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Craven Faults, JOHN, Dr. Dre, Suede, Jim O’Rourke, Andy Stott, Acid Mother’s Temple, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, DJ Shadow, The Clash, Molly Nilsson.


  • Album of the Week. Spacy electronics meet refined ambient on Steve Hauschildt’s corker of a new record.
  • Best Records of October. Missed our feature of our favourite albums of last month? Well you probably did as this idiot forgot to stick it in the last newsletter...
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New music

  • Nottingham formed indie legends Tindersticks return with their most immediate sounding work in years.
  • Krauty shoegazing Londoners TOY release a covers album with a load of tasty selections.
  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is back with more alt. country/Americana numbers.
  • Blue Hawaii. Canadian indie/electronic group veer towards UK garage and deep house on their new’un.
  • The Chemical Brothers issue a mammoth 20 minute remix of a banger from ‘Surrender’.
  • The Fall continue as Imperial Wax for a limited single.
  • Arthur Russell’s archival releases are always top-tier. This new one is no exception.
  • DJ Shadow. The ‘Endtroducing’ legend returns with an LP complete with a range of hip hop royalty.
  • Steve Lacy. Weird album cover but cool tunes from The Internet man.
  • Oddly named heavy psych group Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell are back.
  • Mr Ben & The Bens. The Lancaster indie group take their sound into interesting new territories.
  • Moths & Locusts and Wolf Parade members unite to make some occult and dense psychedelia as Anunnaki.
  • Les Big Byrd. Your favourite Sesame Street characters are back with a limited single.
  • Dungeon Rap. Sounds like if Three 6 Mafia were to make an album with Deathprod... 
  • London art rockers Pumarosa return with an IDM/drum & bass inspired second effort.
  • Ace new album from US post-rock/ambient group Hammock.
  • The Young Sinclairs explore all eras and subgenres of psychedelia.


  • The Heartwood Institute. A Polytechnic Youth favourite gets a repress.
  • The Clash celebrate 40 years of the sprawling double LP ‘London Calling’.
  • Japan’s most prolific exporters of psych Acid Mothers Temple reissue a classic. First time on wax!
  • Josef K. Seminal post-punks Josef K issue a live record from Belgium.
  • JOHN. The hyped UK garage punk group repress their 2019 album already. 
  • Daedelus. Triple vinyl box set from the wonky instrumental hip hop producer.
  • Twin Peaks: Music from the Limited Event Series. Lynch picks some of his favourite’s to appear in the cult TV show. 
  • Arty Britpoppers Suede celebrate 20 years of ‘Head Music’.
  • Squid get their tentacles around this 4-track EP/single.
  • Synth-pop meets psych pop on Molly Nilsson’s ‘Twenty Twenty’.
  • Dead Meadow. Relaxed stoner rock/psych rock classic. 
  • The Raconteurs. Mr. White’s Led Zep inspired project reissue their debut.
  • UK weirdo experimental rockers Ronaldo & The Loaf reissue their first on cassette. 
  • Californian stoner Dr. Dre re-releases ‘2001’ as if he doesn’t have enough cash already...
  • The Wozard Of Iz (Mort Garson). You loved ‘Plantasia’, now check out this one!
  • David Bowie. An early classic celebrates 50 years since its release. 
  • Unwound at their rawest and best.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

Ant returns with this week’s electronic/club/experimental biggies.

  • Warp radio sesh motherlode; Aphex Twin, Seefeel, Boards of Canada, LFO, Plaid, Flying Lotus, Bibio, Kelly Moran, Mount Kimbie, Oneohtrix Point Never.
  • Constantly morphing crepuscular soundscapes and field recordings on an epic 4CD set from Jim O'Rourke on Sonoris.
  • Cone melting, Richter scale obliterating, murkiest eruptions from Scorn.
  • Mysterious Yorkshire kosmische twiddler Craven Faults remixed by Pye Corner Audio, Don't DJ and President Bongo.
  • Carl Stone digitally smashes up pan-global sounds into smithereens and reassembles them into peculiar shapes and loops.
  • Rugged, moody, tranquilized house/techno from Andy Stott.
  • Totally spooked, ominous drones and Musique concrète from Skin Crime on Hospital Productions - proper toe-curling tension and fear inducing gear.
  • Sarah Davachi, Khotin, Orcas, SK U Kno, Space Afrika + more provide serene vibes on Ghostly's ‘Thousands of Eyes in the Dark’ compilation.
  • N.M.O. do freaky, trippy alien dancehall/footwork mutants on Gang of Ducks.
  • Otherworldly, shimmering metallic pop songs from Ziúr on Planet Mu.
  • James Ruskin’s got the bangers covered on Tresor.
  • Tough, darkside dancehall/grime hybrids from East Man aka Basic Rhythm.
  • Tidy Lee Gamble EP on Hyperdub (note to self: do not dare mention Conceptronica or we will be crucified on social media).
  • Dark Entries unearth more ace material from disco legend Patrick Cowley.
  • Ultra-dreamy, lush, melancholy ambient from Hollie Kenniff on n5MD.
  • Live recording of posh Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto gig in Sydney Opera House. Suitably posh packaging and price tag on Noton.
  • Strong Chicago house/techno slammers on L.I.E.S from the archives of Dirty Criminals member DeeCoy aka Daryl Cura.
  • High-quality tackle on Rabih Beaini's ever-reliable Morphine label.
  • Mecánica Popular return some 35 years after their debut with an LP that’s getting spins from JASSS, Demdike Stare, Cera Khin and Ossia.
  • Isnaj Dui, Robin Saville, The Humble Bee, Wil Bolton and more respond to a Stuart Bowditch recording of a Silhouette Cameo 3 plotter cutter. True story.

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Words: Ant and Tom.

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Tom & Fred.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Jamie

Nashville duo Hammock have finally released their 10th LP and, inevitably, the final third of their trilogy (following on from 'Mysterium' and 'Universalis'). I was on the on »


Cafe Mor

9/10 from Ant

There was a point in time where it seemed highly unlikely I’d be typing words about a new Scorn album. Mick Harris had declared that he’d put Scorn to be bed some on »


Hometown: Detroit Sessions 1990-2014

8/10 from Will

Although the city of Detroit is perhaps most commonly associated with techno, there was and is a notable jazz scene held together by Tribe, a collective that became a on »


Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds

8/10 from Fred MG

With his debut LP 'Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds', young Londoner Vegyn (Joe Thornalley) continues the good work he’s done both in his previous solo output and on »


Private Life

8/10 from Will

I've spent today's review sesh listening to pretty organic records. Freaky folky film soundtracks and jazz compilations are great 'n' all but it was a blessed relief to have on »


Songs Of Consumption

8/10 from Will

'Songs of Consumption' sounds as if Alan Lomax stumbled upon TOY at a Shoreditch burlesque show on a cold October night playing requests for the leather-clad patrons. He on »


Town Centre

8/10 from Will

Squid are one of the most original bands plying their trade in a Sarf Landn scene that is awash with piss-poor post-punk pot-pourris. The group skilfully navigate away from on »

Andy Stott

It Should Be Us

8/10 from Ant

It’s been a wee while since we last had a record from Andy Stott - 2016 in fact when he released his ‘Too Many Voices’ album.  Eight tracks in this on »

Steve Hauschildt


8/10 from Daoud

When Emeralds broke up we were given fresh insight into how that band worked. With its three members combines, their music had this wonderful liquidity to it, their on »

Skin Crime

Traveller on the Road

8/10 from Ant

I’ve been thoroughly swept away by the bleak, desolate soundscapes on Skin Crime’s latest for Hospital Productions. Since they returned to releasing records after on »

Star Searchers

Avatar Blue

8/10 from Ant

Always a trip to submerge into the concepts and sonic worlds Spencer Clark constructs. The artist has gone under many handles over the years since he emerged as half of The on »


Global Exposure

8/10 from Jamie

It’s Astatine with a brand new release on the ever-reliable Sound In Silence label. Astatine is one Stéphane Recrosio, stalwart of the Paris lo-fi scene who has on »

Hollie Kenniff

The Gathering Dawn

8/10 from Jamie

So Hollie Kenniff, if you didn’t know, was the better half of the Mint Julep duo with her hubbie Keith. Sorry, Keith. As much as I adore alliterative names. That’ on »



8/10 from Jamie

Oh, that’s cool. Planet Mu are bringing us this shiny new compact disc (and vinyl LP) by Berlin banger-merchant Ziúr. ‘ATØ’ is the sophomore on »

Memory Drawings

Phantom Lights

8/10 from Will

Sound In Silence continue their ever-reliable run of form with 'Phantom Lights' by Anglo-American group Memory Drawings. This album is short and sweet with six songs clocking on »

WaqWaq Kingdom

Essaka Hoisa

8/10 from Daoud

This is one of those, ‘just two people having a lot fun’ records huh? ‘Essaka Hoisa’ comes from WaqWaq Kingdom, a collaboration between producer on »

Jim O'Rourke

To Magnetize Money And Catch A Roving Eye

8/10 from Ant

Just as the Autumn nights draw in, Jim O'Rourke's epic 4CD set of deeply immersive, crepuscular sound for Sonoris has arrived with impeccable timing. This is music to laze on »

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Skin Crime
The Wozard Of Iz (Mort Garson)
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The Chemical Brothers
The Young Sinclairs
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
Jim O'Rourke
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Imperial Wax
Hollie Kenniff
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Dr. Dre
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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
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