Weekly Update Sunn O))), Squirrel Flower (Dinked), Mikal Cronin, Deathprod.

Grouper, The Jam, Misfits, Ariel Pink, The Fall, Petbrick, Teebs, XTC, King Crimson, Pulp, Moloko, Black Marble, Scott Walker, Desert Sessions, Pinback.


  • Drone metal legends Sunn O))) have been crowned with our Album of the Week title with their second album of the year ‘Pyroclasts’. We’re stocking it on limited transparent red vinyl, plus we’ve created a YouTube playlist of their inspirations and influences too!
  • Dinked. Rising indie folk talent Squirrel Flower is getting the deluxe vinyl treatment! It’s got a cover of a prime Tom Waits cut and you’ll dig it if you like Mitski, Julien Baker and Big Thief.
  • Weekly Playlist. Check out our YouTube playlist of music plucked from the update.

New music

  • Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood. The late 60s inspired score to Tarantino’s latest finally arrives.
  • Alison Cotton writes a ghost story score for the ever-reliable Clay Pipe Music.
  • Polytechnic Youth get all spooky on us with this pair of albums from Smile Eyes and the Children Folk & The Heartwood Institute.
  • Black Marble return with more 80s indebted gothic-synth jams but no kitchen worktops.
  • Cigarettes After Sex. The much-hyped dream poppers are back and still miserable. 
  • Josh Homme invites loads of his mates to eat trifle, ice cream and crumbles with him as The Dessert Sessions.
  • The Leaf Library make a welcome return after a four year gap.
  • Another one? Being a Guided By Voices fan sounds like a right chore…
  • Mikal Cronin’s Freedom Band backed album references both power pop and The Beatles.
  • These indie rockers released two EPs in one record and will do your Dry Cleaning for you.
  • Speedy Wunderground alumni Sinead O'Brien releases a fresh single of backing band backed spoken word.
  • What do you get when you cross a breakcore producer with a thrash metal drummer? Petbrick of course!
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse attempt to mimic Sufjan Stevens’ 50 States Project, starting with Colorado. 
  • Rex Orange County looks blissfully content on the sleeve of his second record.
  • Irish folk meets drone, post-rock and psychedelia on Lankum’s latest.
  • Ever wanted to dress up as Frank Zappa for Halloween? Well now you can!
  • Legendary space cadets Hawkwind are back with their 32nd album.
  • He’s finished with getting llamas high so now Sean O'Hagan’s releasing a new solo record.
  • Fruits de Mer records release three new records of varied psychedelia.


  • Ariel Pink gives us a trio of bizarre psych pop represses.
  • Avant-guitarist Derek Bailey’s Company project reissue a couple of free-improv cuts.
  • King Crimson. Great album which unfortunately still contains ‘Moonchild’.
  • The Kinks’ very British classic concept album celebrates its 50th. 
  • XTC reissue the classic with the Uffington Horse on.
  • We reckon Grouper should go UFO hunting with Shaun Ryder…
  • The Jam tell us about their favourite kids card game.
  • Scott Walker gets ‘Tilt’ reissued alongside a couple of underappreciated cuts. 
  • Brit-rockers Skunk Anansie once headlined Glastonbury y’know?
  • Pulp invented the first Face Swapping app with their breakthrough record.
  • The Fall reissue ‘Hex Enduction’ and release a 6CD set.
  • Howard Shore’s got 96 tears and 96 eyes.
  • Limited reissue of Zann’s seminal experimental record.
  • Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters. Naturally features a skeleton smoking a fatty boom batty.
  • ‘Guerilla’ has even got a Super Furry Animal on its cover!
  • Guess who’s back, Pinback again. Emo-tinged indie loveliness on green wax from the cult group.
  • The Misfits. Mommy, can I go out and chill tonight?
  • Makaya McCraven’s acclaimed album of live cuts gets the deluxe edition treatment.
  • That’s three of four of the recent Moloko reissues series completed.

Ant’s Electronic Round Up

  • Transcendent outernational rhythms / psychedelic Fourth World stunner from Shackleton feat. Heather Leigh and company as Tunes of Negation.
  • Klein's album seeks light and darkness in life cycles via beautiful/disturbing electronics, voice and sound collage.
  • Pristine, crystalline electronica from Lanark Artefax on Numbers.
  • Pye Corner Audio brings some dark electro and acid to Analogical Force.
  • Tectonic plate shifting dubwise crawlers from Zonal aka The Bug and Justin Broadrick with killer vox from Moor Mother. Techno Animal reincarnated.
  • Deathprod returns after a fifteen year kip with an album of blackest ambient/noise.
  • Coupla timely Underground Resistance re-presses. Revolution for change.
  • Isle Of Jura reissue of rare 1990 private-press ethno-ambient LP from Zann.
  • High-grade modular mind frazzlers from Pita with the latest in his ‘Get’ series.
  • Ambient abstractions from Kyle Martin and Jonny Nash - returning as Land Of Light on Melody As Truth.
  • Pieces from jazz saxophonist Philipp Gropper’s band PHILM reinterpreted by Grischa Lichtenberger. CD edition of 500 copies on Raster.
  • ‘Synth Expression/Rhythmic Cubism’ from Chicago's most excellent Hieroglyphic Being.
  • ‘80s synth-pop-era Chris & Cosey albums reissued (again) on coloured vinyl.
  • Spiritual body music from Ka Baird on RVNG Intl.
  • Ikpathua x Anxiety Support Group split of abstracted dub techno and breaks. Edition of 50 copies on Cong Burn.
  • Éliane Radigue’s 1971 ‘Chry-Ptus’ minimal/drone hypnosis gem on vinyl for the first time via important Records.
  • Local Artist EP on Mood Hut. Local house music for local people.
  • Glasgow’s ace 12th Isle label collect trax from Nikolaienko, Grim Lusk, Cru Servers, Robert Bergman and Luar Domatrix. Usual primo art from Al White.
  • Kettel's ‘Myam James 2’ receives a marble vinyl 10th anniversary edition.
  • Limited LP drop from enigmatic German techno entity Pom Pom.
  • Natty / Mala & Benjamin Zephaniah limited white label job!
  • K2’s ultra-rare ‘Hepatopolitika’ Japa-noise tape vinylized on Urashima.
  • Billowing textured analog-ambient-noise trilogy from tsone on Home Normal.
  • Quality tackle from Herron on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion - refreshing, twisted technoid hybrids. Edition of 200 copies.
  • Dazzling polyrhythms on Latency from wizard percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi playing traditional Persian instruments.
  • Hypnagogic ‘80s infused electronix from Phono Ghosts.
  • Gorgeous black metal inspired drone/minimalism from Maria W Horn.
  • L.A. Beat action from Teebs on Brainfeeder with a little help from Panda Bear, Sudan Archives and chums.
  • Music From Memory reissue Italian Wave duo Ruins' lost album ‘Marea / Tide’ w/ bonus 7".

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Words: Ant and Tom

Work: Ian, Benn, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Will, Daoud, Tom & Fred.

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Best records this week

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Geoffrey Hendricks with Philip Corner

Stones : Dreams

9/10 from Will

I'm an avid listener of a podcast called 'Stone Clearing' in which the comedian and amateur petrologist Richard Herring records himself walking round a field and clearing on »


The Livelong Day

9/10 from Will

'The Livelong Day' by Lankum is a bit like if Michael Gira donned turtleneck and took Swans in a folky direction. This album comprises pieces that feel like towering, on »



9/10 from Tommy H

The eleventh album by Welsh rockers Stereophonics, 'Kind' at times weeps with the sounds of their youth; the album opener grins with the guitar laden rock of their 1997 debut on »

Tunes Of Negation

Reach The Endless Sea

9/10 from Ant

Shapednoise’s Cosmo Rhythmatic label strikes pure gold again with an incredibly unique album from Tunes Of Negation aka Shackleton in another of his unlikely on »

Sunn O)))


9/10 from Daoud

How do you like to start the day? How do you get the blood rushing and your brain churning after a night with that dearest of friends, bed? For Greg Anderson, Stephen O’ on »



8/10 from Will

In 1519, William Horman, the headteacher of Eton, wrote the phrase 'Mater artium necessitas' in a book. This phrase translates as 'the mother of invention is necessity'. on »


Cotswold Stone

8/10 from Will

Pulselovers have just released an album called 'Cotswold Stone'. It's a quiet and mellifluous exploration of that thrilling intersection between the pastoral and the on »

Neil Young & Crazy Horse


8/10 from Will

Neil Young is back in brilliant and bullish form on 'Colorado', his first album in seven years, since 2012's 'Psychedelic Pill'. The thing you must understand about this on »


Occulting Disk

8/10 from Ant

Before I can proceed any further, there’s an image I need to expel from my mind -- not because it’s unpleasant but it’s distracting. That is, I can’t on »


Get On

8/10 from Ant

‘Get On’ is the fifth instalment in Editions Mego bossman Peter Rehberg’s ‘Get’ series released under his Pita handle. The first “volume& on »


Box of Swords

8/10 from Ant

Meandyou co-founder Herron switches up his sound from a more traditional straight-up techno mode on an invigorating, refreshing EP for Peder Mannerfelt's label. On 'Billy's on »

Makaya McCraven

In The Moment (Deluxe Edition)

8/10 from Daoud

Just conceptually, Makaya McCraven’s ‘In The Moment’ is completely awesome. I know it’s a faux-pas to quote the press release but here I go anyway. on »

Jason Lytle

Arthur King Presents Jason Lytle: NYLONANDJUNO

8/10 from Daoud

One thing that has always stood out about Grandaddy is that they make very nice sounds. ‘The Sophtware Slump’ is full of them. Lovely little bits of guitar and on »

The Leaf Library

The World Is A Bell

8/10 from Clinton

Much is made these days of the prolificacy of certain artists. People like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall seem to release a record every five days. Guided by Voices are on their on »

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