UK indie group.
  • Girl Ray are back with a sharper, funkier sound on their second LP.
  • Disgustingly heavy and noisy rock from UK legends Shit and Shine.
  • Three wintery single releases from the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club.
  • Richard Fearless. One half of Death In Vegas releases his first solo record.
  • Dublin indie folkie Villagers has a new 4-track EP out.
  • Erik Satie. He’s got repetition in his music and he’s never gonna lose it.
  • Leonard Cohen. Unreleased ‘You Want It Darker’ sessions get a tune-up from his son.
  • Laibach. Unreleased tracks from their soundtrack to a documentary on North Korea’s first rock gig.
  • Ben Frost. The master of suspense unleashes his work from crime drama ‘Fortitude’.
  • Chapterhouse stop staring at their effects pedals for a minute to release a best of.
  • No-Man. Porcupine Tree leader Steven Wilson returns to his art pop project.
  • Coldplay. Now that’s an interesting track-list…
  • Horizon Zero Dawn. Over four hours of organic sounding ambient and video game music.
  • Waste the day/week/rest of the year away with this 7CD set from Underworld.
  • Can-man Irmin Schmidt is playing round near these parts tonight. He’s also unleashed this 4LP set!
  • Game of Thrones. Awful finale, great score.
  • Further Perspectives & Distortion. Corker of a 3CD set from Cherry Red, celebrating the best weirdo post-punk and industrial from these very shores. 
  • Sean McCann. That egg is about to get well and truly battered!
  • Aaron Turner. The ISIS, Sumac and Old Man Gloom man explores a whole host of experimental genres.


  • Agalloch. Two deluxe EPs of dark folk, dark ambient, post-rock and drone from the US black metallers.
  • Ancient. Speaking of black metal, this one’s an early classic!
  • Moloko’s celebrated final album has arrived on blue/white vinyl.
  • The Music From Bagpuss. Revisit your childhood as soon as the needle hits the pink grooves.
  • The Chemical Brothers. Widely recognised as stealing the Hair Blair Bunch’s sound…
  • The Pooh Sticks know someone who knows Alan McGee. Deluxe single box set from the indie poppers.
  • Shina Williams & His African Percussions. A lost classic from Lagos on Mr. Bongo.
  • Issam Hajali. Highly sought-after record of Lebanese jazz/folk. 
  • Deerhoof. First ever time on wax from the always fun and brilliant indie pop group.
  • If you like your psychedelic rock heavy then look no further than All Them Witches.
  • Seoul prog/psych/electronic group Tengger reissue their debut on clear wax.
  • A few more of the expanded colour Dinosaur Jr. reissues have landed!
  • Mustafa Ozkent. Turkish psych- funk on splatter wax.
  • Tracey Thorn. Brilliant Christmas album from one half of Everything But The Girl.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Madteo’s unusual vision of techno, house and post-club melters via strong NYC sample heritage on Demdike Stare’s DDS label.
  • Delia Derbyshire's eternal classic 'Doctor Who' theme on yellow wax + zine.
  • Remarkably poignant, gorgeous cracked ambient LP from Mathieu Serruys.
  • Farewell compilation from Blackest Ever Black. So long, weep...
  • Trance inducing, psychoactive modular synth-scapes from Sol Oosel.
  • Cinematic neo-classical, post–rave action from Ryan Teague.
  • Gareth Davis & Scanner conjure absorbing, masterful and unique soundworlds utilizing bass clarinet and electronics.
  • Ultra-limited, special edition of Denis Sulta’s newie on Ninja Tune.
  • Gauzy, forlorn ambient weepers from offthesky.
  • Hip hop and jazz infused after-hours house from Galcher Lustwerk.
  • Pär Grindvik & Peder Mannerfelt's Aasthma project features dreamy vocals from Penelope Trappes making for some blissed, ethereal breakstep.
  • Another one from Carl Stone on Unseen Worlds, shattering global sounds and reassembling into wild mosaics.
  • Roland Bucher plays his self-built noise table instrument and Still Und Dunkel create sounds for audiovisual art live performances, both on Hallow Ground.
  • Strafe F.R. create sound art windows to peer out of on Touch.
  • Leon Vynehall veers into the darker edges of the dancefloor.
  • Ronseal Pop Ambient 2020 album on Kompakt.
  • Tape of corroded, dub infused elektronikz from the mighty Ekoplekz.
  • Robert and Lyric Hood spread the gospel of house/techno as Floorplan.
  • Stroboscopic Artefacts 10th birthday celebration feat. Lucy, Adriana Lopez, Shifted, Rrose, L.B. Dub Corp, Adriani, Ruskin, Serena Butler etc.
  • Kaleidoscopic, danceable art-pop on PAN from Steven Warwick aka Heatsick.

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Words: Ant and Tom.

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Tom & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Danny Brown


9/10 from Fred MG

Danny Brown, all grown up. Not like ‘Grown Up’, the revivalist boom-bap tune Brown dropped back in 2012 which remains by far his most-streamed song on Spotify desp...read on »


SPACE FUNK - Afro-Futurist Electro Funk in Space 1976-84

9/10 from Fred MG

The computer age established the sonics of futuristic music. While some of it seems dated now, the brave new worlds forged by the electronic music of the mid-20th Century stil...read on »

Mathieu Serruys


8/10 from Ant

Absolutely stunning second album from Belgian artist Mathieu Serruys on the dependable B.A.A.D.M. label. I'm simply lost for words in attempting to articulate just how profoun...read on »



8/10 from Daoud

In a world where, more often than not, noise rock is confrontational, I’m very thankful for Deerhoof. For 25 years they’ve been charming the world using what is am...read on »

Erik Satie


8/10 from Daoud

Can you imagine listening to the same thing for 19 hours? Could you listen to your favourite album for that long? How about your favourite song? ‘Vexations’ was w...read on »


Dropped Out Sunshine

8/10 from Ant

A strong NYC cut + paste sample heritage permeates Madteo’s (Morphine, Sähkö, Wania, Workshop, Acido, Latency etc.) unusual vision of techno, house and post-cl...read on »

Detox Twins

Dead Horse Ghost

8/10 from Daoud

Sometimes all you need is a drum machine, a synthesiser, and a vocalist who sings in English with a German accent. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make music that will ...read on »

Jaakko Eino Kalevi


8/10 from Fred MG

Jaakko Eino Kalevi has proven to be a pleasingly slippery character over the course of his career. For the past few years, in which he’s partnered with Domino’s es...read on »

Galcher Lustwerk


8/10 from Fred MG

Galcher Lustwerk’s genius is to couch introspection and anxiety within deep-house instrumentals - traditionally one of popular music’s less angsty styles. Followin...read on »

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Shina Williams & His African Percussions
Leon Vynehall
Gareth Davis & Scanner
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Irmin Schmidt
Roland Bucher
Still Und Dunkel
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Shit & Shine
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