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Tuesday Update Tame Impala, Algiers (Dinked), A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

Anna Meredith, Fenella (Jane Weaver), Omni, Björk, Mika Vainio, Warmduscher.


  • Tame Impala have announced a new album! The Aussie psychedelic group’s fourth LP is ready to pre-order on a couple of limited-edition colour variants.
  • Classical/ambient duo A Winged Victory For The Sullen are back! Win one of four test pressings simply by ordering a copy of the album before Friday.
  • New Dinked alert! Industrial and soul influenced post-punks Algiers new’un is coming to gold vinyl with a bonus 7’’.
  • Eclectic post-punks Warmduscher have lunch with Iggy and Kool Kieth, and we’ve got a few more Dinked’s left!
  • Hand-Picked Pre-Orders. Featuring Agnes Obel, Burial, Wire, Unwound and more!

New music

  • Alternative composer Anna Meredith has been telling FIBS again.
  • Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox. Two indie/neo-psych greats make some tunes together.
  • Michael Kiwanuka. What’s his name again? The UK soul sensation returns with his third.
  • Björk, Fever Ray & The Knife remix each others tracks to weird and wonderful results.
  • FKA East India Youth, William Doyle returns with a new LP complete with an Eno collab.
  • Rachel Grimes of Rachel’s writes a folk opera.
  • From scruffy emos to dream pop sensations, Turnover are back.
  • Sudan Archives releases her debut following several acclaimed EPs.
  • The Babe Rainbow resurrect Baywatch. Expect woozy sun-drenched psych.
  • Indie post-punks Omni bring their Television inspired tunes to Sub Pop for their third outing. 
  • Fenella. Jane Weaver pens a soundtrack to an obscure surreal film, creating some of her trippiest music to date.
  • Ty Segall releases a 4LP set of unreleased material. Slow down boy!
  • Dallas Acid. Probably what Jane Weaver’s been on…
  • 2 Tone Treasures. How many ska fans does it take to change a lightbulb? One to drop it and another four to ‘pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!’
  • It turns out that noisy alt. rockers Rodan are massive fans of Stockport’s hat museum…
  • After some playful, experimental and exotic club jams? Then look no further than DJ Nigga Fox!
  • Underworld’s 52-week DRIFT series ends with this LP and box set.
  • TR/ST. The goth synth pop act finish what they started. 
  • Lindstrom swaps the tech for some instruments. 
  • The Spielbergs also have a non-union Mexican equivalent group called the Señor Spielbergos…
  • Jonny Greenwood’s classical label unleash their first two releases from Daniel Pioro and Michael Gordon & Jonny himself.
  • Lazarus Kane. Fresh single from influential UK label Speedy Wunderground.
  • Jeff Lynne’s ELO. “Come back on, ELO, and carry on playing!”
  • Dungeon Rap. Bizarre mash-up of Southern hip hop and dark ambient which surprisingly works.
  • Mika Vainio. Trio of exciting releases from the late electronic legend.


  • David Bowie. ‘Space Oddity’ gets remastered and reissued for its 50th.
  • Those Grouper reissues we mentioned last week have landed from outer space.
  • The Pop Group. Dub, funk, punk, jazz; whatever you want to call it, ‘Y’ is a classic!
  • Cornelius’ classic of kitchen-sink art pop/psychedelia gets reissued on blue wax.
  • Andrew Jackson Jihad. Picture disc of a folk punk classic which sorta sounds like Neutral Milk Hotel on fast-forward.
  • Run-DMC. Sparse, hard-hitting music which changed rap forever.
  • Renaldo & The Loaf. Unsettling stuff from the UK’s answer to The Residents.
  • The Dukes of Stratosphear. When XTC went all ‘Sgt. Peppers’ on us.
  • Wipers. Unfortunately this isn’t the soundtrack to the 2009 Will Ferrell film.
  • Huerco S. reissues an essential slice of ethereal ambient.
  • Vatican Shadow. The man behind Prurient unleashes more archival industrial techno heaters.
  • Scattered Purgatory. Probably worth a buy just for the name and album title!
  • R.E.M. reissue and remaster their ‘rock’ album.
  • The Rolling Stones. Best songs to bookend an album ever? It’s definitely up there!

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Jeff Lynne’s ELO
Björk / Fever Ray / The Knife
Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox
Lazarus Kane
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Michael Gordon / Jonny Greenwood
Daniel Pioro
Rachel Grimes
A Winged Victory For The Sullen
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Dallas Acid
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Scattered Purgatory
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